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Alert Archive: June, 2013

Likely to Pass in Senate; -- Must be Stopped in House

Open Borders Advocates clearly want to HIDE the Disastrous Environmental, Budgetary, Employment, Economic, Demographic, Security, and Legal-Subversive Impacts of S. 744 (Schumer, NY, et al.) and its Destructive Progeny, like the Corker-Hoeven-Schumer Amendment and Copycat Bill Aborning in the House of Representatives.

They are instead Marketing the Bill as a way to legalize the 11 Million (actually 24 Million plus) Aliens already living illegally in the United States. (Of course, even the Illegals brought here as children could return to their country of Origin and get in line for legal immigration with everyone else.)

In fact, S. 744 and its Progeny would wreak far more damage on our Nation than merely Legalizing 24 Million plus Lawbreakers and giving them and millions of their family members immediate Federal and State Taxpayer provided Benefits and a path to citizenship. Consider:

Economic: The ludicrous Claim recently issued by the Congressional Budget Office, that the Amnesty Bill would generate $180 Billion in Economic Benefits for the USA is aimed at hiding the Fact that the NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) cost of the Bill is $6.3 TRILLION (Heritage Fdn., confirmed by a cis analysis)!

Employment: Thirty million unemployed and underemployed Americans would see further reduction in job opportunities because S. 744 would give work Visas to the Legalized Illegals and their families. And, BTW, there are No Jobs Americans will not do! Of the 472 Job Categories in the USA, all but six are filled by a Majority of the Native-Born. And in the six remaining, the Native-Born fill 46% of the Jobs (cis).

Environment: The Bill would add over Thirty Million Persons to the US Population. Recall that, for each person added to the U.S. Population, one Acre of Farmland or Natural Habitat is converted to developed uses (Pimentel et al. Cornell). And many areas of our country are already challenged to provide potable water and other infrastructures.

Budgetary: The legalized Illegals would become eligible for the seventy plus welfare and other Federal Benefit programs. These include Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing and SSI. Recall that 36% of all legal and Illegal Immigrants are already on one or more Taxpayer supported welfare programs (cis).

Demographic: The additional persons added to the U.S. population, plus their progeny, would keep the USA on track to reach One Billion people in 2075 (balance).

Legal-Subversive: Over three Million Illegal Aliens were legalized in the 1986 Amnesty, with the understanding that this Amnesty would be the last. But there have been several Amnesties since then, each one encouraging more to come illegally. This proposed Massive Amnesty would only encourage even more to break US immigration law, thus subverting the credibility of the Principle that the USA is a Nation with respect for its Rules of Law.

Security: Many promises have been made that the Border would be made secure (beginning with the 1986 law), but all have been broken. No secure fence; no entry-exit control, no enforcement of employer penalties for hiring illegal aliens (Rasmussen Reports).

“Just 28% Now Think Feds Likely to Secure Border if Reform Plan Passes Regardless of what a comprehensive immigration reform plan promises, voters are less confident than ever that the federal government really would secure the border to prevent future illegal immigration.” (Rasmussen Reports)

Indeed, the Corker-Hoeven-Schumer Amendment would legalize and give citizenship to (current and future) lawbreaking Visa Overstayers! Nothing in that Amendment would have prevented the alleged Boston Bombers (who, BTW, received over $100,000 in taxpayer funded benefits ref. State of Massachusetts) from remaining in the USA permanently.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) summarizes the Disastrous Effects of the Corker et al. Amendment (See June 24, 2013 Cruz News Release for Full Text of his Superb Analysis).

“…Having only seen the nearly 1200 pages of text for approximately 72 hours, Americans – including myself, my fellow senators and our staffs… [are asked to –ed.]

Pass it to find out what’s in it? Reminiscent of Obamacare, the lengthy amendment to replace the Gang of 8’s original bill was crafted behind closed doors and introduced late on Friday, after many members had left town. …this year, we have only debated 9 [amendments] – with some of us being completely shut out.

On process alone, we should all vote “no.” This was by design – the President, Harry Reid and the Gang of 8 preferred all along to ram through a “deal,” and not have a real debate – just like Obamacare.

But, on substance – the vote is even easier. There are too many troubling provisions of the bill to list, such as de facto affirmative action hiring for current illegal immigrants due to Obamacare and huge amounts of discretion for the DHS Secretary to waive deportation and inadmissibility.

Here’s what we know that the bill does:

Grants Immediate Amnesty with Empty Promise of Border Security

Provides No Real Border Security at All …the amendment’s security enhancements are not contemplated until almost ten years after the bill’s enactment; none would be in place before amnesty.

Weakens Fencing Requirement …Schumer-Corker-Hoeven provides for only single-layer fencing, instead of the double-layer fencing that was required under the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Weakens Current Law on Entry-Exit System …requiring only biographic rather than biometric identification…

Avoids any Metric for Measuring True Border Security

Assumes Future Significant Illegal Entry

Fails to Measure Up to Alternatives …A number of my colleagues have offered, or are ready to offer, far superior approaches. …rejected.”

“Latest “Deal” from the Senate: Pass Amnesty First, Read the Bill Later”
Ted Cruz (R-TX), June 23, 2013

Fortunately, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has described many of the ways in which this Deceptive “Mother” Bill S744 violates the promises which its proponents have made for it.

Article by Senator Sessions:

“The so-called Gang of Eight immigration plan now being considered by the Senate fails to live up to every major promise made by its sponsors. Far from improving the immigration system, their 1,000-page proposal would exacerbate many of its flaws. It would dangerously undermine future enforcement while imposing substantial burdens on taxpayers and taking jobs and pay from U.S. workers.

Indeed, the two unions representing our nation's immigration and customs officers and those who process immigration applications have strongly urged opposition.

The sponsors' promise of enforcement first was broken when lead sponsor Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) declared: "First, people will be legalized.... Then we'll make sure the border is secure." About 11 million immigrants who are here illegally — which includes 4 million who have overstayed their visas — would receive work permits, Social Security numbers and access to state and local benefits within six months of passage. The Department of Homeland Security merely has to submit a border plan, not accomplish that plan. Those legalized will then be free to compete for jobs at a time of low wages and high unemployment. It's amnesty first, not enforcement first.

Moreover, the bill allows the DHS or an immigration judge to stop any future deportation for humanitarian reasons, the public interest or family unity. Such open-ended waivers would all but ensure mass litigation and the end of immigration enforcement in America.

The sponsors promised that back taxes would have to be paid, but under the bill, if the IRS doesn't audit someone working off the books — which it isn't required to do — there will be no taxes to pay. There is no requirement that immigrants pay state or local back taxes or that employers pay back taxes.

The sponsors promised that people here illegally would have to learn English and civics, but the fine print reveals it will be at least 10 years before this is put into effect. And even then, the bill only requires those applying for permanent residency (a green card) to be pursuing a course of study "to achieve an understanding of English and knowledge and understanding" of civics. Furthermore, the secretary of Homeland Security can waive these already loose standards in many cases.

The sponsors promised that those "with a serious criminal background or who pose a threat to our national security" would be ineligible for legal status. But the bill allows the Homeland Security secretary, under certain conditions, to grant it to gang members; those with major misdemeanor criminal convictions (including felonies pleaded to misdemeanors) for serious crimes, including drug offenses, sexual abuse and prostitution; those with arrest records of any length; fugitives from deportation orders; or those who have been deported and illegally reentered.

The sponsors promised that people here illegally would not be eligible for public benefits. But, after the immediate grant of legal status, the legislation confers permanent residency within 10 years after passage (in many cases sooner), guaranteeing eligibility for federal benefits at a staggering long-term cost. In the short term, many would become eligible for state public assistance programs upon receiving the initial amnesty.

The sponsors promised the bill would prevent future visa overstays. The Government Accountability Office said in 2007 that without a biometric exit system, the DHS "cannot ensure the integrity of the immigration system by identifying and removing those people who have overstayed." The 9/11 Commission has said such a system is essential to national security. Congress passed six laws mandating the implementation of such a system at all air, land and sea entry points. But instead of finally requiring enforcement of these laws, the bill merely calls for a pilot system at a small sampling of airports, and excludes land ports of entry.

The sponsors promised that the bill would not significantly increase legal immigration. However, it will grant legal status to at least 30 million immigrants over the next 10 years if you add up the proposed surge in legal arrivals, approval of 4.5 million previous green card applicants, plus work authorization and legal residency for an estimated 11 million here unlawfully today. The number grows higher if you take into account the removal of annual caps on migration for immediate family members.

And, despite promised protections for U.S. workers, the bill would double the number of guest workers admitted annually. Such a large influx would be disastrous for the wages and job prospects of U.S. workers.

On every major front, this legislation fails to deliver on its core promises. It delivers only for the special-interest groups who helped write it. Should it pass, it would represent the ultimate triumph of the Washington elite over the everyday citizen to whom Congress properly owes its loyalty.”

“Sen. Sessions on immigration bill's broken promises”
Jeff Sessions (R-AL), June, 2013

By the time you read this, the Bill may have passed in the Senate. Realistically, we will likely have to stop this bill in the House.

Tell your Representatives to Vote NO on the Amnesty Bill in its entirety! Amended Bills of any Kind contain too many Disastrous Provisions. To maximize their effectiveness, encourage your Representatives to Co-Sponsor a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill.

Help us at BALANCE by contacting your Senators and Representatives in Congress (phone calls or office visits followed by letters are the most effective -- fax machines can be turned off and emails disregarded).

And please help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to this Bill NOW. This Amnesty Tidal Wave Bill is already moving RAPIDLY through Congress!!!

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