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Population Explosion Bills Threat to Pass This September — The Solution to Help Stop Them

S.386 (Kamala Harris, D. CA) and Companion Mass Immigration Increase Bills are all a Threat to Pass as one Gigantic Composite Immigration “Reform” Bill when Congress reconvenes this September.

S.386 (the Senate Version of H.R.1044 which already passed The House) would dramatically increase Legal Immigration via, inter alia, the H1(B) route to Green Cards, specifically, e.g., this Bill would, inter alia, allow admission of 300,000 H1B Indian Contract Workers annually! (displacing Americans from jobs) plus 300,000 of their family-members annually (cis.org and Breibart.com).

Of course, Big Tech is behind this push for their Cheap Labor authorization which is why 140 RINO Republicans joined a majority of Democrats to successfully push its passage in the House in early July.

Given this RINO/Democrat combo, the Open Borders crowd is encouraged to push for passage of the Dream & Promise Act (as one part of the Composite Bill) in September which would not only legalize Ten Million plus DACAs but also 12 Million or more Illegals in other Categories (e.g., TPS and DED categories).

And that Comprehensive Bill is also likely to also include the proposed Bill Jerrod Kushner/Ivanka are pushing — the so-called “Merit-Based” Immigration Bill — which, while it would eliminate the Visa Lottery and some Chain Migration, would not only not limit but also increase the overall number of Legal Immigrants with a de facto uncapped “Merit-Based” System of admissions (causing even more job loss and Wage Depression for Americans). And none of these would cap the uncapped “Asylee” Category, which, inter alia, encourages Child-Trafficking.

And do not forget the Environmental Consequences — For every person added to California and the USA’s Population one acre of farmland or natural habitat is lost to development (Pimental, Cornell). As well as the intensifying consequences for the Cultural Environment as BALANCE reported earlier this year:

  • “Gypsies Threatening America, Defecating Everywhere and Beheading Chickens” via Pittsburg Post-Gazette & Tucker Carlson re Roma Asylum Seekers Invasion of Pennsylvania Town,” and
  • “Lima River in Peru and Ganges in India and Yangtze in China are ‘Running Sewers’ and People in those Countries have absolutely no regard for Environment Whatsoever.” International Trekker, F. Woolridge Personal Observations
  • Or a report that “Taiwanese Community in California Mad that Chinese Immigrants Pooping on People’s Lawns” from News With Views.

If these Bills pass, will Lifeboat USA sink?

Or “merely” become an overpopulated Environmental Disaster like China and India which together generate 80% of the World’s CO²?


But there is a Solution Regarding Illegal and Legal Immigration.

Re Illegal Immgration:

  • Complete the Wall
  • Implement e-Verify
  • Require asylum seekers to apply and wait for a decision before entering the USA
  • Require proof of kinship to protect children

And since the “Slots” allowing Legal Immigration (e.g., the Uncapped Asylee Category) are Magnets for Illegal Immigrants and since the numbers of Legal Immigrants is Far Too High anyway, it is also essential to enact an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration. A NET ZERO Policy (i.e., where Immigration equals Emigration) would still allow 150,000/year Legal Immigrants including asylees and refugees.

So tell Congress You want:

  • Enactment of an all-Categories-included Zero-NET MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration!
  • A strong preference in hiring be given to Americans and especially those 5.9 Million displaced by immigrants since 2005.
  • Complete funding for The Wall.
  • An end to Catch and Release of illegal aliens and an end to Chain Migration and Anchor Baby citizenship.
  • Implementation of e-Verify.
  • Require asylum seekers to apply and wait for a decision before they enter the USA.
  • Require DNA tests from adults and children claiming kinship.

And please help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS and contact Media and Congress to intensify our push for the aforementioned all-categories included Zero-NET MORATORIUM TODAY, NOW! Contact your representatives!

TO MAXIMIZE BALANCE's CLOUT PLEASE DONATE NOW! by Credit Card on our website: BALANCE or by check to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout for reduction in both Legal and Illegal immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, i.e., those who refuse to push for an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium.

Refusal is to push for Net-Zero Immigration is counterproductive to genuine Immigration Reduction Efforts. Main Immigration Management Groups advocate such positions, possibly in full knowledge that they ensure unending Mass Immigration. Merely arguing for some reduction (but refusing to push a Zero-Net Moratorium) inherently sanctions the continuing Mass Legal (and therefore Illegal) Immigration flow.

The Next Few Weeks are Critical! The contests for the 2020 Elections have already begun!

And please support our Crowd-Funding effort at Mass Immigration Hurts Environment.

But Most Important, Contact & Re-Contact your Representatives and the Candidates!

Thank you,

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Mass Immigration Drives Homelessness, Crowding & Taxes

Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

In the USA, about 60% of all Legal Immigrants and about 70% of all Illegal Immigrants take advantage of one or more U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Welfare Programs (cis.org) — “Free” Medical Care, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc. which costs U.S. Taxpayers $330 Billion per Year NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay). This does not include State and Local Costs. (See Net Costs of Immigration Study.)[Read More]

Disease-Infected Illegals Flood Our Border — TB, Parasites, Pneumonia, Dengue et al

As another “Caravan” of Central Americans approach our Border — [and current Asylum law would de facto legalize most of them! — an estimated 100,000 in March, 2019 alone! USAToday, 3/30/19] and it is important to consider yet another Negative, in addition to Net Costs (Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study), Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Mass Migration of Legal and Illegal Immigrants brings — DISEASE. [Read More Here]

Massive Legal & Illegal Immigration Increase Bill Introduced — Tell Congress Moratorium Now!

HR 6 just introduced in the House by Democrat Nancy Pelosi would dramatically increase both Legal and Illegal Immigration, offer Amnesty and citizenship to not only DACA recipients, but also those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Even some already-deported illegal aliens would be allowed to apply to legally return under the Dream and Promise Act, announced by House Speaker Pelosi. [Read Further]

Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million to U.S. by 2060 — Support BALANCE’s Reduction Initiative

Legal Immigration will add over 50 Million to U.S. population by 2060, about three times more than Illegal, given current trends (U.S. Census/CIS analysis, S. Camarata, “Immigration to Add 75 Million by 2060”) with all the Negative Environmental and Budgetary Consequences BALANCE has documented.

But if we intensify our efforts NOW, we can get reductions just after the 2020 election. [Read How]

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