Illegal Immigration Reduction Resolution

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Americans have a moral obligation first to provide opportunities to our fellow citizens including our own working poor, homeless, and unemployed, and our struggling middle class:

WHEREAS, The     (print City/County/or State)     is committed to delivering honest leadership, quality service, and management to enhance the opportunities, and quality of life for all of its residents; and to supporting local industry and businesses; and to respecting Americans who work to provide for themselves and their families.

WHEREAS, The     (print name of entity)     supports local enterprises whenever possible and works to create enterprises and incentives to retain and attract good paying jobs to members of our own communities.

WHEREAS, Annually, American workers lose $133 billion in wages due to wage depression and displacement from jobs because of immigration (Dr. George Borjas, Professor of Economics, Harvard University), and, in 1997, illegal immigration cost our nation's taxpayers a net $41 billion. (Dr. Donald Huddle, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Rice University)

WHEREAS, The     (print name of entity)     was shocked to learn that illegal immigrants are being employed in our communities in occupations that might otherwise be filled by     (print City/County/or State)     local residents who are U.S. citizens.

WHEREAS, The     (print name of entity)     feels that continued employment of illegal immigrants is illegal, wrong, and harmful to the businesses and workers of our communities and has determined it is important to take a stand against such illegal hiring practices.

NOW, THEREFORE,     (Print Name of entity)         (Print city, county, state)     HEREBY RESOLVES:
That     (print name of entity)     will not contract with or support any business that, either directly or indirectly, engages in the practice of hiring illegal immigrants and hereby urges the State and Federal governments and agencies to adopt this policy.

That, by adopting this Resolution, it is our intent to create a requirement that any such business requesting to do business with the     (print City/County/or State)    , and/or to potentially receive any economic benefits therefore, be denied such benefits, and that any firm currently doing business, or who has received or is receiving, any economic benefit (abatement, etc.), from     (print City/County/or State)    , may not do further business with this public entity and their economic benefit (contract, abatement, etc.) shall be terminated.

That, in our effort to encourage the enforcement of our nation's laws and protect our citizens; the Clerk to the     (print name of entity)     is hereby directed to send copies of this Resolution to each member of the     (print County/State)     General Assembly, each member of     (print State)     Congressional Delegation, to the     (print State)     Association of County Commissioners, the National Association of County Commissioners,     (print State)     Democrat and Republican Offices, and National Democrat and Republican Offices, and the Bush/Cheney Administration, and to all newspapers of general distribution, to all TV and radio stations, and to post this Resolution on     (entity)     website.

Adopted As of:     (Date)     Secretary:

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