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Alert Archive: August 2008

August 2008


Sen. Menendez (D-NJ), is refusing to allow the excellent E-Verify Bill to come to a vote in the Senate. If he is successful, the E-Verify program will sunset in November and we will lose one of our most effective tools for discouraging the illegal aliens invasion.

E-Verify allows employers to check, with one phone call, if job applicants are using a Social Security Number. Although entirely voluntary, the program has been a great hit with employers. Just over the last year, it has probably induced thousands of illegal immigrants to return home. Employers like E-Verify because using it immunizes them against charge of knowingly employing illegal aliens.

That said, the program is not perfect. Verification that an applicant?s Social Security number is legitimate does not rule out the possibility that the number is stolen. Efforts to cross-check E-Verify with the Social Security database, which links a number to a specific person, have so far been blocked by an Appeals Court Judge, one Judge Breyer, brother to Supreme Court Justice Breyer.

Despite E-Verify not operating perfectly, it is very good ? the best we have, and easily improved if and when Judge Breyer withdraws his objections or is overruled.

Thus, we must immediately put pressure on Sen. Menendez to allow this Bill to come up for re-authorization! Please call the Senator?s office as soon as you can and politely say that you demand that E-Verify be allowed to reach the Senate floor.

Call the Senator?s office today at 202-224-4744 and, while he is home on his August vacation, call or see him at his local office to let him know how you feel!