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ASAP! Action Plan for Congress

ASAP! Immigration Moratorium Action Plan

Stabilize U.S. Population - Protect the Environment - Immigration Moratorium

ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population ASAP!'s four-step ACTION PLAN was approved by a vote of signatories at the ASAP! Action Conference held in Estes Park, Colorado in 1997. Since most of our nation's environmental problems stem from immigration-driven population growth (immigration accounts for nearly 90 percent of U.S. population growth), ASAP! supports immediate cuts in immigration as the single, most effective way to stabilize U.S. population and, thus, preserve and protect our environment for future generations. We urge Washington to implement our action plan:

#1 Immigration Moratorium

  • ASAP! supports an immediate enactment of a 5-year immigration moratorium with an all-inclusive, firm cap of 100,000 immigrants (including refugees and asylees) per year. ASAP signatories support the Mass Immigration Reduction Act of 2003 (HR 946) sponsored by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), amended to include a non-pierceable cap of 100,000 immigrants per year (including refugees and asylees).

#2 No More Amnesties

  • ASAP! opposes additional amnesties granting legal status or citizenship to illegal aliens. Amnesties reward illegal behavior while unnecessarily adding to population growth, driving unending chain migration, and encouraging illegal entry to the USA.

#3 Enforce Immigration Laws

  • Existing laws requiring apprehension and deportation of all illegal aliens in the USA must be enforced. Officials failing to enforce our laws must be replaced.

#4 No Citizenship for Illegal Aliens' Offspring

  • Offspring of illegal aliens should not be granted automatic U.S. citizenship. Many argue convincingly that the 14th Amendment does not guarantee citizenship to offspring of illegal aliens.
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