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To Reduce CO2 Emissions Stop Mass Immigration
11K Scientists & Others Agree: Over-Population is a Major Cause of CO2 Emissions

Recently, 11,000 scientists and others around the world issued their joint conclusions on the causes of "Climate Change." One conclusion stands out — over-population is a major contributing factor to CO2 pollution. Thus, it is not a surprise that the two most over-populated countries in the world — India and China — account for well over 50% of world CO2 Emissions. And since allowing Mass Immigration increases population in the sending countries as well as in the receiving countries, stopping Mass Immigration is essential to reducing CO2 Emissions.

As anthropologist, Dr. Virginia Abernethy of Vanderbilt University, and also anthropologist, Dr. Anne Brittain of the University of Miami, have both demonstrated this in their own studies. Consider excerpts from their work:

“A first Giant Step toward Solving the Over-population Problem in these sending countries is to Dramatically reduce Immigration from them.

“In sum, reducing Immigration from sending Countries reduces Fertility Rates in those countries research conclusively shows:

“See The Vanishing American Dream by Dr. V. Abernethy, Professor Emeritus at Vanderbilt University Medical School which demonstrates the validity of Dr. Abernethy’s “Fertility Opportunity Doctrine” as applied to Immigration. In sum, allowing emigration from a Sending Country provides Opportunity for families, because some of their members emigrate to the USA (where they are able to work and to send back remittances) thus driving up fertility rates in the sending countries (more kids to the USA produce more remittances.”

“Similar conclusions were reached by Dr. Anne Brittain of the Department of Anthropology University of Miami Coral Gables

“... Those districts with the greatest stability of population had the lowest child-to-woman ratios, suggesting that the anticipated loss of children to migration may be an important factor in maintaining high reproductive rates.”

Anticipated Child Loss to Migration and Sustained High Fertility in an East Caribbean Population, Social Biology, Vol.38, No. 102, Spring Summer 1991, pp 94-112, Brittain

“...Instead, the probability of emigration accounted for 34 percent of the variation in the crude birth rate, which increases in emigration being followed by increases in the birth rate five years later.”

Migration and the Demographic Transition: A West Indian Example, Social and Economic Studies, 39:3, 1990, IBID

“Unfortunately, in the USA, pending Legislation and Current Law (which allows about 1.6 Million Legal Immigrants per year into the USA, of which 400,000 per year settle in California) encourage and enable Mass Immigration and thus increased CO2 Emissions. For example, the currently uncapped asylee category enables immigration and incentivizes illegal immigration by providing a way for Illegal Aliens to become legal and to traffic Children.

Regarding pending Legislation, the “Farm Workfare Modernization Act” (H.R. 4916) would Amnesty Millions of Illegal Aliens already in the USA causing additional job loss and Wage Depression for American Workers (see The Net Costs of Legla Immigration Study). And further Consider that S.386 is counter-productive on all counts. The Center for Immigration Studies concludes that this Bill would

“...dramatically change our employment green card distribution system by eliminating a safeguard that prevents green card numbers from being monopolized by citizens of one or two countries. Known as the ‘per country cap,’ this provision ensures that the employment-based visas are available to a truly global pool of talent in a wide variety of occupational sectors. It should not be scrapped; eliminating it would benefit one industry (Big Tech) and two groups of applicants (Indian tech workers and Chinese investors) and squeeze out all others. ...

“This bill (S.386) would reward the employers who literally replaced American workers with hundreds of thousands of low cost and less skilled contract workers who entered on temporary visas (mainly H-1Bs), often working in the tech sector. These employers are mainly Big Tech and foreign outsourcing companies. ...

“...If this bill becomes law citizens of India will get more than 90% of the professional employment green cards, according to USCIS — for at least the next 10 years. ...

“HR 1044 (companion to S.386 which already passed) reportedly also includes a provision to eliminate the per country cap on the EB-5 category, which enables foreign investors to receive green cards. If passed, the result would be that primarily Chinese investors would receive these green cards, with citizens of other countries largely squeezed out.”

Fact Sheet on HR 1044, Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, 07/08/19, cis.org

“In sum, with the world population increasing by 80 Million per year, the pressure to come to the USA will only increase. Americans can help sending countries reduce their overpopulation problem by reducing or stopping immigration from them.

“If we ignore these facts, will Lifeboat USA sink?

“Or 'merely' become an overpopulated Environmental Disaster like China and India and the rest of the NON-Western World which together generate 70% of the World’s CO2?" Help Push BALANCE’s Solution.”

“Mass Immigration Via S.386 & ‘Population Refugees’ — The Greatest Environmental Threat — Help Push The Solution,“ Balance.org Alert, 09/06/19

The effects of over-population are evident in recent reports on BBC World News regarding the dangerous, toxic pollution in India's largest city, Delhi, in which the levels of pollutants are far greater than is acceptable for human safety. (cf BBC World News, 11/05/2019) BALANCE has also often reported the findings of international cyclist, F. Woolridge regarding the "Running sewers of the Lima River in Peru, Ganges in India and Yangtze in China" — countries that are vastly over-populated.

In a recent interview with renowned biologist, E. O. Wilson, Marian Starkey of Population Connection, asked Wilson about the human pressures on the environment. Wilson responded:

“I think the epicenter of all of our problems in the environment is runaway population growth. I know I’ve been optimistic, particularly in the book Half-Earth, that the population problem could solve itself, but nonetheless, there’s a residual problem that comes from too many children and too many demands by people wanting to move up economically in too many countries for the world to come out in the condition it should be aiming for....

“All of [[these crises] have as one of the primal causes human over-reproduction. Climate change is just one of three major environmental crises facing us. After climate change is shortage of fresh water. Something like 4% of water in the world is in lakes and rivers, and it’s running out fast, and it’s a primary cause in several parts of the world of major migration. The third one is the mass extinction of species. We don’t know how ecosystems are formed, what makes them stable, or how they equilibrate, and we can’t say what happens when some obscure little species is taken out. We have no way of guessing.”

“E. O. Wilson: Runaway population growth at epicenter of environmental problems,” Population Connection, June 2019

Wilson also commented on the empowerment of women as an instrument of population control:

“As soon as women get some kind of economic independence, they tend to reduce the number of children they have. It’s psychological, and it’s also an understanding that they and their family will have a better life.”


Taking into account the push to improve economic circumstances by immigrating to western countries which are, despite their advanced social and economic conditions, ill-equipped to assimilate the vast numbers of immigrants demanding entrance, Brittain and Abernethy's studies prove that emigration is also quite detrimental to the “sending countries” — no amount of “population relocation” will eliminate the inevitable toxic effects on the planet.


Re Illegal Immigration:

  • Complete the Wall
  • Implement e-Verify
  • Require asylum seekers to apply and wait for a decision before entering the USA
  • Require proof of kinship to protect children
  • Eliminate the Legal Immigration “Magnets” for Illegal Immigrants (see below)

Re Legal Immigration:

  • Most Important:since the “Slots” allowing Legal Immigration (e.g., the Uncapped Asylee Category) are Magnets for Illegal Immigrants and since the numbers of Legal Immigrants is Far Too High anyway, it is also essential to enact an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration.  A Zero-NET Policy  (i.e., where Immigration equals Emigration) would still allow 150,000/year Legal Immigrants including asylees and refugees. Enactment of an all-Categories-included Zero-NET MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration!
  • A strong preference in hiring be given to Americans and especially those 5.9 Million displaced by immigrants since 2005.
  • Require asylum seekers to apply and wait for a decision before they enter the USA.

So please help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS and contact Media and Congress to intensify our push to Stop S.386 and for the aforementioned all-categories included Zero-NET MORATORIUM TODAY NOW! S.386 could be voted on any day now. Contact your representatives!  

TO MAXIMIZE BALANCE's CLOUT PLEASE make a Tax-Deductible Donation NOW! by Credit Card on our website: BALANCE or by check to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104 

Dollar for Dollar, Tax-Deductible Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout for reduction in both Legal and Illegal immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, i.e., those who refuse to push for an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium. 

Refusal is to push for Net-Zero Immigration is counterproductive to genuine Immigration Reduction Efforts. Main Immigration Management Groups advocate such positions, possibly in full knowledge that they ensure unending Mass Immigration. Merely arguing for some reduction (but refusing to push a Zero-Net Moratorium) inherently sanctions the continuing Mass Legal (and therefore Illegal because of the Magnet Effect) Immigration flow.

The Next Few Days are Critical!  The contests for the 2020 Elections have already begun and S.386 could be voted on any day now, unless we stop it!

And please support our Crowd-Funding effort at Mass Immigration Hurts Environment

But Most Important, Contact & Re-Contact your Senators and the Candidates!

Thank you,

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Population Explosion Bills Threat to Pass This September — The Solution to Help Stop Them

S.386 (Kamala Harris, D. CA) and Companion Mass Immigration Increase Bills are all a Threat to Pass as one Gigantic Composite Immigration “Reform” Bill when Congress reconvenes this September.

S.386 (the Senate Version of H.R.1044 which already passed The House) would dramatically increase Legal Immigration via, inter alia, the H1(B) route to Green Cards, specifically, e.g., this Bill would, inter alia, allow admission of 300,000 H1B Indian Contract Workers annually! (displacing Americans from jobs) plus 300,000 of their family-members annually (cis.org and Breibart.com).[Read More]

Mass Immigration Drives Homelessness, Crowding & Taxes

Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

In the USA, about 60% of all Legal Immigrants and about 70% of all Illegal Immigrants take advantage of one or more U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Welfare Programs (cis.org) — “Free” Medical Care, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc. which costs U.S. Taxpayers $330 Billion per Year NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay). This does not include State and Local Costs. (See Net Costs of Immigration Study.)[Read More]

Disease-Infected Illegals Flood Our Border — TB, Parasites, Pneumonia, Dengue et al

As another “Caravan” of Central Americans approach our Border — [and current Asylum law would de facto legalize most of them! — an estimated 100,000 in March, 2019 alone! USAToday, 3/30/19] and it is important to consider yet another Negative, in addition to Net Costs (Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study), Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Mass Migration of Legal and Illegal Immigrants brings — DISEASE. [Read More Here]

Massive Legal & Illegal Immigration Increase Bill Introduced — Tell Congress Moratorium Now!

HR 6 just introduced in the House by Democrat Nancy Pelosi would dramatically increase both Legal and Illegal Immigration, offer Amnesty and citizenship to not only DACA recipients, but also those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Even some already-deported illegal aliens would be allowed to apply to legally return under the Dream and Promise Act, announced by House Speaker Pelosi. [Read Further]

Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million to U.S. by 2060 — Support BALANCE’s Reduction Initiative

Legal Immigration will add over 50 Million to U.S. population by 2060, about three times more than Illegal, given current trends (U.S. Census/CIS analysis, S. Camarata, “Immigration to Add 75 Million by 2060”) with all the Negative Environmental and Budgetary Consequences BALANCE has documented.

But if we intensify our efforts NOW, we can get reductions just after the 2020 election. [Read How]

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