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Alert Archive: August 2009

August 2009


           The battle over health care reform may be grabbing all the headlines during recent months, however, President Obama and the open border advocates are getting ready to push new amnesty legislation through Congress as early as September.

During a recent trip to Mexico, President Obama said that he wanted to give “an opportunity for those who are already in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so they don’t have to live in the shadows.” BALANCE knows that “a pathway to citizenship” is Washington DC code for Illegal Alien Amnesty!

Illegal Alien Amnesty promoter Senator Chuck Schumer from New York, who recently assumed control of the Immigration sub-committee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, believes Congress will have a bill ready by Labor Day. Senator Schumer has held numerous meetings with the pro-amnesty lobby since late April. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has also said that he would like to see a bill brought to the Senate floor in September.

With the credible threat of a new amnesty bill on the horizon and certain Members of Congress looking to provide more incentive to the law breakers by rewarding illegal behavior and unnecessarily adding to population growth, we must do all we can to stop this attack on our country and its laws.

There is no better time than now to contact your Congressional Representatives and say NO to amnesty for illegal aliens and demand a zero-net-immigration Moratorium. Demanding a Moratorium will help stabilize America’s population and thus, preserve as well as protect our environment for future generations.

Given the increasing unemployment rate in our country (20.5% per ShadowStats.com), and the tens of billions in additional tax-payer funded health care and welfare programs, along with education and numerous other costs legalization would cause, this amnesty would be a disaster for American workers, the economy and the environment.

So we very much need you to help BALANCE stop all attempts to grant amnesty to those who have come here illegally to exploit what our country has to offer. Please donate as much as you can today.

Visiting our website at www.balance.org makes donating quick and easy. If amnesty is given to the millions of illegal aliens already in the country it will only further jeopardize our national security and contribute to making our problems worse in the future by encouraging illegal entry into the country. We must put a stop to it now!

Tell Members of Congress:

NO to Illegal Alien Amnesty!
YES to a Moratorium on Mass Immigration!

Only BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition allies push for a five year zero-net-immigration Moratorium. We earnestly ask you to make a most generous Special Donation to support the #1 population and environment organization in the United States of America… Population-Environment Balance!

Make your tax deductable contribution online. Or you may mail a check to: