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ASAP! Signatories

Immigration Moratorium ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population

Revised June 2005

Americans for Mass Deportation
         Hayward, CA
Anacostia Watershed Society
        College Park, MD
Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform
        San Francisco, CA
Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny
        Los Angeles, CA
California Coalition for Immigration Reform
        Huntington Beach, CA
California Wildlife Defenders
        Hollywood, CA

Californians for Population Stabilization
        Sacramento, CA
Carrying Capacity Network
        Washington, DC
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center
        Twain Harte, CA
Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform
        Evergreen, CO
Earth First! (L.A.)
        North Hollywood, CA
Ecology Center of Southern California
        Los Angeles, CA
Feminists for Immigration Moratorium Now!
        Sacramento, CA
Floridians for Sustainable Population
        Pompano Beach, FL
Fossil Fuels Policy Action Institute
        Arcata, CA
Friends of the Trinity River
        Mill Valley, CA
GAIA Institute
        Peabody, MA
Georgians for Responsible Immigration Policy
        Decatur, GA
Hell's Canyon Preservation Council
        Joyeph, OR
High Country Citizens' Alliance
        Crested Butte, CO
Immigration Reform Network of Silicon Valley
        Los Gatos, CA
Inland Empire Public Lands Council
        Spokane, WA
International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest
        Rosemead, CA

Jackson Hole Alliance
        Jackson, WY
Life Net
        Willcox, AZ
National Optimum Population Commission
        Corvallis, OR
New Hampshire Citizens for Sustainable Population
        New London, NH
North Carolina Mountains Immigration Reform Coalition
        Hendersonville, NC
Northwest Environmental Advocates
        Portland, OR
Ohio Coalition lot Immigration Reform
        Columbus, OH
Population Communication
        Pasadena, CA
Population-Environment Balance
        Washington, DC
Resource Renewal Institute
        Salt Francisco, CA
Sacramento Environmental Education Council
        Rancho Cordova, CA
Safeguarding America's Future By Action
        Mt. Morris, MI
Sawtooth Wildlife Council
        Stanley, ID
        Boulder, CO
Tokitae Foundation
        Friday Harbor, WA
Too Many People...Too Little Earth
        Aloha, OR
Tristate Immigration Moratorium, Inc.
        Cathedral Station, NY
U.S. Border Control
        McLean, VA
Vermonters for Reduced Immigration
        Montpelier, VT
Virginians for Immigration Control
        McLean, VA
Voice of Citizens Together
        Sherman Oaks, CA
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
        Denver, CO
Wildlife Damage Review
        Tucson, AZ

pulation-Environment Balance is a national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the United States through population stabilization.
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