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Alert Archive: December, 2013

Great Threats & A Great Opportunity


As BALANCE prepares to launch our Action Initiatives for 2014, Great Threats are looming, but a Great Opportunity has risen. We urge you to help BALANCE fend off the Threats and seize the Opportunity.

The Greatest Threat is of course that the House will pass some Immigration Bill, which, however positive, would go to Conference Committee with the horrendous Senate Bill (S. 744), with the almost certain outcome that the resulting Bill would be a copycat of the Senate Bill.

S. 744 is a Bill replete with Deceptions and based on many False Premises. Consider just one of the Many False Premises-- that there is a Shortage of Skilled Workers in Silicon Valley and in Hi-Tech and other fields generally. A recent San Francisco (a Hi-Tech Center) Chronicle Report gives the lie to that Labor Shortage claim:

“In 2012, three high-tech companies in Silicon Valley announced they were laying off a combined 48,000 employees. Layoffs continue this year, including last week's announcement that an otherwise profitable Cisco Systems was letting 4,000 people go".

The existence of a labor shortage in the United States is a patent lie. Skilled or otherwise, Millions of Americans want jobs, need jobs.

As described in earlier BALANCE eAlerts, the Negative Effects of the Senate Bill on taxpaying Americans and our 30 Million plus Unemployed and Underemployed include these:

  • allow 30 Million or more Immigrants to come to the USA in the next ten years, to reside in the USA permanently and become citizens, and to import their families as well, and,
  • would cost American Taxpayers a NET (after subtracting taxes Immigrants may pay) $6.3 Trillion (Heritage Fdn and CIS).
  • Further, the Senate Bill would provide 33 million lifetime work permits to legalized (amnestied) immigrants, all of whom would compete with Americans for jobs (Rubenstein, vDare). Nearly all of these new workers, their families, and their US-born children would be eligible for Free (i.e. Taxpayer funded) Education and Health Care and Welfare benefits.

Recall that 36% of all immigrants, legal and illegal, are already receiving some Welfare Benefits!

The influx of new workers and Amnesty of those Illegals already here would further Injure the USA's 30 Million plus Unemployed and Underemployed - continuing the well-established trend of immigrant workers replacing Americans and depressing wages for all.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT? Another of the most Injurious Effects of this massive population increase would be to give impetus to growing inequality. Laying off Americans and hiring low-wage immigrants would transfer $100 billion annually from American Workers to Billionaire Hi-Tech Moguls.

Turning to a further dimension, MASSIVE ADDITIONS of people to the United States also greatly worsen Environmental problems.


  • Do our congested Urban Areas and burdened Hospitals, Schools and other Infrastructure benefit from a massive influx of more People?
  • Where will the water short areas of the Southwest and West get more water? And where will the rest of the country get additional potable water distribution infrastructure at reasonable cost?
  • And what about the Fact that for every person added to the U.S. population one acre of farm land or natural habitat is converted to developed uses.! (Pimentel, et. al, Cornell)
    And what about our PUBLIC HEALTH ENVIRONMENT?!

Mass Immigration from the Third World is bringing us the most-recently-identified Imported Disease, the “often Fatal Brain Tapeworm from eating contaminated or undercooked pork. The condition, whose medical name is neurocysticercosis, better known as the Pork Tapeworm, was virtually non-existent in America—until mass Third World immigration from Central and South America blessed us with it......" [Nicolas Stix, vDare].

"Malaria, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and such rarities of the Third World as dengue fever, Chagas’ disease, and leprosy are surfacing here. In the states that border Mexico, " writes NewsMax.com columnist George Putnam, there is “a steady, silent, pervasive invasion of the United States by an unarmed army carrying an assembly-line of diseases into the heart of America.” [One Reporter's Opinion: 'Illegal' Health Risk, NewsMax, 5/22/04].

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, writes author-columnist Phyllis Schlafly, “reported 38,291 California cases of tuberculosis that included Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis which is 60 percent fatal and for which treatment costs $200,000 to $1,200,000 per patient. Illegal aliens also bring in syphilis and gonorrhea.”

Bedbugs have invaded the United States for the first time in 50 years, with 28 states reporting recent infestations. In May 2006, the New York Times reported that one in every seven East Asian immigrants in the city, as many as 100,000 people, is a carrier of hepatitis B—an infection rate thirty-five times that of the general population. Almost all the new measles cases in America are brought in from abroad. [State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, by P. Buchanan, 2006].


BALANCE and Key ASAP! Coalition Allies have launched an Initiative which can succeed in STOPPING the Senate's Overpopulation Tidal Wave Bill (S. 744) now facing the House of Representatives. But we must all push this Initiative Hard NOW for it to succeed.

This Strategy surmounts The Great Problem facing the House and all of us, that ANY Bill passed by the House would go to Conference with the horrible Senate Bill, and that any Bill coming out of the Conference Committee would inevitably contain many of the Very Bad Provisions of the Senate Bill.

But we BALANCE supporters can Stop this Amnesty etc. Tidal Wave Bill, if we encourage our Representatives in the House to pass a RESOLUTION, (NOT A BILL!) A Bill would go to Conference Committee and a Resolution would not. That RESOLUTION should contain nine Provisions that must be fulfilled. After all were fulfilled, then The American People could have a conversation about a possible Immigration Bill.

  • The ongoing asylum fraud be halted;
  • The Obama Administration deport all illegals accused of high or low-level offenses;
  • Existing immigration law be fully enforced;
  • The entry-exit visa system previously authorized and funded by Congress—but never made operational—be implemented, using funds from the existing TSA budget;
  • The physical border fence previously authorized by Congress actually be completed;
  • House sponsors of the resolution should require the establishment of an investigative Task Force should any immigration bill pass the House;
  • House sponsors should be guaranteed appointment to the Task Force and any subsequent Conference Committee;
  • The Task Force complete its work before the House considers any immigration bill! and
  • The Task Force require the net cost of each provision of any proposed immigration bill, including S. 744, to be estimated, based on existing and authorized research, before any such Bill is brought to the floor for a vote. This would allow the House to fulfill the constitutional requirement that all spending Bills originate in the House.

Because of the Danger of taking any such House Bill(s) to Conference Committee, please ask your representatives to vote AGAINST ANY, EVERY, and ALL IMMIGRATION BILLS ORIGINATING IN THE HOUSE...and to pass a RESOLUTION containing the aforementioned Provisions instead.

The bottom line: The Senate's S. 744 dies if no immigration Bill at all – none whatsoever – comes out of the House. Amnesty dies if the House won't play.

This Immigration 'Amnesty' Tidal Wave Bill would create a Demographic, Budgetary, Public Health, and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration is already creating.

Given the Senate set-up, now is NOT the time even to push a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill. Ask your Representative to Vote NO on ANY IMMIGRATION Bill.

Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

And please help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to ANY Bill NOW!

Please forward this Alert to your Friends today!

And to help us intensify our efforts, we very much need you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation today.

Together, we can stop this Bill, but we need your help!

To d onate via mail, please send to:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance

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