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Alert Archive: September 2010

September 2010

Save American Jobs & Environment
Support Arizona and US Citizens,
Enhance National and Personal Security!
Help Surmount The Threat

The  Obama Administration has recently attacked Arizona’s citizens' attempt to defend themselves from a crossborder invasion by illegal immigrants, including Human and Drug Traffickers and Mexican Drug Cartels. 

Outrageously, the Obama Administration is also investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for actually enforcing the law.  And the Obama Administration's ICE Dept. is now DISMISSING by the thousands legitimate Deportation proceedings against Illegal Aliens.

 'Catch and Release'.  It's A BACKDOOR ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY! 

Further, the Obama Administration is pushing behind the scenes for the so-called DREAM ACT ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY and the AG-JOBS ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY. These Bills could be called in a 'Lame-Duck Session' -- where defeated Representatives and Senators get to vote -- to be called after this November's Elections. 

 With some Thirty Million Americans unemployed and underemployed, and Illegal Aliens alone costing American Taxpayers some $338 billion/yr (www.cis.org), the last thing Americans need is more Legal and Illegal Immigration. 


Two key components of this Resolution are Genuine Border Security (e.g. a secure Physical Fence) and a zero-net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration. 

Why a Moratorium on LEGAL Immigration as well?  Many reasons, including the fact that immigrants are a huge and increasing percent of the U.S. Labor Force, (e.g. California 34.5%, Texas 26.2%, Florida 23.6% and New York 25.5%--cis.org), causing Job Loss and Wage Depression for American-born citizen workers.

Indeed, The Key to helping stop Illegal Immigration is understanding 


The perception that illegal and legal immigration are two distinct demographic flows – that illegal immigrants inhabit a world separate from legal immigrants and the rest of society – is widely held.  This is, however, a false distinction.  Ample and alarming evidence shows that generous legal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration – evidence that the pro-mass immigration forces conveniently ignore.

It is no coincidence that the countries with the highest numbers of legal immigrants coming to the U.S. are also the sources of the highest number of illegal immigrants.  Once established, legal immigrants  become a magnet for friends and family who want to move to the U.S. but don’t want to wait for a green card. 

The impact of mass immigration on U.S. workers is devastating. A recent Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analysis of the immigrant share of the labor force reveals alarming numbers.  In New Jersey, for example, immigrants make up 26.8 % of the labor force.  In California the percentage is even higher – 34.5%. (A complete state by state breakdown can be found at www.cis.org

Legal Immigration Reductions = Illegal Reductions 

Far from providing a solution to our illegal immigration problems, the current Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty proposals, if approved, will serve only to intensify them.  In order to effectively combat illegal immigration, our nation’s high levels of legal immigration must be reduced.  With lower legal flows, we help to stem the tide of illegal immigration by reducing the family and economic magnets that bring so many here illegally. 

THE SOLUTION:  The solution the ASAP! COALITION advocates is a zero-net MORATORIUM on legal immigration. The zero-net provision would reduce legal to about 100,000 annually, which is the highest number that would allow the U.S. population to eventually stabilize.   

If we were to achieve this level of legal immigration, it would almost certainly reduce illegal immigration. Currently Legal Immigrants and their Offspring add about two million people annually to the US population.   Illegal immigrants and their Offspring add another 2 million/yr. to the U.S population.  

The latter is an approximate number because who knows, really, about illegal immigration??  "Official" numbers of those illegally in the US are approximately 15 million  -- lower than estimates made by other experts, whose credible estimates range up to 30 million.

Advocating a Mere 'Time Out"  or 'Suspension', is not only insufficient (because it suggests that the Multimillion annual flow is OK) but it is also Counterproductive because it legitimizes the Massive Annual Flow and thus weakens Political Clout necessary to get reductions. 

Arizona under Attack! 

On April 23, 2010, Arizona enacted S.B 1070, which requires state and local law enforcement officials to facilitate the detection of unauthorized aliens in their daily enforcement activities.  The measure also establishes criminal penalties under state law for alien smuggling offenses and failure to carry or complete alien registration documents.  Further, it makes it a crime for an illegal alien to apply for or perform work in the state, either as an employee or an independent contractor.  S.B. 1070 was modified on April 30, 2010, through the approval of H.B. 2162. 

Many are attacking Arizona’s new Immigration Law with threats of boycott and other tactics designed to injure Arizona’s economy.  The Obama administration even wants to facilitate illegal entry through our national wildlife sanctuary located at the border by permitting water stations along the routes! 


 Work to pass a Resolution in support of Arizona’s efforts to deter illegal immigration and for a zero-net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration nationally. 

ALSO,  please help Population-Environment Balance (PEB) in our efforts to support Arizona and enact a national Immigration MORATORIUM. 

 To support  PEB  go to www. balance .org

 Or by mail to: 

A sample Immigration Moratorium Resolution follows.  Send copies of this Resolution to each member of the State Congressional Delegation, each member of the State Legislature, to the National and State Associations of County Commissioners, to all representatives of the local government, State Democratic and Republican Offices and the Obama Administration, to local newspapers for general distribution, and to local radio and T.V. stations.

Print Name of Entity  (For example, Board of Commissioners, City Council, Veterans’ Organization, etc.)


(Print City or County, and State)  

Border Defense &
Immigration Moratorium Resolution

Americans have a moral obligation first to provide opportunities to our fellow citizens including our own  working poor, homeless, and unemployed, and our struggling middle class: 

             WHEREAS,      Almost 90% of  U.S. population growth is due to mass immigration  (over 2 million legal immigrants  and their Offspring, and  an estimated two million Illegals including their Offspring, are added to the U.S. Population annually;( Population-Environment BALANCE)              

             WHEREAS,      The net cost of mass immigration to U.S. Taxpayers has been estimated at between several hundred billion dollars a year (after subtracting taxes immigrants paid), including $338 Billion costs of Illegal Immigration alone (CIS) 

            WHEREAS, Mass immigration costs U.S. workers $190 billion a year, mainly by depressing wages through job competition. (Dr. George Borjas, Professor of Economics, Harvard University;) 

             WHEREAS, U.S. unemployment is over 20% according to www.shadowstats.com, and American Worker Displacement and Wage Depression caused by mass immigration increases;

            WHEREAS, Immigrant Share of the Labor Force is dramatically increasing (e.g. California 34.5%, Florida 23.6%, Texas 20.2% & New York 25.5%)

             WHEREAS,      Population growth generated by mass immigration causes increasing pressures on our environment and forces local governments and communities to spend taxpayer dollars for additional school, health care facilities, waste disposal plants, transportation systems, fire protection, water supplies, power generation plants, and many other items, at an average cost per added person of $15,400 in 1998! yet--the costs today are surely much more. (Carrying Capacity Network, “The Cost of Population Growth to Local Communities,” December, 1998);  

             WHEREAS,      A majority of Americans of all ethnic and racial backgrounds favors substantial reduction in immigration.      

            NOW, THEREFORE,                                                                      of         __________________                                                

                                                   (Print name of organization, agency, etc.)                  (Print city, state)     


That ________ supports Arizona S.B. 1070, as modified by H.B. 2162, and supports an immigration MORATORIUM on all immigration in excess of 100,000 per year followed by a  number approximately equal to annual emigration.           

That the Clerk of                                                                 (Print name of agency, organization, etc.) is hereby directed to send copies of this Resolution to each member of the State Congressional Delegation, each member of the State Legislature, to the National and State Associations of County Commissioners, to all representative of the local government, State Democratic and Republican Offices and the Obama Administration, to local newspapers of general distribution, to local radio and T.V. stations, and to post this on the organization’s web site.

Adopted As of:                           (Date)                                               Signature _______________________________                                                             

                                                                                                            (President, Director, etc.)


Pennsylvania Residents: The official registration and financial information of  Population Environment Balance, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.