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“It” Will Get Much Worse, Unless

BALANCE hears some long-time U.S. Population-Stabilization Activists wearily claiming:

“It” — “The Demographic/Environmental/Deficit Trends in the USA” are Bad but can Not get much Worse and
—There is a high improbability we can make significant progress toward achieving U.S. Population Stabilization.

NO! Neither of the Above is Certainly True, Consider, last December we very narrowly avoided having a Bill S386 or Combination of Bills — S386 and Senator Durbin’s de facto Open Borders “RELIEF” Act, plus the Senate Version of H.R. 6 and H.R. 5038 — combined into one Monster Bill and on the President’s Desk, thanks to our and our ASAP! Coalition Partner, CCN’s Efforts (See CCN’s recent Articles on ASAP! and Diversity Coalition and Carrying Capacity Network).

But our Victory was only Temporary and the Threat of a Monster Bill passing out of Congress after the Impeachment Trial is very Real.

And the Demographic/Environmental/Deficit Trends do indeed continue to worsen.

Specifically, S386 would allow (in addition to the 400,000 legal immigrants per year already settling in California) settlement of 300,000 Indians per year plus their families to take skilled employment opportunities from American graduates (see * below). But for our work and the work of our ASAP! Coalition Allies, CCN and other Activists that Bill would have passed!

*S386 was and is sponsored (Democrat Senator K. Harris – CA and Republican Senator M. Lee, UT)Senator Lee had already secured Donations of over $100,000 by Summer 2019 for his 2020 Campaign! from the Cheap Labor Lobby, including donations from Google, Facebook, etc. Most of the Indian foreign workers would go to California and would be in addition to the Legal and Illegal flow already settling annually in California (U.S. Census).

Of course, these would be entitled to all the U.S. Taxpayers-funded Benefits to which all the Legal Immigrants (400,000 per year!) who already settle in California alone, are entitled. Those Benefits (not accorded to American Citizens) include “Free” Medical Care, Welfare, Section 8 Housing etc., which nearly 70% of those 400,000 use and which the NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) Cost is $758 Million per Year per Congressional District (see CCN Net Costs Study) not including additional State and Local costs.

One Extraordinary Consequence of this Taxpayer-subsidized 400,000 Annual Legal Immigrant Flow into California, and the 1.2 Million into other States, is that the subsidized Immigrants are able to displace the lowest Wage Earners from Housing. Frankly, this intensifying displacement is one Main (but not only) Cause of Homelessness!

So it was, last December, Critical to Stop S386 and to stop Senator Lee (AKA “the Senator from Mumbai”) from Merging S386 with Senator Durbin’s (D-IL) Open Borders “RELIEF” ACT (a de facto Open Borders/Unlimited Legal Immigration Bill).

Unfortunately, though we and our ASAP! Coalition Allies temporarily stopped it, Senators Durbin and Lee did a Midnight Bill Merger just before the end of the December, 2019 session and we expect an attempt to pass this Merged Bill in the Senate after the Senate Impeachment Trial. Worse, in addition, the House also passed and sent to the Senate, H.R. 5038 and H.R. 6 which could also be merged.
H.R. 5038 would:

  • Amnesty 1.5 Million Illegal Alien farmworkers and give them Green Cards, a Path to Citizenship and would fund the aforementioned Benefits (Health Care etc.) and additionally provide money for Housing Assistance! More housing displacement and suffering for our poorest Citizens!

And H.R. 6 would not only Amnesty the 10 Million Plus DACAs but also the Millions on Temporary Protected Status, with all the aforementioned Benefits!
So consider how the Ongoing Trends can get Much Worse
Specifically, consider the Impending Fate of California (though the following also apply to many other highly immigration-affected States):

  • Additional Homelessness at our very doorstep.
  • More “Far Left Rule” in California, and elsewhere, and an intensifying attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
  • Ever increasing Taxes and Asset Expropriation.
  • More loss of Social Cohesion.
  • More Property Expropriation (cf. La Raza Park in San Diego and Sharia Law No-Go Zones in California and Across the USA (about which the Mainstream Media is Silent) in light of California’s Sanctuary State Status which de facto Nullifies our Federal Law Protection. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims all of California is the Property of “Her People.”
  • More Threats of Personal Injury (cf. the Spring, 2018 Video of “Whites” on the U.C. Berkeley Campus being prevented by hundreds of non-whites from using the Sather Gate Bridge and forced to ford the Rain-swollen Strawberry Creek for 3 hours (because these Americans allegedly have White Privilege).
  • This burgeoning pro-Open Borders leftist-Marxist Ideology supports the strengthening ANTIFA Thugs (see CCN’s Alerts on Cultural Marxism at carryingcapacity.org) Attendees at the recent Ann Coulter Speech on the Berkeley Campus were physically threatened and abused.
  • Decreased likelihood of Eliminating Sanctuary City & State Status.
  • Intensifying Environmental Crises (see below). Average annual Legal Immigration into the USA is 1.6 Million people (400,000 per year into California alone exacerbating the housing crisis, homelessness, crowding, traffic jams, pollution, waste production and costs to taxpayers, etc.).
  • About 80% of California’s population growth comes from the annual 400,000 per year LEGAL immigrant inflow.
  •  “For every person added to the U.S. (or California’s) population, one acre of prime farm land or Natural Habitat is converted to developed uses.” (Cornell, Pimentel, et al.) Population growth increases demands on natural resources.
  • California farmers and cities have already drawn down the Midwest USA’s Oglalla and California’s Central Valley Aquifers far in excess of annual recharge rates, notwithstanding recent high rainfalls. Desalination is expensive, capital intensive, and the amounts produced are tiny relative to the amounts demanded by farmers and cities’ growing populations. Major cities in California and elsewhere are already resorting to “Toilet to Tap” water recycling, e.g., Orange County.
  • While population growth often increases aggregate GDP, it always (no Nation is an exception) reduces per capita GDP, which is the best test of a Nation’s Wealth and individual well-being.

But there is something we can do to Reverse the Worsening Demographic Trend. See BALANCE’s “Surmounting Management Groups’ Failures to Stop Mass Immigration & The Newest Threat”. It provides the “Road Map” for achieving success despite the two Major National Mass Immigration Management Groups’ Years-long Refusal to support a Zero-Net Moratorium and their de facto support of continuing Mass Immigration.

And we and our Coalition Partners have already achieved some success:

  • Now two U.S. Congressional Candidates are advocating a Moratorium, and likely more will do so soon,
  • because advocating on all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium generates Maximum Political Pressure to get Reductions in the Mass Legal Immigration Flow of about 1.6 Million per Year.

BALANCE is the only National Non-Profit whose Main Mission is Protection of the USA’s Environment through U.S. Population Stabilization.

Activist Initiative for a Solution: BALANCE pushes a Zero-Net all-categories-included Moratorium on Legal Immigration which would still allow 150,000 inflow to match typical annual outflow. BALANCE is a genuine MASS Immigration Reduction Group (certain other National Groups not pushing a Moratorium are merely Mass Immigration Management Groups, a position counterproductive to achieving any immigration reductions at all) as we have repeatedly pointed out.

  • Most Important, Contact & Re-Contact your Senators and the 2020 Candidates! and Media, and Influencers to oppose Senators Harris and Lee’s (R-UT) S386 and Senator Durbin’s (D-IL) RELIEF Act.
  • Above all, every organization and individual should contact Senators, Media and Influencers and push an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration and emphasize that it would remove the Legal Immigration Magnets (e.g., the uncapped Asylee Category) attracting ever more Illegal Aliens.
  • It is difficult if not impossible to stop most illegal immigrants unless one reduces the Magnet of Legal Immigration Slots.
  • And focus on Specifics, e.g., How can communities and the nation ever ameliorate our intensifying Homelessness Crisis by annually welcoming in  1.6 Million Legal Immigrants per year with Taxpayer-funded Health Care, Welfare etc. Benefits, PLUS Amnestying 1.5 Million Illegals, many of whom would be provided with Taxpayer-funded Housing Assistance, as H.R.5038 does?! Or HR 6 which would Amnesty (i.e., legalize) Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens.
  • And the Costs: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (after subtracting taxes Immigrants pay) to pay for the federal costs of LEGAL Immigration alone (cf CCN Cost Study). That’s about $758 Million per Year per Congressional District and does not include Net State and Local Costs.

Please make a Tax-Deductible DONATION to BALANCE NOW to help Save our Environment and our Nation by Credit Card on our website: BALANCE or by check to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104 

Dollar for Dollar, Tax-Deductible Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout for reduction in both Legal and Illegal immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, i.e., those who refuse to push for an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium. 

Help BALANCE intensify its Media, Public Education, Activist Mobilization and Lobbying Efforts with a Tax-Deductible Donation before Year-End.

Please forward this Alert to your friends who may be concerned about the Environment.

Thank you, 

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