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Our Freedom, Country & Environment at Great Risk!!
But Together we Can Protect them!! Join Us!!

5/31/2024 - Our country in desperate need calls on you and fellow Environmentalist citizens to help. Circle the wagons. Fight for our Environment, freedom and our posterity.

If many more of our liberties are trashed by certain "weaponized" courts, by the "independent" bureaucracies, by the mass media indoctrination, we patriot environmental protectionists may find no way back.

Now is the time! Join us! Every citizen who is wrongly abused will look back on this time as nearing the last when we might, together, have rescued our Republic

We can succeed, but we must act together NOW to defeat the Leftist/Marxist Opposition! Consider:

... . [Read Further...]

Mass Alien Amnesty Threats Intensify this Spring!
Help BALANCE.ORG stop them!

4/4/2024 - Mass Alien Amnesty Threatens National Security and Public Safety, Budgetary, and Employment and Natural Environments. Help stop it!

The Biden Administration is implementing a De Facto Massive Alien Amnesty (via the Immigration Parole Provisions) and increasing Legal Immigration AGAIN THIS Spring!… as its response to the Border Crisis

Consider the following:

Recently The House sent to the Senate H.R 2 that would tighten Asylum and related laws and mandate that the Border Wall construction be completed. (Unfortunately, H.R.2 contained no Provisions limiting Legal Immigration or preventing a Mass Alien Amnesty! and DID Sanction a continual flow of 5,000 Illegals per month!!) It did not pass

Instead, Congress just passed a $1.2 TRILLION Bill which funds and facilitates more Legal and Illegal Immigration. e.g. it doubles the H2B admittees

Predictably, as in past years the resulting increase in numbers of and funding for Aliens, the Open Borders Crowd is beginning to AGAIN DEMAND AMNESTY (and Voting Rights for) OVER 35 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS and a DOUBLING OF LEGAL IMMIGRATION

... . [Read Further...]

The Environmental Impacts of Mass Immigration

2/26/2024 - BALANCE has documented and warned about the many negative impacts of Mass Immigration for many months

And today we provide an excellent summary of the specific negative impacts along the Texas Border, as well as the Negative Impacts of Mass Legal Immigration


"Since President Biden took office, over 8.5 million immigrants have been encountered at the nation’s borders, with an additional estimated 1.8 million ‘gotaways’ evading Customs and Border Protection. The Texas border comprises almost half of the entire U.S.-Mexico border, stretching 1,254 miles across four Mexican states. Millions of immigrants have entered the country through one of Texas’ five Border Patrol sectors. As a result, the Lone Star state’s diverse environment, divided into ten ecoregions, has gradually transformed into a dumping ground for immigrants’ waste.

... . [Read Further...]

Mass Alien Amnesty Threats Intensify in JANUARY!
Help BALANCE.ORG stop them!

12/18/2023 - Mass Alien Amnesty Bill Threatens National Security and Public Safety, Budgetary, and Employment Environments. Help stop it!

Congress is pressured to pass a Massive Alien Amnesty and increase Legal Immigration THIS JANUARY! as a quid pro quo in the ongoing Negotiations about the Border Crisis!

[BALANCE has activists in every State and working with our ASAP! Coalition partners we can stop this Alien Amnesty as we did in December 2019!

However, we MUST have your help THIS month! ]

Consider the following:

This year The House sent to the Senate H.R 2 that would tighten Asylum and related laws and mandate that the Border Wall construction be completed. (Unfortunately H.R.2 contains no Provisions limiting Legal Immigration or preventing a Mass Alien Amnesty!)


... . [Read Further...]

Mass Immigration Creating "Environmental Degradation" in the USA! -- BALANCE Alert!

10/22/2023 - Stabilizing or reducing population size in industrialized nations is essential for achieving sustained Carbon Emissions Reductions and Environmental Protection!!

Birth rates in industrialized western nations are below replacement level in both the U.S. and Europe. In the United States, the population still grows, however, because of continuing high levels of legal & illegal immigration. Moreover, most immigrants are Economic Migrants and come in order to raise their standard of living, which means raising their personal rate of carbon emissions. The only way to reduce carbon emissions permanently is to limit immigration. The goal must be ZERO NET immigration into the United States i e. reducing Legal from about 1.5 Million /year pre-pandemic to 150,000/year AND stopping virtually all illegal immigration

Zero Net Immigration is also essential to curing a host of other environmental problems: Crowding Housing, Topsoil loss, Potable water availability Safety!! etc ... . [Read Further...]

Mass Biden/Mayorkas Threaten Health/Safety Environments w. Pro- Cartel Crime, & Public Benefits Bill for Illegals!! -- BALANCE Alert!

7/23/2023 - Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, along with a group of House Republicans, have sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra urging the agency to deny the use of Obamacare to illegal aliens.

First obtained by the Daily Caller, the letter hammered the Biden Administration for “issuing a proposed rule that would redefine “lawfully present” in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to include beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”

Authors Senator Vance was joined by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, and Oklahoma Rep. Josh Brecheen was joined by twelve other House Republicans.

The lawmakers wrote in the letter: This policy further burdens programs intended to serve U.S. citizens and simultaneously encourages more aliens to enter our country illegally. We find it unimaginable that the government would prioritize providing illegal aliens with health insurance coverage.

The Daily Caller reports, “the other House Republicans who signed the letter include: Reps. Bob Good, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Matt Rosendale, Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Eli Crane, Brian Babin, Jeff Duncan, Glenn Grothman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Tom Tiffany.”

The lawmakers say the proposed rule is estimated to cost more than $100 million in its first year alone And it would expose American Health Care workers and patients to the variety of diseases carried in by Aliens, and to the Security Threats generated via increased Unvetted Aliens admissions ... . [Read Further...]

Mass Alien Amnesty Threat Intensifies via Merged Bills! -- BALANCE Alert!

6/5/2023 - Natural, Public Safety, and Employment Environments Threatened!

Of the Four Bills which the Open Borders Crowd is seeking to Merge, (i.e. create a compromise Bill which contains some provisions from each of the four Bills summarized below) it is the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR) which most reflects their Ultimate Goals. ... . [Read Further...]

Sustained Carbon Emissions Reduction Impossible without Population Stabilization -- BALANCE Alert!

2/28/2023 - Stabilizing or reducing population size in industrialized nations is essential for achieving sustained Carbon Emissions Reductions and Environmental Protection!!.

Birth rates in industrialized western nations are below replacement level in both the U.S. and Europe. In the United States, the population still grows, however, because of continuing high levels of legal & illegal immigration. Moreover, immigrants come in order to raise their standard of living, which means raising their personal rate of carbon emissions. The only way to reduce carbon emissions permanently is to limit immigration. The goal must be ZERO NET immigration into the United States i e. reducing Legal from about 1.5 Million /year pre-pandemic to 150,000/year AND stopping virtually all illegal immigration ... . [Read Further...]

GREAT 2023 THREATS LOOM!! -- PEB Funding Request -- BALANCE Alert!

12/26/2022 - Population-Environment BALANCE is a National, non-profit (501c3) membership Activist organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the natural, economic, and personal safety environments and quality of life in the USA via population  stabilization through immigration reduction.

BALANCE and its allies achieved a Great Victory by stopping the Mass Alien Amnesty Bill from passing in the Lame Duck Session. !!

However, our main challenge going into 2023 is to stop a New Mass Alien Amnesty Bill with additional bad provisions including doubling legal immigration.

WARNING That New bill is being transmogrified into what the open Borders Crowd calls the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill” in the new Congress.  Help  BALANCE Stop It! ... . [Read Further...]

Mass Alien Amnesty Bill Threatens Public Safety & Employment Environment Help stop It! -- BALANCE Alert!

12/16/2022: "Lame duck Congress poised to pass Massive Alien Amnesty & increase Legal Immigration!!!
A Bill being negotiated by Sens. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) would give amnesty to illegal aliens enrolled in and eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, AND to Millions more Illegals in the USA. According to the Washington Post, Tillis and Sinema... . [Read Further...]

Alien Amnesty Threat Increases! Help stop it! -- BALANCE Alert!

October 2022: There is now a move in Congress to Amnesty over 30 Million Illegal Aliens AND remove limits on Legal Immigration during the Lame Duck Session! - Given the publicity generated by the transport of the Illegals to Martha's Vineyard, the Open Borders crowd feels compelled to do something about the quarter million Illegals flooding across the border every month and being bused or flown to every State... . [Read Further...]

Dodging Intensifying Crises: Environmental Degradation, Global Rescues, Mass Immigration, Extinctions. -- BALANCE Alert!

July 2022: I was primed early on to speculate that humans, homo sapiens, could go extinct. A prominent scientist pointed out that the specialization that made a species dominant was the very trait likely to lead to its demise. Think dinosaurs. They depended on a lush food supply; when that vanished, the most enormous and fierce died out fast. ... . [Read Further...]

THREATS to Public Safety Environment ! -- BALANCE Alert!

June 2022: So far this year, 50 People on the "Terror Watch List" have been apprehended at the Border, Bartiromo, Wall Street week And who knows how many more have invaded the USA as "Gotaways" In total about 2 MILLION illegal Aliens have been released into the USA under the Biden administration, or over 2 000/day. Many of these are doing the Dirty work of the Cartels, by bringing drugs into the USA, and/or engaging in child sex trafficking. ... . [Read Further...]

NO Labor Shortage Exists: Mass Alien Amnesty Threat Intensifies -- BALANCE Alert!

May 2022 ACTION; "Last week the federal government unilaterally extended temporary work authorization to hundreds of thousands of Aliens currently in the country with a work permit. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted an automatic 540-day extension of all work authorizations to eligible foreign nationals in the U.S. ... . [Read Further...]

Open Borders Reps' Con Attempt for Alien Amnesty et.al. via "Save Title 42" -- Help STOP it -- BALANCE Alert!

April 2022 ACTION; Contact your Members of Congress and insist they Save Title 42 for Health reasons, HOWEVER, insist that they NOT use any Bill saving Title 42 as a PRETEXT for enacting an Illegal Alien Amnesty and/or increasing Legal Immigration in any way which some Open Borders Reps. plan to do . [Read Further...]

Intensifying Alien Amnesties Threaten Environment--BALANCE Alert!

March 2022: Last year, and in December, 2019, we were barely able to beat back the Open Borders crowd's Massive Alien Amnesty but we did!. [Read Further...]

Sole National Environmentalist Mass Immigration Reduction Group" -- DONATE!

Mass Alien Amnesty Bill (H.R.5376) already passed by the House, would Intensify Environmental Disasters! Help Stop It NOW! [Read Further...]

Mass Alien Amnesty Bill would Intensify Environmental Disasters! Help Stop It NOW!

37,000,000. -- Thirty-seven MILLION! Aliens would be given Green (i.e. permanent resident) Cards via the House passed Budget Reconciliation Bill NOW being considered by the Senate!! [Read Further...]

600,000 ILLEGALS sent all over USA, Help tell us WHERE It's Important!

per Tom Homan Former Acting ICE Director on 10/24/21 ": in 2021 600,000 Illegals were removed from Border to many States"...Help tell us where exactly. It is very important for Americans to know if a potentially dangerous or disruptive element has been introduced into their community.[Read Further...]

Help stop Catastrophe! --BALANCE Alert! w Frosty W.Guest Editorial

Frosty Wooldridge is is a leading Environmental Protection and therefore,Mass Immigration Reduction Activist.[Read Further...]

Amnesty Threat via "Reconciliation" Bill; Counter"Need Immigrant workers" Deception--BALANCE ALERT

There are over 36 MILLION! Illegals in the USA and that number is growing by over 200,000/month as Illegals from over 150 countries flood into the USA. Hundreds are testing positive for Covid.every month And that Illegal Alien flood is largely managed for profits by The Drug Running and Child Trafficking Cartels. Our public health and public safety environments are in increasing danger.[Read Further...]

Covid-Infected Illegals up 900% in July--Border SuperSpreader--BALANCE Alert! Illegals being FLOWN and bussed allover the USA! re: Attempt to put Alien Amnesty inBudget Reconciliation Bill Moratorium Bill Introduced!

The number of migrant detainees who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas has soared by 900 percent this month, according to a new report.[Read Further...]


Kathy McKee is a leading Envionmentalist and Mass Immigration Reduction advocate who founded Protect Arizona Now which sponsored Proposition 200, the "Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act," an Arizona state initiative passed in 2004 that requires  [Read Further...]

Reverse Biden decision canceling program targeting Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

BALANCE focuses not only on protecting the Natural Environment, but also on the Public Health and Safety Environment.  [Read Further...]

Covid Caravans Multiplying -- Help Stop Them!! -- BALANCE Alert!

Ever since the Biden administration signaled that it would end Deportations of Illegals, several caravans have formed in Central America and are moving toward the U.S Border.  [Read Further...]

Covid Caravans coming! Help USA Survive!

V.P. Biden has indicated that when inaugurated he will implement a 100 day ban on deportations and reverse the requirement that asylee applicants wait in Mexico for their applications to be approved or denied, but will continue the practice of having American taxpayers pay for the healthcare and welfare costs of Legal and Illegal Immigrants.  [Read Further...]

Immigration, the Environment & the Election

The fundamental fact is that for every person added to the U.S. population one acre of precious farmland (i.e., with rich topsoil) or natural habitat for wildlife, is converted to developed uses, de facto permanently (Pimentel, et. al. Cornell).  And as Dr. V. Abernethy and Dr. Anne Brattain’s Research has shown, reducing immigration into the USA reduces the fertility rates in the sending countries, thus reducing the over-population pressures on Wildlife in those countries.

Unchecked population growth and over-population are clearly negatives for environmental protection.

Population growth and density also have negative effects on our Public Health and Personal Safety Environments. [Read Further...]

Population Growth Devastating World Wildlife — Help Reverse the Trend

The World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London confirm many conservationists' worst nightmares:

World Wildlife Populations are in “Freefall around the world … driven by human over-consumption, population growth and intensive agriculture…”.

“Wildlife populations are in freefall around the world, driven by human overconsumption, population growth and intensive agriculture, according to a major new assessment of the abundance of life on Earth. [Read Further...]

Surmounting Mass Immigration's Attack on Our Conservation Culture

BALANCE and our ASAP! Coalition Allies have documented the Immense Net Costs of Mass Legal Immigration, e.g. $758 Million per year NET (of Taxes immigrants pay) per Congressional District.

But perhaps an even greater “Cost”, not publicized until this Alert, is Mass Legal Immigration’s Cost to the USA’s Environmental Preservation Culture.

Americans value the natural environment to a degree unknown in much of the world.  We value open space, wilderness, clean air and water, and healthfulness. In part, this reverence for the environment is learned, and in part the opportunity for reformation and conservation is an unearned blessing; one that should not be squandered. [Read Further...]

Public Health Environment Threatened by HEROES Act Open Borders Provisions — Help BALANCE Stop Mass Immigration

As if the Threat to the Job Opportunities of the 40 Million Unemployed Americans posed by continuing Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration were not enough, the HEROES Act (H.R.6860) recently passed by the House would greatly increase risk to Americans’ Health.

If passed by the Senate, as is, the bill would grant deferred Action and work authorization to Illegal Aliens and allow Stimulus Checks from the CARES Act to be paid to these Illegals!

Almost needless to say Illegals have not been and are not subject to health screening when entering our country.

As well, the Bill would extend Expiration Date for Non-Immigrant Visas and Work Permits, and permit the importation of Foreign Health Care Workers to compete with the 130,000 plus of our own unemployed Health Care Workers.

And, in California, Governor Newsom has committed $75 Million of U. S. Taxpayers’ Money to support Illegal Aliens. [Read Further...]

Pandemics "Love" Population Density and Mass Immigration — The Solution

It is no accident that New York City and Environs are the Ground Zero of the Corona Virus in the USA.

New York City is the most Densely Populated City in the USA and is a Major Hub for International Travel and Destination for Immigrants. Consider:

“‘There is a strong correlation between the risk of pandemic and human population density. We’ve done the math and we’ve proved it,” said Dr. Peter Daszak, a disease ecologist and the president of Eco Health Alliance, who examined the link in a 2008 study published in the journal Nature…. Looking at contemporary outbreaks since the mid-20th century, Daszak and colleagues found that the emergent diseases caused by pathogens new to humans has increased significantly with time, even when controlling for progress in diagnosis techniques and surveillance ….”

“Pandemics, Population Growth, and Globalization,” Scientific American, via capsweb.org. 04/11/2020

Many of the newly threatening pathogens emerge where exploding human populations have intruded on the habitat of non-human species. Separation that formerly characterized human/animal interactions shifts into more intimate contacts. The pathogens jump from animal to human. The intensity of travel and population mixing then spreads disease globally. [Read More...]

Stop Open Borders/Overpopulation Compounding Threats Now!
An Opportunity!

$350 Million for Migration and Refugee Assistance has been included in Congress’ CoronaVirus Stimulus Bill demonstrating again The Power of the Open Borders Lobby! And there are more Open Borders Threats. Read on!

And Note that the Virus “Hotspots” Worldwide have one Negative in common – they either are Ecologically Overpopulated and/or have substantial inflows of Immigrants/Visitors from Overpopulated areas. [Read More...]

CoronaVirus, SARS, Influenza
– What Pandemics Tell Us About U.S. & Global Over-Population &
– BALANCE’s Solution

In a recent move to secure his reputation, if not his State, Governor Newsom of California declared the most populace state in the Union a “CoronaVirus Free Zone”. Publicity stunt or not, this declaration mirrored the arrogant simple-mindedness of many of that state’s politicians. Simply declaring a Free Zone will not stop the flow of pandemic diseases any more than Gun Free Zones have succeeded in stopping any person intent on killing fellow humans.

California’s over-population problem is manifested in its homelessness, Potable Water, loss of Agricultural land and other Crises, resulting in large part from the 400,000 Legal Immigrants plus Illegal Aliens who settle in California each year. Seen over half a life-time, California's population has grown from 15 million to 40 million, due mainly to Mass foreign Immigration. [Read More]

“It” Will Get Much Worse, Unless

BALANCE hears some long-time U.S. Population-Stabilization Activists wearily claiming:

“It” — “The Demographic/Environmental/Deficit Trends in the USA” are Bad but can Not get much Worse and
—There is a high improbability we can make significant progress toward achieving U.S. Population Stabilization.

NO! Neither of the Above is Certainly True, Consider, last December we very narrowly avoided having a Bill S386 or Combination of Bills — S386 and Senator Durbin’s de facto Open Borders “RELIEF” Act, plus the Senate Version of H.R. 6 and H.R. 5038 — combined into one Monster Bill and on the President’s Desk, thanks to our and our ASAP! Coalition Partner, CCN’s Efforts (See CCN’s recent Articles on ASAP! and Diversity Coalition and Carrying Capacity Network). [Read More]

Support Genuine Reductionist Environmentalists — BALANCE

BALANCE is the only National Non-Profit whose Main Mission is Protection of the USA’s Environment through U.S. Population Stabilization.

The Necessary Condition for U.S. Population Stabilization is implementation of a Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration which, among National Immigration “Reform” Groups, only BALANCE and its ASAP! and Diversity Coalition Allies support. [Read More]

Surmounting Management Groups’ Failures to Stop Mass Immigration & The Newest Threat

The Two Largest National Mass Immigration Management Groups continue to create an Environment which almost guarantees that Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration continues ad infinitum.

And BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have told them repeatedly for over a decade how they could change their policies to be effective rather than counterproductive as they are now.

But they have refused, again, with a predictable result — H.R. 5038 recently passed the House of Representatives, 255 to 165. This Bill now heads to the Senate. If enacted into law it would [Read More]

To Reduce CO2 Emissions Stop Mass Immigration
11K Scientists & Others Agree: Over-Population is a Major Cause of CO2 Emissions

Recently, 11,000 scientists and others around the world issued their joint conclusions on the causes of "Climate Change." One conclusion stands out — over-population is a major contributing factor to CO2 pollution. Thus, it is not a surprise that the two most over-populated countries in the world — India and China — account for well over 50% of world CO2 Emissions. And since allowing Mass Immigration increases population in the sending countries as well as in the receiving countries, stopping Mass Immigration is essential to reducing CO2 Emissions. [Read More]

Mass Immigration Via S.386 & "Population Refugees" — The Greatest Environmental Threat — Help Push The Solution

Consider a question asked often by pro-illegal-immigration/open-borders supporters.

What happens to the USA’s economy (and environment) if 20 million people go away?

Indeed, just what would happen? Consider these pithy points from Rocky Mountain News reporter, Tina Griego.

“Over one million of Mexico's poorest citizens now live inside and along our border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California, in what the New York Times called, 'colonias' or new neighborhoods. Trouble is, those living areas resemble Bombay and Calcutta where grinding poverty, filth, diseases, drugs, crimes, no sanitation and worse. They live without sewage, clean water, streets, roads, electricity, or any kind of sanitation.” (cf Tina Griego, “What If They Left,” Rocky Mountain News, 08/26/2019)

[Read More]

Population Explosion Bills Threats to Pass This September — The Solution to Help Stop Them

S.386 (Kamala Harris, D. CA) and Companion Mass Immigration Increase Bills are all a Threat to Pass as one Gigantic Composite Immigration “Reform” Bill when Congress reconvenes this September.

S.386 (the Senate Version of H.R.1044 which already passed The House) would dramatically increase Legal Immigration via, inter alia, the H1(B) route to Green Cards, specifically, e.g., this Bill would, inter alia, allow admission of 300,000 H1B Indian Contract Workers annually! (Displacing Americans from jobs) plus 300,000 of their family-members annually (cis.org and Breibart.com).[Read More]

Mass Immigration Drives Homelessness, Crowding & Taxes

Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

In the USA, about 60% of all Legal Immigrants and about 70% of all Illegal Immigrants take advantage of one or more U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Welfare Programs (cis.org) — “Free” Medical Care, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc. which costs U.S. Taxpayers $330 Billion per Year NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay). This does not include State and Local Costs. (See Net Costs of Immigration Study.)[Read More]

Disease-Infected Illegals Flood Our Border — TB, Parasites, Pneumonia, Dengue et al

As another “Caravan” of Central Americans approach our Border — [and current Asylum law would de facto legalize most of them! — an estimated 100,000 in March, 2019 alone! USAToday, 3/30/19] and it is important to consider yet another Negative, in addition to Net Costs (Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study), Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Mass Migration of Legal and Illegal Immigrants brings — DISEASE. [Read More Here]

Massive Legal & Illegal Immigration Increase Bill Introduced — Tell Congress Moratorium Now!

HR 6 just introduced in the House by Democrat Nancy Pelosi would dramatically increase both Legal and Illegal Immigration, offer Amnesty and citizenship to not only DACA recipients, but also those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Even some already-deported illegal aliens would be allowed to apply to legally return under the Dream and Promise Act, announced by House Speaker Pelosi. [Read Further]

Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million to U.S. by 2060 — Support BALANCE’s Reduction Initiative

Legal Immigration will add over 50 Million to U.S. population by 2060, about three times more than Illegal, given current trends (U.S. Census/CIS analysis, S. Camarata, “Immigration to Add 75 Million by 2060”) with all the Negative Environmental and Budgetary Consequences BALANCE has documented.

But if we intensify our efforts NOW, we can get reductions just after the 2020 election. [Read How]

Multi-Cultural Invasion — Environmental Consequences Together, we can stop them.

Yet another Multi-National Caravan is headed North to our Southern Border and the overwhelming Evidence is that Illegal Migrants/Asylum Seekers come from Scores of Different Countries and Cultures with Values which reflect little or no Regard for the Environment.   [Read More Here]

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