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Alert Archive: May, 2013

Stop Pro-Unemployment, Anti-Environment Amnesty Bill!

This Schumer-Rubio Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill (S.744) would launch an Unemployment Moonshot!

Real U.S. Unemployment via shadowstats (which calculates Unemployment the way it was done in the 1980s before the Official numbers became politicized) is ALREADY at:

  • 23.9% in the USA
  • 30.8% in California
  • 19.9% in New York
  • 22.4% in Florida, and
  • 16.1% in Texas

(Find the Current Real Unemployment level in any State in the charts at the bottom of this Alert!)

And the Amnesty Bill (S.744) now in Congress would not only Amnesty the 24 Million Illegal Aliens now in the USA and make them eligible to work, but also dramatically increase LEGAL immigration levels allowing over Thirty Million on waiting lists to become Legal Residents in short order, also with work eligibility.

And $6.3 TRILLION is the NET Cost to Taxpayers of Legalizing the Illegals ALONE! (Heritage Foundation Study -- Rector et al. Confirmed by Center for Immigration Studies, May, 2013)

Counting the NET Cost of increased Legal Immigration, American Taxpayers would be saddled with TRILLIONS MORE because each Immigrant Household adds $1.3 Million NET Costs over time. The National Research Council, in their report "The New Americans," estimated that the average immigrant-origin households need 80 years to become a financial NET contributor.

  • The Senate Bill and what apparently is emerging in the House version would not only Devastate national and State budgets for services and programs that citizens want, but the ncrease in raw Population Pressure on the Environment would be Immense.

  • Remember that for every person added to the U.S. Population, One Acre of Prime Farmland or Natural Habitat is converted to Human Uses (Pimentel, et al. Cornell).

  • More people mean more energy use, more traffic jams, more water pollution and potable water shortages, more toxic waste, more crowding, and increased tensions from living in crowded urban environments. Fertility rates are typically higher among immigrants, and population grows exponentially for every child born beyond replacement level of 2.1. But in California which receives one third of all immigrants the fertility rate had already reached 2.48 by 1989. And California and most of the Southwest has a Potable Water Shortage (i.e. population longage) and other Environmental Crises. The USA's Environmental Carrying Capacity is already beign overshot.
  • Regarding the Labor Market, the claim that immigrants are needed "to do the jobs that Americans won't do" is FICTITIOUS! There is NO CATEGORY OF JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO! Of the 472 civilian occupations, only six are majority immigrant (legal and illegal). These six occupations account for 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Moreover, native-born Americans still comprise 46 percent of workers even in these six occupations. Many jobs often thought to be overwhelmingly immigrant (legal and illegal) are in fact majority native-born:

    • Maids and housekeepers: 51 percent native-born
    • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58 percent native-born
    • Butchers and meat processors: 63 percent native-born
    • Grounds maintenance workers: 64 percent native-born
    • Construction laborers: 66 percent native-born
    • Porters, bellhops, and concierges: 72 percent native-born
    • Janitors: 73 percent native-born

(via cis study May, 2013)

  • Moreover, claims of Shortages in QUALIFIED STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Workers in the USA is Fictitious!], the Economic Policy Institute recently released a comprehensive study dealing with the supply and demand of STEM graduates which showed no shortage in the immediate past. One of its findings was: "For every two students that U.S. colleges graduate with STEM degrees, only one is hired in a STEM job.

  • And this Bill would provide UNLIMITED STEM Green Cards for Advanced Degree Holders from all over the World.

  • Naturally, young people become aware of the scarcity of employment opportunities and stop choosing STEM majors. Thus, THE AMNESTY BILL WOULD NOT ONLY COST TAXPAYERS TRILLIONS, but over time would impair the quality of the US labor force.

Not forgetting these Negatives, the Bills before Congress WOULD ALSO IMPAIR THE ECONOMY VIA $400 BILLION IN Annual IMMIGRANT REMITTANCES (World Bank).

Remittances are money earned in the USA but not spent in the USA! Count money flowing out of the United States as another hit to Main Street and the Middle Class.


In sum, the Amnesty Tidal Wave Bill would add over THIRTY million immigrants to the U.S. population in short order and many more millions through added births and family reunification preferences in the law as the years pass.

This Immigration 'Amnesty' Tidal Wave Bill would create a Demographic, Budgetary, and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration is already creating.

Tell your Representatives to Vote NO on the Amnesty Bill in its entirety!

To maximize their constructiveness, your Representatives should Co-Sponsor and Vote YES on a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill.

Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (eMails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

And please help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to this Bill NOW.

Please forward this email to Friends.

This Amnesty Tidal Wave Bill is already moving RAPIDLY through Congress!!!

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