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Alert Archive: May 2009


May 2009


AGJOBS & DREAM Act Amnesty Bills Threaten Again –

Sen. Schumer Holds Hearing on Amnesty Bill

Comprehensive "Reform" (Amnesty) Rears Ugly Head –

Legal Immigration Increases Also Likely

Obama White House "Reform" Meeting June 8th!

            Ominous signs are emanating from Capitol Hill that we are headed for another fight over a massive Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill, and sooner rather than later.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, recently conducted a hearing entitled, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?”

           The "We" here is the Open Borders Lobby.  As of now, they hold many of the cards with a popular pro-Amnesty Democratic President, and pro-Amnesty Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress.  It is only a matter of weeks before we witness a major Amnesty push.   They’re laying the groundwork now, and we are intensifying our preparation.

            The Open Borders Lobby appears unconcerned with the 6.6 million continuing claims for unemployment insurance (May 21, 2009, Agora Publications) or that initial unemployment claims reported this week topped 630,000, or that de facto US unemployment is 20% (www.shadowstats.com).  How numb can legislators be?  Are they unaware that Americans and established legal immigrants need the jobs that would be vacated if Homeland Security deported people not entitled to be in the United States????

            Talk of Amnesty sends exactly the opposite message and it is the WRONG message.  Nevertheless, threats of Amnesty are Real and Imminent!

            Any day now we expect the Open Borders Lobby to move from their “Stealth” Mode to a BLITZKRIEG to pass the Illegal Alien Amnesty including the DREAM Act, an AGJobs Bill, plus Legal Immigration increases!  These Bills would allow virtually all of the 25 to 30 million Illegals now in the USA to eventually become legal residents.  Yes these Bills contain certain very minimal requirements which an Illegal must in theory meet to get on the path to permanent legal residency.  But there is nothing in these Bills which ensures that these requirements will be met.

            This Illegal Alien Amnesty/legal immigration increase threat makes it more important than ever to push for a zero-net-immigration Moratorium.

            Only pushing a Moratorium calls the whole enterprise of Mass Immigration into question and creates sufficient pressure to stop the Illegal Alien Amnesty, the AgJobs Bill, the DREAM Act, and Legal Immigration increases.

            Contact your Members of Congress TODAY to tell them that you oppose all these Bills and that you want a zero-net-immigration MORATORIUM.

            Given the composition of the new Congress, we have an uphill battle!

            Given increasing unemployment in the USA, and the tens of billions in additional taxpayer-funded Health Care, Education, and other costs legalization of these Illegals would cause, this Amnesty would be a disaster for American workers, the economy and the environment.

            So we very much need you to help BALANCE stop these Bills.  Please donate as much as you can today.  

            If these Bills pass it will be the end of the USA as we know it!

            Contact members of Congress to say:

            NO! to an Illegal Alien Amnesty!
            NO! to the DREAM Act Amnesty (S. 729 and H.R. 1751)!
            NO! to the AgJobs Amnesty (S. 1038 and HR 2414)!
            YES! to a Moratorium on Mass Immigration!
            YES! to extending the E-Verify Program!
            YES! to the “No Birthright Citizenship” Bill (HR 1868)!
            NOW the USA needs a Moratorium more than ever!        

            Only BALANCE and its ASAP Coalition allies push a five year zero-net-immigration moratorium.  We earnestly ask you to dig down deep and make as large a Special Donation as you can this year to support the #1 population and environment organization in the U.S -- Population-Environment BALANCE! 

            Visit www.balance.org to make your tax-deductible contribution online.  Or mail a check to: