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Alert Archive: September 2008

September 2008

ALERT! Our Future When U.S Population Doubles!


Worried about the USA's growing carbon footprint?

Concerned about the growing shortage of fresh water for humans and endangered species?

Dismayed that the War on Poverty is being lost?

Fed up with overcrowded schools, hospitals, and roads?

Sure that we will have to drill for oil off-shore to accommodate our growing energy needs?

Terrified of having a "Soylent Green" society in our grandchildren's lifetime?

It is not inevitable that U.S. population will double. But it will double unless you and others help Population-Environment Balance and its ASAP! Coalition Allies put a stop to importing people by the millions, people from high birthrate cultures that have already wrecked the economy and environment in their own countries.

Support BALANCE in working for U.S. population stabilization to protect our environment by pushing for a Moratorium on Mass Legal Immigration, and a Real Physical Fence in key areas along our border!