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Immigration, the Environment & the Election

The fundamental fact is that for every person added to the U.S. population one acre of precious farmland (i.e., with rich topsoil) or natural habitat for wildlife, is converted to developed uses, de facto permanently (Pimentel, et. al. Cornell).  And as Dr. V. Abernethy and Dr. Anne Brattain’s Research has shown, reducing immigration into the USA reduces the fertility rates in the sending countries, thus reducing the over-population pressures on Wildlife in those countries.

Unchecked population growth and over-population are clearly negatives for environmental protection.

Population growth and density also have negative effects on our Public Health and Personal Safety Environments. 

Thus, it is no accident that New York City and Environs and other major population centers were Ground Zero of the Coronavirus in the USA.

New York City is the most Densely Populated City in the USA and is a Major Hub for International Travel and Destination for Immigrants. Consider:

“‘There is a strong correlation between the risk of pandemic and human population density. We’ve done the math and we’ve proved it,” said Dr. Peter Daszak, a disease ecologist and the president of Eco Health Alliance, who examined the link in a 2008 study published in the journal Nature…. Looking at contemporary outbreaks since the mid-20th century, Daszak and colleagues found that the emergent diseases caused by pathogens new to humans has increased significantly with time, even when controlling for progress in diagnosis techniques and surveillance ….”

“Pandemics, Population Growth, and Globalization,” Scientific American, via capsweb.org. 04/11/2020

Many of the newly threatening pathogens emerge where exploding human populations have intruded on the habitat of non-human species. Separation that formerly characterized human/animal interactions shifts into more intimate contacts. The pathogens jump from animal to human. The intensity of travel and population mixing then spreads disease globally.

The foregoing are Key  Reasons BALANCE pushes for an all-categories included Zero-NET Moratorium LEGAL Immigration Policy (about 150,000 out thus 150,000 in per year) —a de facto Moratorium. That would reduce Legal Immigration into the USA, which is currently about 1.5 to 1.6 Million per year. That would reduce the USA’s and the World’s Population Growth Rate (Fertility rates in countries allowed to send immigrants to the USA elevate because of the Opportunities that Immigration provides to the Migrants to the USA and to their families in the home country).

Other benefits would accrue if a Moratorium were enacted because  a number of additional costs flow from continuing to allow Mass Immigration.

Costs: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (after subtracting taxes Immigrants pay) to pay for the federal costs of LEGAL Immigration alone (cf CCN Cost Study). That’s about $758 Million per Year Net (i.e., after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) per Congressional District for Health Care, Welfare, and many other Costs and does not include Net State and Local Costs.

So where do the Candidates stand on Immigration [Before answering that we must add that as a 501c3 Nonprofit BALANCE does NOT support or oppose candidates or parties,  but certainly can and does take a  position on their positions  on Key policy issues such as Immigration.  Therefore, consider:

This year: President Trump has ordered a Moratorium (albeit temporary) on admission of some Categories of  Immigrants, arguing, correctly, that Jobs and support should be reserved for the 30 Million+ unemployed Americans.
Unfortunately,  the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Team is pushing a de facto Open Borders Agenda. To help us stop it, See Below. Their Agenda would:

  • allow work permits for Illegal Aliens and Not Require the Use of E-Verify
  • allow Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery to Continue
  • not deter Border Surges or Asylum Abuse
  • cause American Taxpayers to continue to pay for Health Care, Welfare for a majority of Legal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens
  • continue to allow Mass Immigration which would force millions of unemployed Americans to compete with Immigrants for Jobs

Worse, the Addition of Harris to V.P. Biden’s Ticket will magnify the pressure both before (and after!?!) the November 3rd Election to Enact an Expanded Open Borders Agenda, which would increase legal immigration and eliminate immigration enforcement!
Consider Harris’s Record:

  • cosponsor of Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) Keep the STEM Talent Act which would exempt any foreign student who earned an advanced degree in a STEM major from any numerical limits. As CCN and other studies have shown, the USA does not need foreign STEM workers…they just displace qualified Americans
  • cosponsor of Senator Lee’s (R-UT) Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act which would eliminate per-country caps on employment Visas and thus greatly benefit Silicon Valley’s policy of Hiring Low Paid Indian Workers (No wonder Big Tech has taken a pro-Biden position via Censorship).
  • enact a Mass Amnesty of DACA Aliens and implement DAPA to protect DREAMERS and their parents and give Temporary Protected Status for some foreign nationals who are not yet in the country
  • enact Senator Feinstein’s S175 the Agricultural Worker Program Act which would give illegal Farm Workers Amnesty
  • Harris has consistently opposed efforts at Border and Interior Enforcement by, e.g., supporting Senator Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) S144 which would halt local law enforcement cooperation with ICE for enforcement purposes
  • and she has pushed to decriminalize illegal border crossings

Unfortunately, all the foregoing will add clout to the Open Borders Crowd, but with your help we can stop them again. By comparison, consider the Trump Administration’s Immigration Accomplishments:

  • Trump Bars Federal Contractors from Displacing American Workers with Foreign Guest workers
  • 265 Miles of Border Wall System Completed
  • President Trump Marks the Construction of 200 Miles of Border Wall
  • Protecting American Workers, Halting Foreign Guest Worker Admissions
  • Continuing Progress on the Border Wall
  • Trump Imposes Anti-Coronavirus Travel Ban on China and Europe
  • Trumps Signs Coronavirus Relief Package Excluding Illegal Aliens
  • More Travel Restrictions on Iran
  • Trump Administration Takes Action Against Sanctuary Jurisdictions
  • Legal Immigration Reduced
  • Trump Blocks Travel to China to Stem COVID-19
  • Trump Administration Cracks Down on Birth Tourism
  • Southwest Border Apprehensions Decline for 8 Consecutive Months
  • Travel Ban Expanded to Six More Countries

Support BALANCE’s Activist Initiative for a Solution: BALANCE pushes a Zero-Net all-categories-included Moratorium on Legal Immigration which would still allow 150,000 inflow to match typical annual outflow. BALANCE is a genuine MASS Immigration Reduction Group (certain other National Groups not pushing a Moratorium are merely Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups, a position counterproductive to achieving any immigration reductions at all as we have repeatedly pointed out).

  • Most Important, Contact & Re-Contact your Senators and Representatives and the 2020 Candidates! and Media, and Influencers to oppose Senators Harris and Lee’s (R-UT) S386 and Senator Durbin’s (D-IL) RELIEF Act as well as the outrageous “New Way Forward Act”.
  • Above all, every organization and individual should contact Senators, Media and Influencers and push an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration and emphasize that it would remove the Legal Immigration Magnets (e.g., the uncapped Asylee Category) attracting ever more Illegal Aliens.
  • It is difficult if not impossible to stop most illegal immigrants unless one reduces the Magnet of Legal Immigration “Slots” such as the Uncapped Asylee Category.
  • And focus on Specifics, e.g., How can communities and the nation ever ameliorate our intensifying Homelessness Crisis OR our COVID Crisis, by annually welcoming in  1.5 Million Legal Immigrants per year with Taxpayer-funded Section 8 Housing, Health Care, Welfare and many other Benefits, PLUS Amnestying 1.5 Million Illegals, many of whom would be provided with Taxpayer-funded Housing Assistance, as H.R.5038 does?! Or HR 6 which would Amnesty (i.e., legalize) Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens.

Please make a Tax-Deductible DONATION to BALANCE NOW to help Save our Environment and our Nation,  by Credit Card on our website: BALANCE or by check to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104 

Dollar for Dollar, Tax-Deductible Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create actual Political Clout for reduction in both Legal and Illegal immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, i.e., those who refuse to push for an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium.  Such Donations are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE because they de facto endorse a continuing unsustainable Immigration Flow.

Help BALANCE intensify its Media, Public Education, Activist Mobilization and Lobbying Efforts with a Tax-Deductible Donation NOW.

Please forward this Alert to your friends who may be concerned about the Environment, the Budget and Personal & Health Safety. The World’s Wildlife, and your fellow Citizens will Thank You.

And we Thank you, 

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BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.

Stop Open Borders/Overpopulation Compounding Threats Now!
An Opportunity!

$350 Million for Migration and Refugee Assistance has been included in Congress’ CoronaVirus Stimulus Bill demonstrating again The Power of the Open Borders Lobby! And there are more Open Borders Threats. Read on!

And Note that the Virus “Hotspots” Worldwide have one Negative in common – they either are Ecologically Overpopulated and/or have substantial inflows of Immigrants/Visitors from Overpopulated areas.

In the Viral Hotspot Northern Italy, for example, China has for the past couple of Decades, been buying Italian luxury Brands, but also in that period has brought in over 100,000 Chinese Workers from Wuhan and elsewhere in China to continue the manufacturing. And now the Italians are paying the Ultimate Price for Open Borders (N. Gingrich, Life, Liberty & Levin, 3/29/2020)[Read More]

It Will Get Much Worse

BALANCE hears some long-time U.S. Population-Stabilization Activists wearily claiming:

“It” — “The Demographic/Environmental/Deficit Trends in the USA” are Bad but can Not get much Worse and
—There is a high improbability we can make significant progress toward achieving U.S. Population Stabilization.

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To Reduce CO2 Emissions Stop Mass Immigration
11K Scientists & Others Agree: Over-Population is a Major Cause of CO2 Emissions

Recently, 11,000 scientists and others around the world issued their joint conclusions on the causes of "Climate Change." One conclusion stands out — over-population is a major contributing factor to CO2 pollution. Thus, it is not a surprise that the two most over-populated countries in the world — India and China — account for well over 50% of world CO2 Emissions. And since allowing Mass Immigration increases population in the sending countries as well as in the receiving countries, stopping Mass Immigration is essential to reducing CO2 Emissions. [Read More]

Population Explosion Bills Threat to Pass This September — The Solution to Help Stop Them

S.386 (Kamala Harris, D. CA) and Companion Mass Immigration Increase Bills are all a Threat to Pass as one Gigantic Composite Immigration “Reform” Bill when Congress reconvenes this September.

S.386 (the Senate Version of H.R.1044 which already passed The House) would dramatically increase Legal Immigration via, inter alia, the H1(B) route to Green Cards, specifically, e.g., this Bill would, inter alia, allow admission of 300,000 H1B Indian Contract Workers annually! (displacing Americans from jobs) plus 300,000 of their family-members annually (cis.org and Breibart.com).[Read More]

Mass Immigration Drives Homelessness, Crowding & Taxes

Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

In the USA, about 60% of all Legal Immigrants and about 70% of all Illegal Immigrants take advantage of one or more U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Welfare Programs (cis.org) — “Free” Medical Care, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc. which costs U.S. Taxpayers $330 Billion per Year NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay). This does not include State and Local Costs. (See Net Costs of Immigration Study.)[Read More]

Disease-Infected Illegals Flood Our Border — TB, Parasites, Pneumonia, Dengue et al

As another “Caravan” of Central Americans approach our Border — [and current Asylum law would de facto legalize most of them! — an estimated 100,000 in March, 2019 alone! USAToday, 3/30/19] and it is important to consider yet another Negative, in addition to Net Costs (Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study), Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Mass Migration of Legal and Illegal Immigrants brings — DISEASE. [Read More Here]

Massive Legal & Illegal Immigration Increase Bill Introduced — Tell Congress Moratorium Now!

HR 6 just introduced in the House by Democrat Nancy Pelosi would dramatically increase both Legal and Illegal Immigration, offer Amnesty and citizenship to not only DACA recipients, but also those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Even some already-deported illegal aliens would be allowed to apply to legally return under the Dream and Promise Act, announced by House Speaker Pelosi. [Read Further]

Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million to U.S. by 2060 — Support BALANCE’s Reduction Initiative

Legal Immigration will add over 50 Million to U.S. population by 2060, about three times more than Illegal, given current trends (U.S. Census/CIS analysis, S. Camarata, “Immigration to Add 75 Million by 2060”) with all the Negative Environmental and Budgetary Consequences BALANCE has documented.

But if we intensify our efforts NOW, we can get reductions just after the 2020 election. [Read How]

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