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Why a Moratorium is a Must for US Population Stabilization

Immigration Moratorium ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population

To protect and preserve our natural environment and quality of life for all Americans, Congress and President Bush must develop and adopt a national policy to stabilize U.S. population by 2030.

A stable population is key to a broad, multifaceted effort including reducing consumption and improving production efficiency required to sustain the United States' ecosystem.

Since the 1960s, American citizens have dramatically cut their family sizes through "replacement level" - births equaling deaths - fertility rates* in an effort to preserve our environment through population stabilization. (U.S. population growth results from immigration and fertility.)

¨ By 1976, our fertility rate dropped to 1.7 (below replacement level). Today, the U.S. is the fastest growing industrialized nation in the world and we are just beginning to pay the high costs of resulting environmental degradation. Due primarily to immigration, U.S. fertility rates spiked to 2.1.

Immigration has accounted for 70% of U.S. population growth this decade!

¨ At current rates, U.S. population of 283 million will roar past half a billion by 2050!

What happened?

Federal immigration policy forces population growth upon U.S. citizens against our will. Every year, more than 1,000,000 legal immigrants, twice the number legally admitted during the 1970s, settle in the U.S. The INS estimates that 300,000 illegal aliens enter our country every year and that an estimated 5,000,000 illegal aliens reside in the U.S. today!

Immigrant and illegal alien fertility rates--and those of their offspring are double, sometimes triple those of American-born women.

Poll after poll finds the vast majority of American citizens--including all ethnic groups support drastic cuts in immigration levels. By more than a 3-to-1 margin, Americans say the U.S. should not allow more immigrants into the country. (Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll, 12/10/98)

Yet, federal immigration policies, totally out of sync with the desires of Americans, and the INS's failure to secure our borders and deport illegal aliens, have destroyed the gains made by responsible U.S. citizens to stabilize our population and preserve our environment for future generations.

Congress and President Bush must act ASAP in line with citizens' mandate to (1) enact a five-year immigration moratorium reducing immigration from 1,000,000 to a firm, all-inclusive cap of 100,000 per year (including refugees and asylees), (2) stop granting amnesties to illegal aliens, (3) enforce immigration laws, deport illegal aliens and (4) stop granting illegal aliens' offspring U.S. citizenship.

*Total fertility rate is the average number of children born to a woman during her lifetime.

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