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Alert Archive: July 2012

July 2012



—From January, 2009 when the Obama administration took office, to June, 2012, Immigrant Employment in the USA ROSE by 1.212 Million, or 5.6%.  During the same period Native-Born employment FELL by 1.02 Million, or by.8% (Rubenstein, vDare, 7/8/12)

—In just the past 12 months Immigrants gained 725,000 Jobs! & the Immigrant labor force rose by 2.9% (Rubenstein) and

—The USA's Mass Immigration-generated population growth continues on trend to reach one billion in 2075. Indeed, if current immigration and fertility trends continue, Post 1970 Immigrants and their offspring will outnumber pre-1970 immigrants and the native born, plus their Offspring, by 2050. (BALANCE report, 2006)

—Pres. Obama's most recent Administrative Amnesty will legalize 1.4 Million Illegals (plus their Illegal alien Parents) and provide them with WORK PERMITS!
—But already a majority of illegal Alien-headed families in the US use taxpayer-funded welfare programs.

—The YEARLY Trust Fund losses of the Social Security, Medicare, and FUTA Trust Funds caused by the hiring of Foreign Workers is $1.52 BILLION (Center for Immigration Studies, D. North, 6/2012)

—Nearly 90% of U.S. Population Growth  in the past decade was caused by Mass Legal & Illegal Immigration.

—BALANCE emphasizes:  For every person added to the USA's Population, One Acre of Natural Habitat or Farmland is lost to Developed Uses. And more people added increases stress on hospitals, schools and Budgets.

—This increasing Crisis Creates an Opportunity. You can help BALANCE generate the Pressure to get Reductions:

—Our Worsening Economy will increasingly force the foregoing Facts into the Media and Public View in the next few months.  If we all work at it, the linkages between mass immigration and many of our environmental and economic problems will become even more obvious.

ACT NOW— There is simply no justification for continuing Mass Immigration...so

—Ask your Representatives to sponsor a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill. This not only Maximizes pressure to get reductions, but also sends the right message: Enough is Enough!

—Merely pushing Incremental Reductions without also pushing a Moratorium is counterproductive because it sends the message that merely making incremental changes is sufficient.

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—BALANCE needs your support at this critical time.  Go to Population-Environment Balance

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