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Alert Archive: May 2012

May 2012

Immigration Reduction Opportunity!


Though achieving a Reduction in the some Two Million Legal Immigrants and Offspring added annually to the U.S. population, may seem Unrealistic any month soon, it is NOT, and notwithstanding the current Gridlock in Washington D.C.

Consider the Facts:

--According to an April, 2012 DHS report, some one Million sixty thousand Immigrants were admitted to Permanent Legal Residency in the USA via Green Cards in 2011, and were thus AUTHORIZED TO WORK!

--In addition hundreds of thousands of (temporary) work-authorized persons are admitted to the USA each year via Visa's categories such as H1b. Many of these stay permanently, legally or not.

--About 90% of the USA's 150,000/month population increase is thus caused by Mass Immigration.

--But according to the BLS only 115,000 jobs were created in April, 2012. And that number is an overstatement meaning, Bogus, because according to the CES Birth/Death Job Adjustment used by the BLS, it was ASSUMED, Without hard evidence but only an algorithm based on historical trends, the BLS assumes that small business created 206,000 jobs in April. If one disregards this Birth/Death Fudge Factor, the U.S. economy actually lost 91,000 net jobs in April, 2012

--The Statistical Chicanery of estimating new jobs from the Birth/Death model has occurred month after month for several years in official BLS reports. 

Moreover, the primary BLS unemployment number does NOT count persons who have been unemployed for more than six months. One statistic stretches that to count persons unemployed for up to a year, which brings unemployment up to approximately 16 percent. 

However, no government agency reports unemployment by the method used up through 1980. With that methodology, US unemployment is over 22 percent [see shadowstats].

--Thus the Real U.S. Unemployment Rate has been over 22% for many months and is NOT improving  and, on current trends, seems not likely to improve.

--Last, and worse, as the U.S. approaches the Lame Duck Session set to begin after this November's Presidential Election, the country is approaching what is commonly called a 'Fiscal Cliff'.

--Unless there are spending cuts, the U.S. will have to borrow even more than the One Trillion/year it now borrows.

--Spending cuts (i.e. Austerity a la Greece) will dampen Economic Activity. But so will increased taxes, with the Bush Tax cuts slated to Expire January 1, 2013.

EITHER WAY (or some Combination of both) Unemployment is likely to RISE even further beginning after the Fall Election.

This will highlight the fact that continuing Mass Immigration takes Jobs that could be taken by Americans.

Thus we need to begin NOW to publicize the fact that Mass Immigration takes jobs which could go to Americans.

Please help us in this Mass Education campaign by
 --sending this email to your friends, and
 --donating as generously as you can to BALANCE.

And tell your representatives that America's unemployed need a zero-net MORATORIUM on Mass Immigration, if the U.S. is to have any hope of improving the Employment Environment.

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance | PO Box 268 | San Francisco | CA | 94104-0268 | US