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Alert Archive: September 2008

September 2008

ALERT! Massive Legal Immigration Increase and
Alien Amnesty Threats in House
Four Bills Threaten Massive Legal Immigration
Increases and Illegal Alien Amnesty!
Voting Likely Today
Call Today!

H.R. 5882 would ostensibly recapture old visas (so say the spinners) that weren’t used in previous years due to 'bureaucratic delays' and give 550,000 aliens green cards -- on top of the 1 million that are already set to receive them next year!  Of course, they could also bring their families.

This is an outrageous attack on American workers led by Rep Zoe Lofgren representing High-Tech Multinational Businesses of Silicon Valley California.  We expect the Judiciary Committee vote as early as today!  Call now!

Consider that, officially, Unemployment soared to 6.1% this past month,(in fact, it is about 14% according to shadowstats.com) and now members of Congress representing Multinational businesses want to add more foreign workers, resulting in more wage depression and job loss for American workers!  We can’t let this happen!  Call your Congressman or Congresswoman and let them know that you oppose H.R. 5882.

There are three other threats currently pending in the House.  While you’re on the phone, be sure to demand that these other pieces of legislation are stopped immediately:

  1. H.R. 5924 –Raises the cap for foreign nurses and therapists through 2011.

  2. H.R. 5950 – Requires the Department of Homeland Security to provide full mental and medical healthcare to all Illegal Alien Detainees.

  3. H.R. 6020 – Grants Amnesty to all Illegal Aliens serving in the military, and also extends it to their families

 Tell your Congressman or Congresswoman to vote:

  • NO on these atrocious Bills

  • YES on a seven-year zero net immigration moratorium

  • YES to a physical fence at the border.

The aforementioned bills would only exacerbate our population and environmental problems, and our country simply cannot sustain that.

Once you’re off the phone, support Population-Environment Balance in its important work.  With your support, we can put the U.S. on the road to population stabilization, environmental protection, and sustainability!