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Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis: Real Numbers Much Higher

The USA passed 300 million in the year 2000 and we are growing at about five million a year with 90% of that growth coming from legal and illegal immigration.

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Mass Immigration Drives Homelessness, Crowding & Taxes

Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. [Read More]

Disease-Infected Illegals Flood Our Border — TB, Parasites, Pneumonia, Dengue et al

As another “Caravan” of Central Americans approach our Border — [and current Asylum law would de facto legalize most of them! — an estimated 100,000 in March, 2019 alone! USAToday, 3/30/19] and it is important to consider yet another Negative, in addition to Net Costs (Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study), Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Mass Migration of Legal and Illegal Immigrants brings — DISEASE. [Read More Here]


Massive Legal & Illegal Immigration Increase Bill Introduced — Tell Congress Moratorium Now!

HR 6 just introduced in the House by Democrat Nancy Pelosi would dramatically increase both Legal and Illegal Immigration, offer Amnesty and citizenship to not only DACA recipients, but also those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Even some already-deported illegal aliens would be allowed to apply to legally return under the Dream and Promise Act, announced by House Speaker Pelosi. [Read Further]


Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million to U.S. by 2060
— Support BALANCE’s Reduction Initiative

Legal Immigration will add over 50 Million to U.S. population by 2060, about three times more than Illegal, given current trends (U.S. Census/CIS analysis, S. Camarata, “Immigration to Add 75 Million by 2060”) with all the Negative Environmental and Budgetary Consequences BALANCE has documented.

But if we intensify our efforts NOW, we can get reductions just after the 2020 election. [Read How]

Immediate Action Alert

Multi-Cultural Invasion — Environmental Consequences
Together, we can stop them.

Yet another Multi-National Caravan is headed North to our Southern Border and the overwhelming Evidence is that Illegal Migrants/Asylum Seekers come from Scores of Different Countries and Cultures with Values which reflect little or no Regard for the Environment.

[Read More Here]

December 31, 2018

Urgent!  Immigration Reduction Opportunity in Peril!
[Read More]

Urgent!  VERY Few Days Remaining to get Immigration Reduction!

BALANCE's Strategy can Succeed with your Help NOW!  Here's how!


In the USA, over 63% of Non-Citizen-headed Households (i.e., by Green Card Holders, Temporary Workers & Illegal Aliens)  use one or More Welfare Programs, according to the Center for Immigration Studies' [CIS] Analysis of U.S. Census Data.

For example, 429,000 Annual Immigrant Births Cost Taxpayers $5.3 Billion.  [ReadMore]


429,000 Annual Immigrant Births
Cost Taxpayers $5.3 Billion

Massive and increasing costs to Taxpayers are incurred (now $330 Billion per year NET of Taxes Immigrants Pay) as each Birth Cohort Matures. Mass Immigration is Very Costly, but BALANCE has The Solution.

Of the Many Costs of Mass Immigration borne by U.S. Taxpayers, the Costs of Immigrant Births alone (via Medicaid or the Uninsured) is remarkable. Specifically, 1 in 5 births in the U.S. are to Immigrant Mothers. U.S. Taxpayers pay for 67% of births to illegal immigrants, 47% of births to legal immigrants according to a new report  by CIS, S. Camarota, Director of Research, 10/9/18. [Read More]

Pressure Intensifying to Migrate to USA!!
BALANCE Has The Solution to Stop Mass Immigration!!!!

Will Demography be Destiny? Consider the Population Reference Bureau [PRB] Projection:

“The world population will reach 9.9 billion by 2050,  up 2.3 billion or 29 percent from an estimated 7.6 billion people now, according to projections by Population Reference Bureau (PRB) included in the 2018 World Population Data Sheet [Read More]

Help Push for Regs Requiring Environmental Impacts
of Immigration be Addressed

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA-1969) requires that proposed Federal Actions which have a “Significant Impact” on the environment first be analyzed to reveal that impact.

Yet, to date, No Federal Agency has complied with the explicit concern expressed in NEPA for the “profound influences of Population Growth” … on the environment.

NOW, we have Opportunity to make Analyses of Immigration-driven population growth a Regulatory requirement—specifically, that such Analyses be included as Environmental Impact Statements in proposals for Federal Agency Actions.

Specifically, the Federal Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) is soliciting public comments to implement updated Environmental Regulations for NEPA per a Trump Administration plan to update them.

So NOW is our Opportunity to submit comments to the CEQ (IMPORTANT: comment period ends on MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2018).

Follow this link (CEQ Public Comments on NEPA Proposed Environmental Regs) to the CEQ comments page.

And feel free to quote any BALANCE Alerts. For your convenience, we reprint our recent Alert “Legal Immigration Costs & Consequences” below. ACT NOW!

And please help BALANCE push this and other environmental protection initiatives by donating NOW (BALANCE GoFundMe Campaign or POPULATION-ENVIRONMENT BALANCE).

BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.



Last week, the Goodlatte Bill H.R.4760 failed by only 20 votes. It would have put the House on record as supporting “merit”-based legal immigration by ending the Visa Lottery, and  Chain Migration, and mandating e-Verify to reduce Illegal Immigration, but it would have at best cut Legal Immigration numbers by half still allowing over half a million Legal Immigrants per year.

The Goodlatte Bill received far more votes than sell-out Speaker Ryan's thinly disguised Amnesty Bill, which failed by a 2 to 1 Margin. 

So, given these two Failures, why does Opportunity knock loudly? [Read More...]

Help Stop Exploitation of Children at Border;
Stop Amnesty of Two Million

We wish no harm to come to children crossing the Border, either Illegally or Legally, but the question is how best to prevent the harm.

Before any consideration can be given to ending the  policy which separates adults from children, the Open Borders Crowd should be urged to answer a few key questions: 

Are the adults and children really parent and child?

It appears that many of these children are victims of a very profitable criminal human trafficking enterprises. For those children, separation from the adults who bring them is clearly child-protection. A sure way of finding the truth is to separate the adult from the child to ascertain their true relationship. [Read More...]

Action Alert EXTRA! EXTRA!

Amnesty Bill Threatens Unlimited MASS Immigration – Help Stop It!

In yet another attempt to circumvent the will of the American voters, 19 Republican Representatives in the House are joining virtually all the Democrats to force a vote on an Illegal Alien Amnesty bill.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) has filed a Discharge Petition to force a vote on H Res 774 by Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA). This Discharge Petition would be the first step toward passage of the Dream Act, a broad Illegal Alien Amnesty bill. [See the names of these Pro-Amnesty Republicans & Contact Your Rep]


No kidding! Clean water gets increasingly scarce while demand grows with population growth. About 90% of the USA’s population growth comes from Mass Immigration and children born to recent immigrants. Over 1.5 Million immigrants settle in the USA LEGALLY, far more than come illegally!

The potable water shortages are becoming ever more severe and widespread, especially in the Midwest, Southwest and certain Coastal Areas of the USA. Longtime citizens endure the downsides of population growth and consequent crowding, and environmental degradation, while the benefits are few.

[Read All About It!]


BALANCE is anti mass-immigration and pro-immigrant.

  • NUMBERS  Background: world population increases by about 80 million/year. Pressure  to come to USA will only increase – 1.5 Million Legal Immigrants settle in the U.S.A. every year: Average since 2005. Recently 1.6-1.7 Million Annually

  • California – 400,000 legal immigrants per year (U. S. Census)



    “For every Person added to U.S. (or California) Population, one Acre of precious Farmland or Natural Habitat lost to Developed Uses (e.g., Malls, Sprawl Tract Housing) (Pimentel et al Cornell) [Read more...]

Big Amnesty Plans Enable Continued Population Explosion
– Help STOP IT!

The White House proposal to Amnesty 1.8 Million “DACA-eligible” Illegal Aliens, in return for limitations on Chain Migration and an end the Visa Lottery would actually not have a beneficial Population Stabilization effect for years. (In other words, the Legal Immigration of 1.5 Million+ per year would not be reduced much for years under the White House proposal and would greatly increase under other proposals like the Durbin/Graham proposal.)

Consider the White House plan which would give

“…an instant amnesty for an estimated 1.8 million "DACA-eligible" illegal aliens. … and make further cuts to chain migration after those currently in line for other categories have been admitted.(emphasis added)
“The bottom line is that these cuts to chain migration would reduce total legal immigration by about 18 percent in the short term, and 33 percent in the long term (after 10 years). However, the huge size of the amnesty means that under this scheme it will take about 15 years for the chain migration cuts to offset the new green cards awarded in the amnesty. In other words, there would be instant deportation relief for 1.8 million illegal aliens, but a very long wait for immigration relief for Americans.”

“White House Immigration Framework
Big Amnesty Now, Chain Migration Cuts Much Later,”
J. Vaughan, January 31, 2018, cis.org

In addition Amnesty Recipients would be given a 10-year Path to Citizenship and

“The spouses of citizens (and their children) will continue to enter in unlimited numbers and the spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents (and their children) will be capped at about 88,000, as under current law.”

However, most unfortunately,

All of the approximately 3.9 million people on the waiting list for chain migration green cards will be offered the opportunity to apply for admission under current numerical limits, plus a few extra (see below). According to the State Department, this will ultimately result in the admission of about 2.5 million new immigrants, as some will decline the opportunity and a few will be found to be ineligible for admission. I estimate that the admission of these applicants would take approximately 10 years under the current numerical limits and quotas….(emphasis added)

“Furthermore, the leading proposals being considered by the Senate create a new non-immigrant residency visa for parents of citizens that will replace the green card category…. And the parents of the "Dreamers" who receive amnesty might become eligible for residency under such a program, thus potentially more than doubling the size of the amnesty. (It has been estimated that Dreamers have an average of 1.6 parents in the U.S.)

“…After 10 years, green card awards would settle to a number that is about 33 percent lower than current levels, or about 775,000 per year.”


One consequence of enabling a continued Migration near or above the current 1.5 Million LEGAL Immigrants per year is that the NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) Costs of that LEGAL Inflow would remain near $330 Billion per Year! And the effects on the Natural and Personal Safety Environments would remain.

Thus the White House and other Proposals demonstrate how important it is to maximize downward pressure on the numbers by pushing for a Zero-Net Moratorium as all ASAP! Coalition Member Organizations do. Is it not, therefore, true that any group which refuses to push a Moratorium is an Immigration Management Group, NOT a Genuine Reduction Group?

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can Succeed in reducing the Numbers! Phone Calls or Office Visits are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off). And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS to Intensify our push for the aforementioned all-categories included Zero-NET MORATORIUM, TODAY, NOW!


BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups.

So Please DONATE NOW by credit card at our website: BALANCE.ORG or, to donate by check via U.S mail, please send to:

Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

The Next Few Days are Critical!

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance

Follow BALANCE on Twitter @PEnvirons

Mailing address:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104
Washington, DC address:
Population-Environment Balance | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300 | Washington DC, 20006

BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.

BALANCE is the leading National Organization publicizing information regarding the
Threat of Mass Immigration-generated population growth to our Environment, Nation, Budgets, and Personal Safety and Mobilizing Activists to Reduce it.

& the ASAP! Coalition’s SOLUTION

Well over 50% of the current 1.5 MILLION+ Annual LEGAL Immigration Flow comes from (currently legal) Chain Migration. Immigrants, “importing” other immigrants, “importing” other immigrants ad infinitum, all without any consideration of the impact of those numbers on the Environment, Infrastructure, Costs, Public Safety, Culture or the National Interest. And another chunk comes in via the currently legal Visa Lottery, which is blind to our National Interest.

Costs to U.S. Taxpayers alone are a staggering $330 BILLION per year NET (i.e., after subtracting Taxes immigrants pay) according to a study sponsored by our ASAP! Coalition Ally, Carrying Capacity Network, and conducted by eminent Economist, John Williams. That’s an average of $758 Million per year NET for each of the 435 Congressional Districts! (And $3.3 TRILLION NET for ten years!) [Read More]


The next few weeks provide the Best (& likely Last?!) Opportunity to Achieve U.S. Population Stabilization and Sustainable Environmental Protection since BALANCE was founded 45 years ago, However, thousands of activists led by BALANCE activists are needed to push Congress to cooperate by implementing The Only Strategy for Success.

“Help me, Dad.” Kate Steinle’s dying words and the Deaths of Hundreds of others remind us of the importance of intensifying our effort.

The Only Strategy is simple. Inform your Representatives of The Facts and provide them with and push for The Solution described below. So first, The Facts:

The Economic Environment

Legal Immigration is very costly—$330 Billion per year NET (after taxes Immigrants Pay) or $3.3Trillion for 10 years in Federal taxpayer Costs alone to support the 1.5 Million Annual Legal Immigrant Flow! (J. Williams, CCN/Shadowstats.com). We must reduce Legal Immigration to Reduce the Deficit.

— A substantial majority of Legal and Illegal Immigrants have low education levels. The  average newcomer from Central America has less than an eighth grade education. And if 10 Million Illegals alone were Amnestied, the NET cost to Taxpayers would be $1.29 TRILLION or about $15,000 including State and Locals Costs for each and every Household in the USA! (R. Rector—National Academy of Sciences, November 2016). This study also found no evidence that low-skill workers are a net economic benefit.)

The Personal Safety Environment

— Over 90,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens were released into U.S. Communities in 2015 alone! (DHS data)into the relatively Safe (for them!)

Environments of “Sanctuary Cities”!

“Help me, Dad.” Kate Steinle’s dying words impel all of us to redouble our efforts to oppose Sanctuary Cities, Reduce Legal and Stop Illegal Immigration. The Boston Bombers, San Bernardino Shooters and ISIS Truck Driver who ran down Pedestrians and Cyclists in New York City recently were all Legal Immigrants!

The Employment Environment

— During the Obama Years Immigrant Employment has risen 4.3 times faster than Native-born employment, and large companies like Disney and Abbott Labs have laid off American workers so they can hire cheaper foreign labor under the H1b program, while typically requiring American workers to train their replacements as a condition to receiving their Severance packages (Rubenstein, vDare.com)

The Natural Environment

— And the USA's long-term sustainability is being seriously damaged by the Mass Immigration of about 1.5 Million Legal and hundreds of thousands of Illegals every year. We reiterate that for every person added to the U.S. Population, one acre of Wildlife Habitat or Prime Farmland is converted to developed uses (Pimentel et. al. Cornell)

— The USA is paving the world's Breadbasket (i.e., the USA) at a rate of 39,000 square miles (25 Million Acres) every 15 years! Periodically Drought stricken California alone receives 400,000 Legal Immigrants per year who consume an ADDITIONAL Million Acre-feet of water per year, water that could be used for water-short California Agriculture! And this inflow exacerbates California’s housing, budget and transportation crises. Do the Major Urban Areas across the USA really need increasing demand for housing and more vehicles on the roads?!

— Mass Immigration constitutes about 90% of U.S. Population Growth, and since the World's population increases by about 80 Million/Year the pressure to come to the USA will only increase. We must stop Mass Immigration to protect our environment long-term.


The RAISE Act S354 (Cotton R-AR, Perdue R-GA) is a Good Bill But contains Three Serious Flaws.

It would:

-Reduce Legal Immigration by at least half to about 500,000 per year

-Require that Legal Immigrants speak English

-Require that Legal Immigrants NOT receive Welfare for 5 Years

-Limit "Refugees" to 50,000 per year

-End the Visa Lottery, and, above all…

-Reduce Chain Migration from appx 480,000 per year to appx.  88,000 per year by limiting family- sponsored Immigrants to spouses and minor children of US Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents.

It is Seriously flawed because:

-It would still allow over half a million Legal Entrants annually and thus Validates a continuation of Mass Immigration ad Infinitumclearly Not Sustainable.

-By adopting a piecemeal Multi-Category approach is extremely vulnerable to Many Weakening Amendments

-It fails to push an all-categories-included 150,000 CAP.  BALANCE’s Push for a Zero-Net Moratorium would not only impose such a CAP but it also maximizes Political Pressure to get Reductions. The RAISE Act  Fails this Test

And, one of the RAISE Bill's alleged strong points, the Merits-based system for admitting skilled workers (H1bs) is well-intentioned but would allow far too many admissions. It is based on flawed data that American workers to not have the necessary skills, it lends itself to “gaming”, and would result in continuing job loss and wage depression among American workers.

-The Bill also would allow admission of too many “Refugees” (what about addressing the Needs of the USA’s hundreds of thousands of homeless first?) and allows  H2b low skilled workers, many of whose prospective jobs should either go to Americans or are, in any case, disappearing because of automation.


Indeed, ONLY ONE STRATEGY maximizes political pressure to achieve dramatic Reductions in Immigration, including the RAISE Act, ONLY BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies push this Strategy—push a Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration and bring Illegal Immigration to a Halt!

Pushing a Zero-Net Moratorium (which would still allow Legal Immigration of 150,000 per Year because Immigration would then equal Emigration) is key as an objective because it is reasonable and Essential for long-term Environmental and Personal Protection and for providing Sufficient Resources, INCLUDING WATER and FOOD and Money, for survival. Today, we are in the process of exceeding our long-term Carrying Capacity.

In sum, a Zero-Net Moratorium is The Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency in State and Local Government (especially for our Health Care and Educational Institutions), Tax Reduction, Unemployment Reduction, Social and Cultural Cohesion and Personal Safety ... and for protection of our Food and Water Supplies!

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can Succeed! Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off). And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.
So Please Help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS to Intensify our push for the aforementioned ASAP! Coalition Initiatives, TODAY, NOW!

BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups.

So Please DONATE NOW at our website: BALANCE.ORG or, to donate via U.S mail, please send to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

The Next Few Weeks are Critical!

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance
Follow BALANCE on Twitter @PEnvirons

Mailing address:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104
Washington, DC address:
Population-Environment Balance | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300 | Washington DC, 20006
BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.
BALANCE is the leading National Organization publicizing information regarding the
Threat of Mass Immigration-generated population growth to our Environment, Nation, Budgets, and Personal Safety and Mobilizing Activists to Reduce it.


$330 Billion/Year NET LEGAL IMMIGRATION plus INCREASING ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS—A Great (Last?) Opportunity to Reduce Immigration & Make a Giant Step Toward U.S. Population Stabilization & Environmental Protection

“Open Borders? No!...It would make everybody in America Poorer—You’re doing away with the Concept of a Nation State.”

Bernie Sanders, 7/28/15
Vox/Ezra Klein Interview

Indeed, the Fact that NET LEGAL IMMIGRATION COST TO U.S. TAXPAYERS is $330 Billion per Year and $$3.3 Trillion NET for the next ten years if the Inflow is not Cut provides the Great (Last?) Opportunity to Reduce Legal Immigration of 1.5 Million per year and preserve our environment! [Read More...]


The ONLY Way to Pass the RAISE & Other Immigration Reduction Acts

The RAISE Act S354 (Cotton R-AR, Perdue R-GA) is a Good Bill albeit not without flaws.

It is flawed because it lacks the commanding, coherent logic of the Bill that BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies propose, below and many of the RAISE Act’s NGO supporters lack a Strategy to actually get it passed, a Strategy which BALANCE also describes below.[Read More...]

Action Alert
The ONLY Way to Win the Immigration Battle

Two Decades ago BALANCE and the 46 other Organizational Members of the ASAP! Coalition laid out The Strategy for Achieving Substantial Immigration Reduction. These Organizations all agreed on the following 4 Point Program:

#1 Immigration Moratorium
ASAP Supports immediate enactment of a zero-net immigration moratorium with an all-inclusive, firm cap of 150,000 immigrants (including refugees and Asylees) per year.

#2 No More Amnesties
ASAP opposes any more amnesties granting legal status or citizenship or Extended Voluntary Departure to illegal aliens. Amnesties reward illegal behavior...

#3 Enforce Immigration Laws
Existing laws requiring apprehension and deportation of all illegal aliens in the U.S. must be enforced. Officials failing to enforce our laws must be replaced.

#4 No Citizenship for Illegal Aliens’ Offspring
Offspring of illegal aliens should not be granted automatic U.S. citizenship. A misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment leads to granting citizenship to anyone born here. A reading of congressional debate as this Amendment was being considered shows that the clause, "and under the jurisdiction thereof...," shows that this stipulation must be given equal weight with all other language in the Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment does not guarantee citizenship to offspring of illegal aliens. [Read More]





“I urge all my coreligionist families in Europe to have at least five children each! ..... The more people we have in Europe the more power we will have you are the future of Europe!”
—Recep Erdogan, Muslim President/Dictator of Turkey, March, 2017

Irredentism that is called. And Political Realism.

And it echoes the Headline from the Leading Mexican Newspaper, The Excelsior, a few years ago:

Poblar es Gobernar.” To populate is to Govern.

But Rep.. King’s mere acknowledgement that he recognizes what demographics means for the future of the USA caused  Fiery Responses {including Death Threats} from the Globalist Open Borders advocates and Cultural Marxists. [Read More]



The USA has been undergoing an earthshaking Demographic Tsunami since the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965. This Act opened the floodgates, and best efforts of thousands of patriots have failed in closing these gates again.
BALANCE has faithfully reported on that Tsunami for over four decades and on the Negative Effects on our Environment, including especially our Natural, and Wildlife, and Farming Environments, but also on our Personal Safety, the solvency of local governments, and National Cohesion.

And only BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have The Solution outlined below to stopping, and eventually reversing, this tsunami. [Read More]


The next very few Months, or even few weeks, will likely determine the Demographic Future of the USA for Decades!

Illegal Immigration will likely be dramatically reduced by the Trump Administration.

But Mass Legal Immigration adds upwards of 1.5 Million to the U.S. Population every year. If this size flow continues, the USA would continue to be on the track to hit One Billion by 2075. Remember that a Population increasing at a mere 2% per year doubles in only 35 years. And the Key question is: By How much are we going to be able to reduce Mass Legal immigration in this Session of Congress, Likely our Last Opportunity for years? [Read More]


The Election of Donald Trump to the Presidency creates the Last Great Opportunity for achieving eventual U.S. Population Stabilization, especially since one of President-elect Trump's main advisors on Immigration Policy and now the prospective Attorney General is Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) who favors substantial reductions in legal immigration as well as stopping Illegal.

But these two gentlemen can not achieve dramatic reductions alone; they need thousands of activists including BALANCE activists to push Congress to cooperate by implementing The Only Strategy for Success.

The Only Strategy is simple. Inform your Representatives of The Facts and provide them with The Solution.  So first, The Facts: [Read More]


Certain candidates for Federal, State, and Local Office need “Reality Therapy” about the destructive effects of Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth on the Environment, Economy, and Taxes, and so do some of those others whose policies directly or indirectly affect Immigration.

So the following are Therapeutic Educational Materials and questions for them: Read more...


BALANCE’s Major Goal since its founding in 1974 has been, and is, to achieve U.S. Population Stabilization to protect the Environment.

But population stabilization efforts have been stymied, despite the native-born population's small family size, by immigration. Since 1970, an increasing proportion of the US's population growth has been the result of Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration and the offspring of these more recent immigrants. At this time, approximately 90% of annual population growth comes from the immigrant sector.

FACT: The Pressure to Migrate to the USA is increasing. Read more...


Ed Rubenstein, writing at vDare.com, wisely asks: “… about the impact of second generation immigrants—U.S. born persons with at least one immigrant parent? They accounted for 8 per cent of the total working age population in 2012, according to the same Pew Research Center study. At 15.5 million, they were nearly half as large as the foreign-born population itself, because immigrants on average have a higher fertility rate than the native born population. Read more...


—Every two and one-half minutes the eleven Western states lose a football field sized chunk of Open Land—essential for natural habitat—to Development, with over half of that land used for housing and commercial development. That's a Los Angeles sized area lost every year. As a result more than 300 plant and animal species are at or near Extinction, including one-third of North American Bird Species. (Conservation Science Partners/Center for American Progress—May, 2016) Read more...

Support BALANCE's 2016-2017 Victory Initiative —
The Only Real Solution

“The bigger the population gets, the more serious problems become.”

As late physicist Albert Bartlett frequently stated, no environmental problem was ever helped by increasing the population.

Human population growth has negative consequences worldwide for sure. Nevertheless, the solutions are overwhelmingly national and BALANCE's Real Solution can help both the U.S. and other countries. Read more...


As of December, 2015, 61 MILLION! Immigrants and their young children were living in the USA, and THREE-FOURTHS CAME LEGALLY!

And the Inflow is ACCELERATING with over half a million Visa Holders overstaying their Visas in 2015 alone…truly a Demographic Tsunami, but, given that the World's population is increasing by 80 Million per year, the pressure to come to the USA will only INCREASE. Read More...


The USA we have known is under Threat from all sides. But BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have a REAL SOLUTION — our 2016-2017 Initiative described below—which will work to diminish or eliminate key Threats if we all join to support it NOW.

First, just consider a few of the Threats:


2016-2017 is likely The Point of No Return for the U.S. Population stabilization/Environmental Protection Movement. Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth is intensifying environmentally Destructive Trends. So we encourage you to help BALANCE implement its Real Solution outlined below before it is too late. Read more...

December, 2015



We BALANCE Activists have an excellent Opportunity to achieve Dramatic Reductions in Immigration and a Giant Step toward U.S. Population Stabilization before the end of 2017 if we all act NOW and encourage others to act as well. Read more.

October, 2015


Americans, Canadians, and Western Europeans have been urged by religious and ethnic leaders and some politicians and environmentalists, to show compassion for the millions of "refugees" from North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America pouring into Europe, Canada and the USA. [Read More]

September, 2015

Just STOP! —BALANCE Victory Initiative ALERT!

A 2011 Gallup Poll based on surveying 452,000 people in 151 Third World Countries found that 650 Million of the total of 6 Billion wish to Emigrate to the First World.

150 Million of those want to move to the USA — that’s 1 in 30 adults worldwide. And that poll concluded that immigrants were most likely to be Chinese, Indian and Nigerian.

Third World Population increases by about 80 million per year. [More]

July, 2015

Immigration Moratorium & Secure Borders
Victory Initiative -- A Real Solution Now!

"Help me, Dad!"

The last Words of Kate Steinle as she lay dying in her father's Arms — The Victim of a Murder committed by a five-times-deported Illegal Alien Felon, a Murder which would likely not have occurred had it not been for a Sanctuary City Policy which prevented the Felon's being remanded to the custody of ICE. And it also would likely not have occurred if we had Secure Borders. Over 275 “Sanctuary Cities” in the USA provide Refuges for Illegal Alien Criminals, including many repeat offenders. Yes indeed... [More]

June, 2015

STOP “Trade” (Immigration Flood) Deal! &
Support BALANCE’s Real Solution

Greetings! The Senate has passed a TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) Bill giving President Obama “Fast Track” Authority to Unilaterally negotiate the Terms of the Trade Deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership with eleven (or more) Asian and Latin American Nations.

Only the House of Representatives can stop it now! [More]

May, 2015

But there is A SOLUTION

The average 'Water Footprint' of each person in the USA is 2,220 Gallons per Day!! (Atlantic CityLab & Calif. Institute for Water Resources) “Water Footprint” means the total volume of Freshwater consumed (5%) directly in washing, cooking etc. and (95%) indirectly in the production of FOOD, goods and services for each person. [More]

April, 2015

Mass Immigration Threatens U.S. Food &
Water Supplies & Budgets
How To Stop It Now!

The Tidal Wave of Legal (100,000/month) and Illegal Aliens Flooding into the USA not only Stresses Budgets —  if Pres. Obama's Executive Amnesty is implemented at some point American Taxpayers will have to pay $1.3 Trillion for the Amnestied Aliens Social Security and Medicare alone! (Rector, Heritage Fdn.) — but the Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth is already seriously threatening U.S. Food and Water Supplies. [More]

February, 2015

Executive Amnesty Launching Alien Tidal Wave
How To Stop It Now!

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) just announced a Program whereby the RELATIVES of the 5 million plus Amnestied Illegal Aliens will also be eligible for Residency, Citizenship and Government (i.e. taxpayer-funded) Benefits, and Work Permits! And these benefits include “Free” Medical Care — appx. one Million Illegals would be eligible for MediCal in California alone, for example (S. Frank, California News).[More]

January, 2015

Stopping the Increasing Alien Flood

The Flood of Illegal and Legal Aliens entering the USA was facilitated by and will be dramatically increased by President Obama's November, 2014 Executive Illegal Alien Amnesty Order already deemed Unconstitutional by one Federal Judge and many Legal Scholars. That Order sends the Message Worldwide that if you can get into the USA you can stay . . . and receive taxpayer funded benefits!

But we have an Opportunity to Stop that Flood if we Act NOW! [More]

December, 2014

Deadline To Stop Illegal Alien Amnesty Flood:
February 27, 2015 — And How To Stop It

President Obama’s unilateral, illegal and Unconstitutional November 20, 2014 Amnesty of at least five Million Illegal Aliens can be derailed. But it must be done before February 27, 2015 when Funding for Homeland Security (which oversees Immigration) runs out, since new Funding will surely be considered in January and February.  It is crucial that together we achieve defunding of the Alien Amnesty. Because if allowed to stand, that Amnesty will draw Many Millions More than five Million into the USA.

Why? [More]

October, 2014

Help Stop Disease And Lame Duck Dangers!

Of the 65,000 Illegal Alien Unaccompanied Minors and adults apprehended at the Mexican Border in 2014, and subsequently released, over 40,000 have not appeared for their Court Dates and have disappeared into the Interior of the USA.     

None of the 40,000 have had Health Checks for Contagious Diseases or checks for being potential Terrorists either — all an Increasing Threat to Our Public Health and Safety Environment. [More]

July, 2014

Overpopulation Flood Threatens USA!

It is Bad Enough that President Obama's relentless push for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens serves as an Invitation for continuing Mass Immigration.

Bad Enough that our own Border Patrol is prevented from carrying out its Mission of Protecting our Border and instead is required to provide or obtain Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical Care for Thousands of Illegals. [More]

June, 2014

Illegal Immigration Surge! Help Reverse It

The Obama Administration’s Push for Legalization of the Illegal Alien "Dreamers" (and Threat to accomplish it by Executive Order if Congress does not Act) has, predictably, encouraged tens of thousands of teenagers along with pregnant mothers and toddlers to flood into the USA with many more expected in the coming Months. And the U.S. Border Patrol is being pressured to welcome them, with food, shelter, and other benefits. [More]

May, 2014


Thanks to the EFFECTIVE Efforts of BALANCE activists, we were able to beat back the Open Borders House Representatives’ push to attach the “Alien Military Enlistees” Amnesty Bill to the National Defense Bill [NDAA] or to have it considered as a stand-alone Bill.

Kudos on our Tactical Victory! … But the Battle is far from over. [More]

April, 2014

EARTH DAY Hopes Drowned by Accelerating Amnesty Flood Bill – Stop it!

Earth Day Founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson (RIP) said that to protect the USA’s Environment, we must “Dramatically Cut Immigration and Stabilize Population … its phony to say I’m for the environment but not for limiting immigration …The Economy is the wholly owned subsidiary of the environment … If the environment collapses, so will the economy which depends on it.” [More]

March, 2014

Environment Threatened by ONGOING AMNESTIES by DECREE! and by An S744 Copycat Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill (H.R. 15) which is threatening in the House!

As BALANCE warned earlier this year, Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty (and more!) Bills are still very much alive in the House, notwithstanding Speaker Boehner's earlier comments to the Contrary. [More]

February, 2014

Illegal Alien AMNESTY THREAT INCREASING! Ask your Representatives to 'Take the Pledge'

Ever since House Speaker Boehner said that he did not think that any Immigration Bills would pass this year, some Illegal Alien Amnesty Opponents Relaxed.... (Just what the House Leadership – which favors an Amnesty–wanted!) But it is a Bad Mistake to believe that the Threat of the passage of an Amnesty Bill is over! Indeed, it is Increasing! Consider [More]

Drought and Iimmigration Growth
(Letter to the Christian Science Monitor from BALANCE Board of Directors Member, Kathleene Parker)

Regarding the Feb. 10 Briefing on California's drought: (reported by The Christian Science Monitor): Work to combat drought should include a hard look at the sacred cow of a booming population. Do Americans conserve merely to free water for more growth in this, the world's third most populated nation, behind only China and India?

In the 1918 drought, California's population was 3.5 million. Today, it nears 40 million. The Southwest teeters at the brink of the first federal water emergency on the Colorado River, a primary California water source, even as Gov. Jerry Brown and others extend a welcome mat to the world.

The Pew Research Center projects that fully 82 percent of US population growth between 2005 and 2050 will come from immigrants and their descendants. Yet we dodge discussion of the consequences demographics have on scarce water resources. We must not simply conserve or find "new" water sources; we must take steps to curb – or at least take into account – immigration-driven population growth.

Kathleene Parker
Rio Rancho, N.M.

Originally published in The Christian Science Monitor

January, 2014

Combat Unemployment, Drought, Increasing Taxes, Food Prices, and Environmental Degradation - Help Stop Illegal Alien Amnesty! Ask your Representatives to 'Take the Pledge'

The House of Representatives Leadership just released their "Standards for Immigration Reform" Unfortunately, they mirror many of the Horrendous Provisions of the Senate's Illegal Alien Amnesty Flood Bill (S. 744) including Legalizing ALL Illegals, providing them with Work Permits and enabling a tripling of Legal Immigration. Wherever we live in the USA, our Problems will worsen if any House Bill goes to conference with the Illegal Alien Amnesty Flood Bill (S.744). [More]

December, 2013

Great Threats & A Great Opportunity

As BALANCE prepares to launch our Action Initiatives for 2014, Great Threats are looming, but a Great Opportunity has risen. We urge you to help BALANCE fend off the Threats and seize the Opportunity. The Greatest Threat is of course that the House will pass some Immigration Bill, which, however positive, would go to Conference Committee with the horrendous Senate Bill (S. 744), with the almost certain outcome that the resulting Bill would be a copycat of the Senate Bill.S. 744 is a Bill replete with Deceptions and based on many False Premises. [More]

September 2013


Dear Activist,

BALANCE and Key ASAP! Coalition Allies are Now launching an Initiative which can succeed in STOPPING the Senate's Overpopulation Tidal Wave Bill (S. 744) now facing the House of Representatives. But we must all push this Initiative Hard NOW for it to succeed. This Strategy surmounts The Great Problem facing the House and all of us--ANY Bill passed by the House would go to Conference with the horrible Senate Bill, and any Bill coming out of the Conference Committee would inevitably contain many of the Very Bad Provisions of the Senate Bill [More]

August 2013


Unfortunately, leaders of both parties in the House of Representatives have expressed their desire to pass some Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill(s) in the House this Fall, legalizing the 25 Million plus Illegals in the USA and allowing them to import and legalize Millions more of their family members. Fortunately, some Representatives closer to their constituents intend to oppose any such Bills, not merely because Amnesty would cost U.S. Taxpayers over $6 Trillion NET (Heritage Fdn, CIS), or increase the suffering and decrease job opportunities for Americas' Millions of Unemployed, but also because Amnesty would swamp the USA's already overcrowded Medical and Education facilities and Infrastructure.[More]

June 2013

STOP AMNESTY FLOOD DECEPTION BILL! & DISASTROUS PROGENY! -- Likely to Pass in Senate; -- Must be Stopped in House

Open Borders Advocates clearly want to HIDE the Disastrous Environmental, Budgetary, Employment, Economic, Demographic, Security, and Legal-Subversive Impacts of S. 744 (Schumer, NY, et al.) and its Destructive Progeny, like the Corker-Hoeven-Schumer Amendment and Copycat Bill Aborning in the House of Representatives. They are instead Marketing the Bill as a way to legalize the 11 Million (actually 24 Million plus) Aliens already living illegally in the United States. (Of course, even the Illegals brought here as children could return to their country of Origin and get in line for legal immigration with everyone else.) [More]

May 2013

Stop Pro-Unemployment, Anti-Environment Amnesty Bill!

This Schumer-Rubio Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill (S.744) would launch an Unemployment Moonshot!

Real U.S. Unemployment via shadowstats (which calculates Unemployment the way it was done in the 1980s before the Official numbers became politicized) is ALREADY at:

  • 23.9% in the USA
  • 30.8% in California
  • 19.9% in New York
  • 22.4% in Florida, and
  • 16.1% in Texas


April 2013

Stop Amnesty Bill Tidal Wave!

The Amnesty Bill being rammed through Congress would do much more damage than merely Amnestying the 24 Million plus Illegal Aliens now in the USA, giving them AND their families residence and a Path to Citizenship in the USA. It would also TRIPLE the Legal Immigration flow to 3 Million per year and increase admission of STEM workers (via the H1b Program) to one million per year. In fact, the H1b program is a Cheap Labor program which benefits huge employers, while hurting the unemployed and underemployed with wage depression and job loss. [More]

March 2013

Defend Citizens & Environment from Amnesty Flood Bill

President Obama says he expects Congress to debate the Immigration "Reform" Bill in April, so he can sign it as soon as possible (AP 3/25/13). But hold everything. “Immigration Reform” is DC code for Amnesty! Open Borders advocates hope for a quick vote so we will not have time to marshal effective opposition. [More]

February 2013

Stop "Comprehensive" Immigration Flood Bill

The 'Gang of Eight' Open Borders Senators, and an ideologically compatible Group of House members are working, now behind closed doors, to flesh out the Details of their so-called Comprehensive Immigration 'Reform' Bill. 'Comprehensive' and 'Reform' are Washington words that should send Chills up every American's spine. Paraphrasing Will Rogers, it means that "the Congress is back from vacation and we definitely are not safe!!!" It now appears that once these Bills are introduced, the Open Borders lobby will try to Ram them through Blitzkrieg-Style, to shut off rational consideration. [More]

January 2013

Urgent! Stop Open Borders Push!

Pressure has escalated in Washington, D.C. to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill as both its Republican and Democratic advocates call it. Indeed, if a bipartisan group of Pro Mass Immigration Senators have their way, the CIR Bill will be a de facto Open Borders Bill according to their plan announced today. Meeting Behind Closed Doors these Senators have decided to push a CIR Bill that would not only rubber stamp Senator Marco Rubio's (R-FL) Plan but also permit even more immigration than his plan contemplates.  [More]

December 2012

End of Year Letter

Dear BALANCE Supporter: 2013 provides BALANCE a Unique Opportunity, and also presents Serious Challenges. But as the ONLY explicitly Environmental National organization which advocates reducing Mass Immigration to protect the Environment, BALANCE is most favorably positioned to successfully meet the Challenges, by Mobilizing our Members and others.  [PDF]

September 2012

Opportunity to Achieve Immigration Reduction, Slow U.S. Population Growth, Protect the Environment, & Reduce Unemployment

The Impending Fiscal Cliff is handing us the opportunity we have been seeking to achieve a Reduction in the some Two Million Legal Immigrants and Offspring, and another two Million Illegals & their Offspring, added annually to the U.S. population. Unwilling to act Now, politicians surviving the November, 2012 Election will be forced to realistically address the United States' Massive and Increasing Budget Deficits, Debt, and Unemployment, and to realistically and dramatically cut Costs. And as BALANCE supporters know the Fiscal, Employment, and Environmental Costs of adding some 4 Million Legal and Illegal Immigrants and their Offspring to the U.S. Population each year (90% of U. S. Population Growth) are Immense!  [More]

August 2012

Super Fires -- The Population Growth Connection

BALANCE Board member Kathleene Parker calls attention to the link between more dangerous forest fires in the U.S. west and the region’s rapidly growing population. Forestry experts began to recognize something terribly wrong in the mid-elevation forests of the American West in the 1990s—too late considering the region’s explosive population growth in recent decades. The region, especially the Southwest, has experienced Third World-like population growth rates of two, three and four percent a year, creating a deadly combination of towns and cities sprawling into previously mostly unpopulated forests. Those sick, dying, overgrown forests have the potential to literally explode, such as near Los Alamos, New Mexico, last summer, when the Las Conchas Fire burned an astounding one acre per second in a blowup that blackened 40,000 acres in a few hours.  [More]

July 2012

American Jobseekers, Taxpayers, Environment Increasingly Overwhelmed by Mass Immigration! Act Now!

From January, 2009 when the Obama administration took office, to June, 2012, Immigrant Employment in the USA ROSE by 1.212 Million, or 5.6%. During the same period Native-Born employment FELL by 1.02 Million, or by.8% (Rubenstein, vDare, 7/8/12)

—In just the past 12 months Immigrants gained 725,000 Jobs! & the Immigrant labor force rose by 2.9% (Rubenstein) and

—The USA's Mass Immigration-generated population growth continues on trend to reach one billion in 2075. Indeed, if current immigration and fertility trends continue, Post 1970 Immigrants and their offspring will outnumber pre-1970 immigrants and the native born, plus their Offspring, by 2050. (BALANCE report, 2006)  [More]

June 2012

Help Halt Obama Amnesties Swamping Unemployed, Schools, and Environment!

Legislating by Executive Edict, President Obama recently announced that he had ordered a STOP to the Deportation of Young Illegals, and would make them Eligible for Work Permits. That’s another 1.4 MILLION Jobseekers competing with 23 MILLION plus American unemployed, and driving down the wages of those already employed. Worse, this latest Amnesty is part of the ONGOING Amnesties implemented by Obama, coming on top of the Administrative Amnesty Edict of a few months ago in which the Obama Administration announced only those Illegals convicted of serious crimes would be deported.  [More]

May 2012

Immigration Reduction Opportunity!

Though achieving a Reduction in the some Two Million Legal Immigrants and Offspring added annually to the U.S. population, may seem Unrealistic any month soon, it is NOT, and notwithstanding the current Gridlock in Washington D.C. Consider the facts.  [More]

March 2012

Help STOP this Bad Bill and Mass Immigration

Illegal immigrants and their offspring add over 2 million a year to the U.S. population. And Mass legal immigration also adds over 2 million immigrants & offspring to the U.S. population each year. Just think of the increased job loss, wage depression, strain on infrastructure and burden on budgets, hospitals and schools such an Influx causes -- and at a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost and are losing their jobs! And when the net (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) costs of Immigration to American Taxpayers are in the $multiBillions. [More]

February 2012

Obama Administration Uses Environment as Pretext to Block Border & Environmental Protection

ACT NOW to support ' Protection from Transnational Gangs' Initiative. Using the Guise of Environmental Protection, the Obama Administration is blocking Border Control Agents' access to public lands along the border. This has allowed cross-border Human and Drug traffickers to run wild in these environmentally sensitive areas, and in the process to seriously damage them. "The criminals have destroyed the federal public land..." and "keeping the Border Control off simply allows illegal alien traffic to cause more damage." said Vice-Chairman Zack Taylor of the National Association of Former Border Control Officers, "It is the ploy of the Open Borders advocates to keep Border Control out and let the illegal aliens and drugs in." [More]

January 2012

Help Stop Massive Cross-Border Illegals Flow!

Immigrants and their Offspring added about twenty million people to the United States' population in the decade 2000 to 2010, the highest number in the nation's history. About half of that number was from legal and the other half from illegal immigration. Now we have an opportunity to reduce the Illegal numbers and flow, at least. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) plans to introduce a bill to halt the Obama administration's lawsuits against States that seek to enforce laws against Illegal Immigration. A companion bill (S. 1856) has already been introduced in the Senate.  [More]

December 2011

Year End Letter

Dear Activist: For every person added to the United States' population, one acre of wild or farm land is converted to developed uses. The added number of people overwhelms individual efforts to use energy conservatively and substitute renewables for scarce fossil fuels. More people means more pressure on scarce resources including water. More people mean that individual efforts to minimize pollution are
overwhelmed.  [More]

November 2011

Open Borders Lobby Threatens
Environment, Jobs, & Free Speech

The Open Borders Lobby has intensified its campaign to suppress discussion of the Negative effects of Mass Immigration-generated population growth on the environment and on Job opportunities for Americans. For every person added to the U.S Population, one acre of Wild or Farm land is converted to developed uses. Forty Million Foreign Born Persons now reside in the United States, and the U.S issues 125,000 Work Visas each month to the Foreign Born! Welfare use by low-skilled immigrants alone will cost U.S. Taxpayers $1 Trillion, and Social Security and Medicare costs from Obama's Stealth Illegal Alien Amnesty, over $2.6 Trillion, over the next ten years, if current policy is left unchanged  [More]

August 2011

Letters from Vancouver:
Harbinger for the USA?

Vancouver's mayor, a former NDP Member of the BC Legislature, promises to make Vancouver the "greenest" city in the world by 2020. And yet he and his allies "plan" to accommodate more and more newcomers by squeezing residents together tighter and tighter. Former NDP Premier Mike Harcourt argues that single family housing should be replaced with higher density, and the city is now promoting the construction of 'backyard' housing that would preclude the use of backyards as gardens. I guess that is what was meant by "Eco-density". Have these people heard of Peak Oil? Where are all these extra people going to get their food? The farmland of the Fraser Valley continues to fall to the bulldozer, thanks in part to the changes made to the administration of the Agricultural Land Reserve, which allow good land in the south of the province to be traded for poorer land elsewhere, far away from our major population centre.  [More]

December 2010


Congress adjourned for electioneering but Senator Harry Reid and the Obama Administration didn’t give. The Lame Duck session Dream Act, as well as an even broader bill foisted onto an unwilling citizenry. BALANCE continues to oppose this Injurious Amnesty as well as the Special Benefits for illegal aliens that the bill includes.

Dear Activist, BALANCE fought the Dream Act in the Lame Duck Congress and the Obama Administration, the battle continues. Americans and our Environment face a continuing threat from Amnesty and Mass Immigration. Accordingly, and with your he hard as we turn the corner on 2010 and enter a new year.

In September, Senator Harry Reid tried to slick through the Dream Act with an Amendment to the must-pass Defense spending Bill. With 44 votes rejected Reid’s effort to end debate through “cloture” and, therefore, forced the Dream Act and other provisions largely unrelated to defense into Congress’ Lame Duck session. Open Borders advocates will not stop agi win it or 2] patriots veto the Acts of those who would sell out United States citizens, including our working poor and 15 Million plus Unemployed.  [More (pdf) ]

September 2010

Save American Jobs & Environment
Support Arizona and US Citizens,
Enhance National and Personal Security!
Help Surmount The Threat

The Obama Administration has recently attacked Arizona’s citizens' attempt to defend themselves from a crossborder invasion by illegal immigrants, including Human and Drug Traffickers and Mexican Drug Cartels. 

Outrageously, the Obama Administration is also investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for actually enforcing the law. And the Obama Administration's ICE Dept. is now DISMISSING by the thousands legitimate Deportation proceedings against Illegal Aliens.

June 2010

Illegal Alien Amnesty Threat Reborn!

Many are attacking Arizona's new Immigration Law with threats of boycott and other tactics designed to injure Arizona's economy. There is even an Obama administration effort to facilitate illegal entry through our national wildlife sanctuary located at the border by permitting water stations along the routes!

Water Stations for Human and Drug Traffickers?! This is absolutely outrageous! When will it end?!

And the Mainstream Media have suppressed reports of increasing Border Violence including the recent murder of an Arizona rancher and the shooting of US Border Patrol agents!

March 2010

Illegal Alien Amnesty Threat Reborn!

The Obama/Pelosi victory in passing the Senate healthcare Bill has given momentum to other Administration agenda items. President Obama and Open Borders advocates have been hard at work getting ready to push new Illegal Alien Amnesty legislation through Congress. Indeed, Obama recently reconfirmed his intention.

As Population Environment Balance predicted, the Open Borders lobby has stepped up the pressure on Congress to pass another Illegal Alien Amnesty, and soon. Amid reports that Hispanic groups are threatening to withhold votes for Democratic candidates, President Obama appears to be moving full speed ahead to ram through a "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e. Amnesty) bill before the midterm elections.


December 2009

Balance Year-End Letter

Dear BALANCE Supporters, We led off with a challenge. But let's not forget that, thanks to your help, BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies achieved some notable successes in 2009.

BALANCE and its allies successfully fought for an extension of the E-Verify program, despite the Open Borders Lobby’s efforts to prevent it. E-Verify is a quick mechanism for checking that a job applicant is using a legal Social Security number and is currently our best tool in slowing illegal immigration.


August 2009

Ilegal Alien Amnesty Threat Looms as Fall Approaches

The battle over health care reform may be grabbing all the headlines during recent months, however, President Obama and the open border advocates are getting ready to push new amnesty legislation through Congress as early as September.

During a recent trip to Mexico, President Obama said that he wanted to give “an opportunity for those who are already in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so they don’t have to live in the shadows.” BALANCE knows that “a pathway to citizenship” is Washington DC code for Illegal Alien Amnesty!

July 2009

What La Raza Doesn’t Want You to Know Illegal Immigrants are Major Contributors to Rising Health Care Costs

Last month, La Raza Unida sponsored a conference on the proposed government health care Bill. A speaker warned the attendees, “If the American People Find Out That This Bill Is About Giving Health Care to Non-Citizens, They Will Rise Up Against It.”  The link describing the conference, http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2009/06/red-alert-la-raza-if-american-people.html, was pulled within several days, which could be more food for thought.  [More]

May 2009

ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY BLITZ IMMINENT! AGJOBS & DREAM Act Amnesty Bills Threaten Again – Sen. Schumer Holds Hearing on Amnesty Bill Comprehensive "Reform" (Amnesty) Rears Ugly Head – Legal Immigration Increases Also Likely Obama White House "Reform" Meeting June 8th!

Ominous signs are emanating from Capitol Hill that we are headed for another fight over a massive Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill, and sooner rather than later. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, recently conducted a hearing entitled, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?”  [More]

April 2009

ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY & "DREAM ACT" ATTACKS THREATEN! E-Verify Being Held as Bargaining Chip to Pass Massive Illegal Alien Amnesty Including Sen. Durbin's Dreaded "DREAM Act" E-Verify Held Hostage

Mass Immigration Reductionists were outraged when the E-Verify program (currently our best tool in slowing Illegal Immigration) was not extended in the Stimulus Bill in February. Sen. Dodd (D-CT) however, promised that the program would be extended until September 30th 2009, and indeed it was extended in the $410 billion Federal Spending Bill President Obama signed on March 11th. Why September?  [More]

February 2009


A new study by Robert Rector shows that over 300,000 of the jobs resulting from the recently enacted Stimulus Bill will now likely go to Illegal Aliens. And that is only counting construction jobs.  Outrageous! Congress also watered down an Amendment which would have prevented the new jobs from going to foreign workers on H1B visas. These visas and similar categories are for three years and renewable. They allow bringing spouses, which often results in the birth of new US citizens, “anchor” babies and permanent migration. The record shows that most H1B visas are used by foreign-owned companies that have no interest in creating American jobs. [More]

February 2009

Senate Stimulus Would Give 300,000 Jobs to Illegal Aliens

As you are reading this, the Senate is debating provisions for the Stimulus Package. Under the current Senate version, the Stimulus would NOT prevent the jobs created from going to Illegal Immigrants. 

About 15% of all construction jobs go to Illegal Aliens, and estimates say that this package could create up to 2 million jobs. As there is nothing in this Bill preventing these jobs from going to Illegals, at least 300,000 of these jobs would undoubtedly go to Illegals, as a recent Center for Immigration Studies report has shown. 

January 2009

Alliance To Stabilize America’s Population Action Alert! ASAP’s MORATORIUM! SOLUTION NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER!

An Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill (S9, Reid, D-NV) has ALREADY! been introduced with 13 heavyweight Senators as co-sponsors including Kennedy, Kerry, Schumer, Lieberman, and others. Its stated Open Borders goal is "reforming and rationalizing avenues for legal immigration". But the USA is in a deepening recession with skyrocketing unemployment, so we do NOT need to be "rationalizing avenues for legal immigration"; we need to stop Mass Immigration! [More]

December 2008

Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill Threat Increases
Majority Leader Reid says
"I don’t expect much of a fight at all"

H.R. 5882 would ostensibly recapture old visas (so say the spinners) that weren’t used in previous years due to 'bureaucratic delays' and give 550,000 aliens green cards -- on top of the 1 million that are already set to receive them next year!  Of course, they could also bring their families.  [More]

September 2008

Massive Legal Immigration Increase and
Alien Amnesty Threats in House
Four Bills Threaten Massive Legal Immigration
Increases and Illegal Alien Amnesty!
Voting Likely Today; Call Today!

H.R. 5882 would ostensibly recapture old visas (so say the spinners) that weren’t used in previous years due to 'bureaucratic delays' and give 550,000 aliens green cards -- on top of the 1 million that are already set to receive them next year!  Of course, they could also bring their families.  [More]

September 2008

Our Future When U.S Population Doubles!

Worried about the USA's growing carbon footprint?

Concerned about the growing shortage of fresh water for humans and endangered species?

Dismayed that the War on Poverty is being lost?

Fed up with overcrowded schools, hospitals, and roads?

Sure that we will have to drill for oil off-shore to accommodate our growing energy needs?

Terrified of having a "Soylent Green" society in our grandchildren's lifetime?

August 2008


Sen. Menendez (D-NJ), is refusing to allow the excellent E-Verify Bill to come to a vote in the Senate. If he is successful, the E-Verify program will sunset in November and we will lose one of our most effective tools for discouraging the illegal aliens invasion.  [More]

July 2008


Save E-Verify -

A Key Defense Against Illegal Immigration

Unless Congress renews it, E-Verify is going to sunset at the end the year. E-Verify is the voluntary federal government program in which any U.S. company can send the Social Security number of a job applicant to the Social Security Administration for verification.  [More]

June 2008


U.N. Representative Investigates Prince William County, Maryland

Outrageously, the United Nations has sent a representative to investigate Prince William County’s recent measures put in place against illegal aliens.   Furthermore, the man they sent is a known open-borders lobbyist named Jorge Bustamante.  [More]

May 2008


Noted economist and public policy expert Ed Rubenstein has recently issued an important study called “The Fiscal Impact of Immigration – An Analysis of the Costs to 15 Federal Departments and Agencies”. The findings serve to support what we at BALANCE have been saying for many years: Massive Immigration, legal and illegal, is a drain on the U.S. economy in myriad ways and this problem is only going to worsen as our population, currently at about 335 million, continues to grow. [More]

April 2008


Tim Murray
April 16, 2008

Who was David R. Brower? He was the dean of the American environmental movement, to be ranked among John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt in importance. Nominated for the Nobel Prize three times, he founded the Sierra Club Foundation, the John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies, Friends of the Earth, the League of Conservation Voters, Earth Island Institute, North Cascades Conservation Council and Fate of the Earth Conferences.  [More]

March 2008




Help end the danger and environmental devastation at our border!!

Leading House Democrats and members of the Hispanic Caucus are currently crafting a Bill which would provide five-year infinitely renewable visas for Aliens here illegally in the USA, also known as a Massive Illegal Alien Amnesty. [More]

January 2008


U.S. Population Stabilization is essential to long-term environmental protection and sustainability.

Only BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies push an Initiative which if implemented would eventually result in U.S. Population Stabilization

The Centerpiece of this Initiative adopted by BALANCE and the sixty-plus organizations which are members of the ASAP! Coaliton is a zero-net -immigration Moratorium on Legal Immigration. [More]

December 2007


Highlights: Population-Environment BALANCE was founded as The Environmental Fund in 1974. Its mission is to stabilize the United States' Population to protect the environment. It fearlessly addresses issues which others are too timid to address. For example, BALANCE recognizes that the ONLY way to achieve U.S. population stabilization is to push to enact a Zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium. Thus BALANCE makes pushing a Moratorium its First Priority.

Starting with what is most recent: BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies successfully led the battle to stop five major illegal alien amnesty attempts in Congress in 2007. BALANCE employed the "moratorium push" strategy -- the ONLY effective strategy for both stopping the amnesty pushes and eventually getting reductions in legal immigration. A Moratorium message deploys a strategy that offers the best, and probably the only, means of stabilizing the United States' population. [More]

October 2007


The ASAP! Coalition and BALANCE are pleased to send you an article by Selwyn Duke describing why it is essential to push for a Moratorium in order to get any reductions in legal or Illegal immigration.

Only BALANCE and its ASAP Coalition allies push for a 5-year zero immigration Moratorium. This is the most effective way to not only stop all Amnesty proposals, but also to gain leverage to get real reductions in legal and illegal immigration. [More]

August 2007


Sen. Specter of Pennsylvania is poised to introduce a new immigration reform package. Sen. Specter's Open Borders record is clear, however, and we know that this will be nothing but another Amnesty Bill. Senator Specter says he has spoken to most of the Senators involved in this past Spring's immigration battle, outlining his plan and discussing how to get things started again. [More]

June 2007


BALANCE and its ASAP coalition allies led the way to defeat the Senate Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill on a failed Cloture vote of 46 - 53!

Our linking Illegal and Legal Immigration via pushing for a zero-net-immigration Moratorium was crucial in defeating the Open Borders proponents' argument that "the solution to the illegal alien problem is to legalize them all."

Now, join us in a temporary celebration and a renewed effort to dramatically reduce the 1 million plus annal legal immigration and continuing massive illegal immigration flow by helping us push our Moratorium Initiative.

Congratulations to one and all.

Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis
Real Numbers Much Higher

Virginia Deane Abernethy, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Chairman, Board of Directors, Population-Environment Balance
October, 2006

Publications on the size and growth rate of the U.S. population seem designed to confuse rather than enlighten. The Census Bureau made up for large annual underestimates of population growth during the 1990s with a 12 million person bump in the census year. Unfazed, it perpetuates error through massively undercounting illegal aliens.


Don't take Democrat or Republican Senators for granted. Some need encouragement to vote AGAIN against Cloture for S. 1348. Some are on the edge. Sources say that their mail and message boxes are relatively empty.

The United States Senate is likely to have the Pivotal Vote on the Alien Amnesty as early as this Monday!

That Pivotal Vote will be on whether to Invoke Cloture (i.e. shut off debate).

If 41 Senators vote AGAINST Cloture, the debate will continue and the Bill may die the death it deserves. If 60 or more Senators vote FOR Cloture, we can be assured that some horrific version of an Alien Amnesty Bill will pass the Senate soon. [More]

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