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Alert Archive: August, 2013


Unfortunately, leaders of both parties in the House of Representatives have expressed their desire to pass some Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill(s) in the House this Fall, legalizing the 25 Million plus Illegals in the USA and allowing them to import and legalize Millions more of their family members.

Fortunately, some Representatives closer to their constituents intend to oppose any such Bills, not merely because Amnesty would cost U.S. Taxpayers over $6 Trillion NET (Heritage Fdn, CIS), or increase the suffering and decrease job opportunities for Americas' Millions of Unemployed, but also because Amnesty would swamp the USA's already overcrowded Medical and Education facilities and Infrastructure.

Consider that highly respected Economic Analyst John Williams of Shadowstats makes a convincing case that:

"Pending Immigration Legislation Is on Track to Damage the U.S. Economy and to Increase Domestic Poverty, Unemployment and the GAAP-Based Federal Deficit.

Given current U.S. economic and unemployment reality, and mounting global concerns as to the long-term solvency issues of the United States, enactment of the immigration legislation—currently passed by the U.S. Senate—would mean intensified domestic economic and solvency disasters...

In the current circumstance, the proposed immigration bill could not possibly perform as advertised, given the current state of the U.S. economy, U.S. unemployment (currently at 23.4% per shadowstats) and the uncontained U.S. GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles)-based federal deficit. The GAAP-based deficit hit $6.6 trillion in 2012 (including the annual deterioration in the net present value of unfunded liabilities tied to programs such as Social Security and Medicare).

Contrary to the popular hype out of Wall Street and Washington, the U.S. economy remains in its deepest and most-protracted contraction since the Great Depression, with broad-based unemployment at a post-Great Depression high. Real (adjusted for inflation) median household income collapsed along with the economy in 2008, but as official economic recovery took hold in 2009, household income continued to tumble and now is bottoming-bouncing at a multi-decade low. These structural income problems impair personal consumption—broad-based economic activity—preventing a sustainable economic expansion.

One goal of the immigration-legislation backers is to keep downside pressure on domestic wages and salaries. While that may be fine from the standpoint of employers, continued household income constraint means ongoing stagnant-to-contracting business activity—a continued lack of economic recovery.

Considering the large number of long-term discouraged workers, who are not counted in the official government unemployment measures, broad unemployment is running about 23%. That compares with the government’s headline unemployment rate of 7.6% and its broadest unemployment measure at 14.3%, including short-term discouraged workers. This is not a circumstance conducive to the system happily absorbing a large influx of immigrants, legal or otherwise.

Where economic forces could moderate some of the demand for skilled legal immigrants, a large influx of low-skilled legal immigrants (allowed by the legislation), as well forcing the illegal immigrants into the legal system, quickly would increase government spending on financial-support programs, and spike unfunded liabilities for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Despite repeated promises to the contrary, the U.S. government has demonstrated an inability and unwillingness to control the influx of illegal workers and to enforce existing laws as to the behavior of employers. Despite new legislation, given the politically-powerful special interests pushing the new law, the chances of those issues actually being resolved remain nil.

Accordingly, some of the proposed influx of low-skilled legal immigrants, and accommodation of current illegal immigrants, would push the immigrants into the already bloated, broad-based unemployment universe, into official poverty and into government support programs, as the low-skilled workers are displaced by an influx of new, even lower-cost undocumented workers.

If the immigration package were not enacted, although domestic conditions still would be beset with horrendous difficulties—on which the Congress might consider working—the U.S. economy would be relatively stronger, the long-term fiscal condition of the United States would be relatively better and the long-term discouraged unemployed would have relatively better prospects for finding gainful employment."

Shadowstats, 7/17/2013

One Key Point—the United States already has an Overpopulated Labor Market, including an entirely adequate supply of American tech workers (cf. earlier BALANCE eAlerts)!

And regarding Speaker Boehner's and Leader Cantor's point that Amnestying the Children who were brought to the USA by their Illegal Alien Parents (whom, BTW, could immediately be legalized, along with millions of family members, after their adult children were legalized), is a matter of "Fairness," we ask:

What about FAIRNESS TO AMERICAN YOUNG PEOPLE. Some 25% of the 18 to 24 year-old group is already unemployed! And they are finding it increasingly difficult to finance their educations due to Massive National Debt which would be greatly increased by passage of an Amnesty.


Regarding Negative Environmental Impacts, the effects of Mass Illegal Border Crossings—1,000 TONS of Garbage dumped in Arizona alone last year, Destruction of Vegetation and Wildlife Habitat in Nature Preserves, etc.—have been fairly well documented.

But Mass Immigration now threatens Essential Limited Natural Resource Supplies Case in Point: WATER. The Edwards Aquifer is the Main Potable Water Source for much of South Central Texas, including San Antonio. But The League of United Latin American Citizens has filed suit demanding a Majority of Board Members on the Edwards Aquifer Control Authority on the grounds that over sixty percent of the Population of San Antonio's 1.4 Million Residents are Hispanic (vDare). But a substantial portion of these Residents are not Citizens, and of the Non-Citizens many are Illegals who come from countries which lack a pro-environmental protection culture. If the Suit is successful, consider what commitment to U.S. Environmental Protection Non-Citizen Residents of South Texas are likely to have!

Some savvy Representatives oppose ANY Bill coming out of the House, even an Ostensible Border Security Enhancement Bill, because any such bill would be melded with the Disastrous Provisions of the Senate Bill in Conference Committee (see earlier BALANCE eAlerts for details).

Because of the Danger of taking any such House Bill(s) to conference committee, please ask your representatives to vote AGAINST ANY, EVERY, and ALL IMMIGRATION BILLS ORIGINATING IN THE HOUSE...

The bottom line: The Senate's S. 744 dies if no immigration Bill at all – none whatsoever – comes out of the House. Amnesty dies if the House won't play. It takes two to tango!

Please ask Representatives (many of whom are in Home Districts this Holiday) to avoid immigration during this legislative term. Don't sponsor a Bill, and Vote No on any Bill that raises its head. Make sure that NO Immigration Bill comes to the House floor, unless it is solely a Border Security Bill which would NOT go to conference with the Senate Bill!

STOP the Immigration and Amnesty Bills that already are aborning in the House of Representatives. TANGO – OR FANDANGO – WITH THE OPEN BORDERS CROWD CANNOT POSSIBLY COME TO A GOOD END!

This Immigration 'Amnesty' Tidal Wave Bill would create a Demographic, Budgetary, and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration is already creating.

Given the Senate set-up, now is NOT the time even to push a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill. Ask your Representative to Vote NO on ANY IMMIGRATION Bill.

Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

And please help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to ANY Bill NOW!

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