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Alert Archive: December 2007

December 2007

ASAP! Coalition E-Alert:


Population-Environment BALANCE was founded as The Environmental Fund in 1974. Its mission is to stabilize the United States' Population to protect the environment. It fearlessly addresses issues which others are too timid to address. For example, BALANCE recognizes that the ONLY way to achieve U.S. population stabilization is to push to enact a Zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium. Thus BALANCE makes pushing a Moratorium its First Priority.

Starting with what is most recent:

BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies successfully led the battle to stop five major illegal alien amnesty attempts in Congress in 2007. BALANCE employed the "moratorium push" strategy -- the ONLY effective strategy for both stopping the amnesty pushes and eventually getting reductions in legal immigration. A Moratorium message deploys a strategy that offers the best, and probably the only, means of stabilizing the United States' population.

BALANCE is the only environment or population organization to publicize the connection between immigration-generated population growth and global warming. If the U.S, population continues to grow it will be virtually impossible to stabilize or reduce the U.S.'s contribution to the global warming problem. At present, each person added to the United States' population adds 23.8 tons of greenhouse gasses annually to the atmosphere.

Adding more people increases the burden that the US places on the global environment. Per capita reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are unlikely to offset the large increases from mass immigration.BALANCE has been the only organization to explicitly describe how the Amnesties and mass immigration greatly exacerbate the Global Warming problem.

BALANCE and other ASAP Coalition Allies teamed with the Minutemen to demand that our borders be protected, illegals be deported and that a moratorium be implemented. Listening to BALANCE's argument, the Minutemen adopted the moratorium plank as one of the planks that was taken to Capitol Hill during that February through April, 2006 Initiative.

BALANCE Board Members conducted a study to determine the actual U.S. population size and trends in 2006 in order to correct the traditional, undercounted Census Bureau figures. Conclusions were:

1) That the true number of illegal aliens in the United States was far greater than the 8-12 million estimated by the Census Bureau; and

2) That the United States population hit 300 million in the year 2000 and by 2006 has exceeded 330 million with a growth rate in excess of 4 million per
year with nearly 90% of that being generated by mass legal and illegal immigration.

3) IF current trends continue, U.S. population will hit one billion by 2075.

The article is on the Balance website: www.balance.org.

But for BALANCE, who would have publicized accurate information about the true size and rate of growth of the U.S. population? After our news conference and publication of our article critical of US Census figures, news commentators amended their account of the illegal immigration problem, stating that the number was 12 to 20 million illegal aliens --- a decided improvement.

In its entire history, BALANCE's estimates of U.S. population size and growth trends have been more accurate than the U.S. Census Bureau's. Even the U.S. Census Bureau's 'high' projections have turned out to be low, as BALANCE has repeatedly pointed out in advance.

BALANCE is the founding Sponsor of the ASAP! Coalition. Since its founding, over sixty organizations have signed on to support ASAP's four point program, whose First Priority is pushing a Moratorium--the ONLY way to achieve immigration reduction.

BALANCE and its ASAP Coalition Allies are the only organizations to point out the naivete of attempting to achieve 'global' solutions to environmental problems. Most environmental problems must be solved on a nation by nation (or smaller scale) basis. As understood by an original BALANCE Board member, Garret Hardin, populations and environments are local and national. Remedies must be sought on the same scale.

BALANCE and its ASAP Coalition Allies are THE ONLY ORGANIZATIONS which are actually pushing a program which could achieve U.S. Population Stabilization, the necessary condition to protecting the Environment.

BALANCE was the first organization after the first Earth Day, in 1970 to focus on Population-Environment-Immigration Connections as its primary Mission.

On the local environmental level, BALANCE was among very few national organizations in the mid-1990's which encouraged the Sierra Club to be true to its historic mission of supporting a stable population size, which entails reduced immigration, to protect the environment. BALANCE was not aware at that time that The Sierra Club had accepted a $100 Million Dollar contribution from David Gelbaum on condition that The Club abandon its immigration-reductionist position.

BALANCE was one of the very few environmental organizations to support California's Mass-Immigration-discouraging Proposition 187.

BALANCE was one of the very few environmental organizations to support Arizona's Mass-Immigration-discouraging Proposition 200.

BALANCE was the first population or environmental organization to support a Moratorium on mass legal Immigration.

BALANCE was the first environmental organization to testify before Congress about the adverse effects of the 1965 Immigration Act on the environment.

The foregoing are only a few highlights of BALANCE'S very unique accomplishments. To help support BALANCE’s work visit www.balance.org.