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Immigration Moratorium ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population

"Overpopulation is unraveling America's social and ecological fabric. Limiting immigration to a sensible 100,000 people per year would help resolve this national crisis in an equitable way."
Tony Povilitis, President, Life Net
Willcox, Arizona

"Native Americans were the first to experience the tragic downside of mass immigration. We need to learn from our history and impose an immigration moratorium."
Bill Isbister, President, Too Many People... Too Little Earth
Aloha, Oregon

"Excessive immigration pushes America toward a free-market equilibrium with world overcrowding and poverty. A moratorium will help protect our environment and standard of living."
John Brock, Co-Chair, Tristate Immigration Moratorium, Inc.
Cathedral Station, New York

"Current immigration rates will cause our population to double in the next 50 years. We need an immigration moratorium to regain control of our borders."
Tom McKenna, Executive Director, Vermonters for Reduced Immigration
Montpelier, Vermont

"At present, 270 million American citizens and consumers make enormous, growing and unsustainable demands on our nation's environment. Yet each week, 55,000 people are added to our population more than 60% due to immigration. We must enact a moratorium on legal immigration."
Kathleen McNeilly, Associate Director, Carrying Capacity Network
Washington, DC

"It is crucial that this nation put itself on the pathway to a stable population at a level or range deemed sustainable for the long-term future. Balancing immigration with emigration is a necessary component of this effort."
Boyd Wilcox, Founder, National Optimum Population Commission Proposal
Corvallis, Oregon

"Illegal and excessive legal immigration are destroying the black community, as evidenced by their negative effect on employment, education, health care, and housing. A moratorium on new immigration with levels not exceeding 100,000 per year would be a good step in stemming the tide."
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, President, B.O.N.D.
Los Angeles, California

"In May, 1997 [we] endorsed achieving U.S. population stabilization by reducing net immigration to near zero. In April, 1999, the Board approved endorsing the passage of HR 41 to effect a moratorium on immigration."
Rev. Lawrence D. Rupp, Board Member, New Hampshire Citizens for Sustainable Population
New London, New Hampshire

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