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Alert Archive: July 2008

July 2008

ALERT! E-Verify in Danger
Save E-Verify - A Key Defense Against Illegal Immigration


           Unless Congress renews it, E-Verify is going to sunset at the end the year. E-Verify is the voluntary federal government program in which any U.S. company can send the Social Security number of a job applicant to the Social Security Administration for verification.

            Half of U.S population growth in the past decade has come from illegal immigration, and the E-Verify program is a key defense to stopping illegal immigration at this time.  Currently over 75,000 U.S. companies have voluntarily signed up for the program.

            E-Verify hangs in the balance and in the Ways and Means Committee.  Place calls today to Ways and Means Committee members and tell them E-Verify is good for American Workers.  We pressure them because if we lose E-Verify, we lose a key tool in stopping illegal immigration.

            Starting Monday please call the following U. S. Representatives and ask them to vote to renew E-Verify.

           Sam Johnson   Texas           202 225-4201
           John Boehner   Ohio             202 225-6205
           Roy Blunt         Missouri       202 225-6536
           Jim McCrery    Louisiana      202 225-2777

            Tell them that they must get E-verify done and they can not hide behind a Presidential Veto.  While you're on the phone, be sure to tell your Congressmen that you want a Zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium and a physical fence at the border.

ACHIEVING U.S. POPULATION STABILIZATION.  No other strategy will get us real reductions and stabilize our population.
           Only BALANCE and its ASAP Coalition Allies push a zero-net-immigration moratorium.  We earnestly ask you to dig down deep and make as large a Special Donation as you can this year to support the #1 population and environment organization in the U.S -- Population-Environment