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Balance Year-End Letter


December 2009

"The Obama Administration will insist on measures to give legal status to an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants as it pushes early next year for legislation to overhaul the immigration system, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said yesterday." New York Times, November 14, 2009

Dear BALANCE Supporters,

We led off with a challenge. But let's not forget that, thanks to your help, BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies achieved some notable successes in 2009.

BALANCE and its allies successfully fought for an extension of the E-Verify program, despite the Open Borders Lobby’s efforts to prevent it. E-Verify is a quick mechanism for checking that a job applicant is using a legal Social Security number and is currently our best tool in slowing illegal immigration.

We also continued to help stop passage of the so-called “Dream” Act, which would give citizenship, in-state tuition, and other benefits to ALL Illegal Aliens here for at least five years and under the age of 35. These are people who violated our laws by being here in the first place!

With your help, BALANCE was able to successfully fight back attempts by the Open Borders Lobby to achieve amnesty for the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in the United States. We also worked to stop efforts to increase legal immigration, thus helping to prevent additional job losses and wage depression such an increase would cause working Americans.

BALANCE helped to stall the Globalists' push to destroy the sovereignty of the USA via the North American Union.

We also pushed for a real border fence as authorized by Congress, not merely a virtual one. As a sample of regime indifference to Americans' real needs, however, not even a 'virtual' fence featuring cameras propped on lampposts has made much progress. The obstacles and energy opposed to enacting programs and legislation that will benefit Americans are intense.

With new legal immigrants and their offspring adding 2 million each year, plus another two million illegals and their offspring added each year to our population, the face of this nation is changing and will be altered forever if we don’t take action.

The Obama Administration intends to make legalizing the more-than-twenty million illegal Aliens in the USA a top priority in 2010, AND TO GIVE ILLEGAL ALIENS HEALTH CARE COVERAGE, despite promises to the contrary. A Committee on Medicare Services study of the House version of the Health care bill shows a multimillion-person increase in coverage numbers under H.R. 3962--clearly a sign that Illegal Aliens are intended to be covered. As we write, it is not clear that that provision will make it into the Final Bill.

But what is clear is the INTENT TO COVER ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Moreover, as a trade-off to provide funds for Illegal Alien Coverage that same House bill would SLASH MEDICARE FUNDING FOR SENIORS BY $500 MILLION according to a November 15 article in the Washington Post! Again, we do not know whether the Final Bill will contain these cuts, BUT THE INTENT OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS CLEAR--PROVIDE A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP AND HEALTH CARE COVERAGE TO MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Population density is overwhelming and excessive. (Many of us can remember being told when we were young that we need to limit our families to two children to keep the country’s resources available and open space plentiful. In 1972, the Rockefeller Commission concluded that the average American would be better off if population size stabilized, and at that time the US population was approximately 170 million) The actual U.S population today is approaching 340 million.

In 2005 [the latest figures available from the US Department of Health and Human Services] non-Hispanic whites had approximately 1.7 live births per woman and Hispanics had between 3 and 4 live births per woman. These findings were reported as live births per 1000 women: 58.3 for non-Hispanic whites; 67.2 for non-Hispanic blacks; and 99.4 for Hispanics.

Today the parks are full, the utilities are overused, we are running short of potable water, we have to build more schools and we are seeing hospital after hospital close due to the costs of illegals using such facilities with no payment. Our remaining Emergency Rooms are swamped, with many closing periodically for hours at a time. The freeways are a mess and packed beyond capacity, the prisons are overflowing with one in four inmates being foreign born.

Overall health care costs (which are not even being addressed by the new health care proposals) will not drop since the number of illegals getting free medical services from private and public locations continues to rise. And if we legalize them, that simply adds 20-30 million to the present 30 million foreign born persons believed to have no insurance now.

The schools are jammed and instruction is no longer strictly in English. How can we have a functioning society without English as the common language?

More than half of all school lunches are now paid for by us - the taxpayers - and not the families with the children.

21.1% of Americans are unemployed (www.shadowstats.com ) and many of the rest suffer from wage depression resulting from mass immigration and more job applicants than jobs.

Excessive population growth as well as invasive species and diseases from other countries increasingly contaminate our food, air, water and land and over-burden our clinics and hospitals.

The only Solution is a zero-net immigration moratorium on legal immigration. Legal immigration adds over 2 million annually, and this is a seriously large number. Legal and illegal immigration are inextricably intertwined; legal immigrant communities act as magnets and refuges for Illegal Aliens.

Thus in order to stop Illegal immigration we must also push for a Moratorium on Legal.

This maximizes the pressure for reductions and counters the Open Borders mantra that "The solution to the Illegal immigration problem is to legalize all the Illegals."

A zero-net-moratorium on legal immigration would allow review of our process and an evaluation of our National needs and interests. Population Environment Balance is one of the few groups willing and able to push hard for a Moratorium.

Please continue to help us save our United States in 2010.


BALANCE's Anti-Illegal Alien Amnesty Fight intensifies in 2010:

As BALANCE predicted, the new President started pushing early for another Alien Amnesty. BALANCE has helped stop the push for Amnesty so far, but it is too soon to celebrate. The Open Borders Groups are increasing the pressure. They intend to try to ram through an Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill soon and swiftly. For example, the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice are attempting to stop Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio from enforcing immigration laws in his own county. And Border Patrol agents have been removed from our southern border, even as foreign drug gang violence and disease spread across our borders.

2010 Zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium Initiative:

The push for a Moratorium on legal immigration is essential to the battle to stop illegal immigration because it generates downward pressure on both legal and illegal numbers.

Only by pushing for a MORATORIUM do we call the whole enterprise of mass immigration into question and generate sufficient clout to stop Illegal Alien Amnesty bills in a Congress which seems more favorably disposed toward Amnesty than ever before.

The Anti-North American Union Push - BALANCE's 2010 Initiative:

Notwithstanding some claims to the contrary, the Globalists are still pushing hard on several fronts to establish the North American Union (NAU) that would dissolve the United States, Canada and Mexico into one regional state with the Amero as its currency. SUCH A UNION WOULD DRAMATICALLY OVERPOPULATE THE UNITED STATES, SINCE THE NAU WOULD FUNDAMENTALLY BE AN OPEN BORDERS POLITY.

But BALANCE and a few other groups have thus far been able to stall this effort.

Of course, BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies will continue to fight tooth and nail this Globalist Initiative to dissolve the United States.

Campaign Against the Mass Immigration Management Approach:

For many years now Neo-Con Mass Immigration Management Groups' Incremental Category Approach has resulted in no progress in reducing legal immigration. Indeed, these Neo-Con groups’ incremental approach has been counterproductive because it has served as a catalyst for genuine reductionists having to repeatedly "play defense" against repeated pushes for illegal alien amnesties. Yet these Neo-Con groups refuse to change their approach, probably because it is easier to raise funds by taking a soft approach. They refuse to push a Moratorium and refuse to sign on to the ASAP! Coalition.

Recently, one such Inside-the-Beltway group started pushing another counter-productive initiative for a legal Immigration 'Suspension'.

Pushing a 'Suspension' sends the wrong message because it suggests that the huge flow of Mass Immigration is OK, and that all we need is a temporary 'time-out', to be followed by a Restart of the Huge Flow at some point.

That is the Wrong Message! We need to stop Mass Immigration permanently with a zero-net-immigration Moratorium.

BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies continue to expose the counter-productive policies of these organizations in hopes that they will change. Even though their refusal to change makes our fight more difficult, we intend to persist.

ASAP! Coalition Initiatives:

As a proud Founding sponsor of the ASAP! (Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population) Coalition of over 60 grassroots organizations, we plan to continue adding to its list of organizational co-sponsors and expanding its reach and influence. The over 60 ASAP! Coalition organizational members are united in their push for ASAP's 4-Point Program, including an Immigration Moratorium. These grassroots groups know a Moratorium Push is essential, even though the Neo-Con Inside-the-Beltway groups find it lucrative not to push one.

BALANCE is Unique:

Of all the many so-called immigration reform and population stabilization organizations, only BALANCE places primary emphasis on the population and environment of the United States. This is why BALANCE is so important. Without Population-Environment Balance, no organizations would be pressuring Congress and explaining to them the connection between mass immigration-generated population growth and the environmental degradation of the United States.

BALANCE initiatives provide the most effective return on one’s time and money because we advocate the only strategy that will get real reductions. By PUSHING for a Moratorium on legal immigration, BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies are the only groups that effectively work for real reductions of both legal and illegal immigration.

Times are increasingly tough in the USA. And when the going gets tough, BALANCE gets going.

But these tough times have caused a dangerous drop in BALANCE's income. All the Amnesty battles, plus the worsening financial and stock markets which impact our supporters have hurt BALANCE financially. We urge you to put BALANCE at the top of your list of organizations to support this year.

Please make as large a Special Donation as you can this year to support the #1 population and environment organization in and for the U.S. — Population-Environment BALANCE.

Board & Staff of Population Environment Balance

P.S. Give a Gift Membership for the Holiday Season along with your donation! New members help us increase our clout.


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