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Alert Archive: April, 2015


The Tidal Wave of Legal (100,000/month) and Illegal Aliens Flooding into the USA not only Stresses Budgets —  if Pres. Obama's Executive Amnesty is implemented at some point American Taxpayers will have to pay $1.3 Trillion for the Amnestied Aliens Social Security and Medicare alone! (Rector, Heritage Fdn.) — but the Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth is already seriously threatening U.S. Food and Water Supplies.
Consider that California, the U.S.A.’s Leading Source of Fruits and Vegetables, and other crops, has only one year of water left in its above-ground Reservoirs. Further, it is drawing down Groundwater, thus permanently damaging some underground reservoirs (Jay Famiglietti, NASA/Cal Tech).
Serious Drought Conditions affect 37% of the U.S.A. (National Drought Monitor — usdroughtmonitor.unl.edu). The Great Plains Oglalla Acquifer is another being drawn down unsustainably, and thus there is a Serious Threat that another Dust Bowl a la the 1930s, is developing. Food Supplies from the Great Plains, as well as California, are at risk.
Supposed Techno-fixes (Desalination) are very capital intensive and produce low volumes of water per unit of money and energy expended to create them.  The problem, more than inefficient use of water, is too many users.

Californians are being encouraged to drink processed sewer water because the process is half as expensive as desalination (David Sedlak, UCBerkeley). San Diegans already are (BALANCE eAlert, December 2014).
By coming to the USA from poorer countries, immigrants dramatically increase their "Ecological Footprint" — the resources used by each person in a population.  The average person in an industrialized society uses far more resources than in a non-industrialized one, which is one reason people come to the U.S.A., i.e., to use more resources. The detriment to the U.S. environment from over-population has worldwide implications. 
As Environmentalist Frosty Wooldridge points out, we are experiencing a developing Tragedy of the Commons:
"...immigration, changes a 0.4 acres ecological footprint-per Somalian or Ethiopian into a 25.4 acres ecological footprint when they reach our shores … that should concern everyone because with 100 Million immigrants to be added in the next 30 years (IF current rates of legal and illegal immigration continue -Ed.) that’s 5.4 Billion acres (of natural habitat or farmland) destroyed." 
For every person added to the U.S. population, one acre of Farm Land or Wildlife Habitat is converted to developed uses!  (Pimentel et. al. Cornell).  And, calculations of Water Use per capita can be misleadingly low, because they often omit the amount of water needed to support the crops to feed each additional person added to the population. 
The U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) just announced a Program whereby the RELATIVES of the 5 million plus Amnestied Illegal Aliens will also be eligible for Residency, Citizenship and Government (i.e., taxpayer-funded) Benefits, and Work Permits! And these benefits include “Free” Medical Care — appx. One Million Illegals would be eligible for MediCal in California alone, for example. And the cost to California taxpayers for Illegals’ health care alone would be $1.3 Billion (S. Frank, California Political News).
Those eligible, according to this Executive Ukase, are spouses, grandchildren and adult children of Illegal Aliens! This is creating a Chain Migration Tidal Wave with a Vengeance!  As with the Amnestied Illegals, there are no Age, Education or Health Requirements, which means that most of those admitted will likely be low-skilled and highly dependent on “Free” Education, Health Care and other Taxpayer-funded Benefits.
Chain migration is no small threat. Under the “family preference” system in place for legal immigrants since 1965, SEVENTEEN relatives, on average, come to the US in the wake of each initial immigrant. The record also shows that those who follow are less suited to enter the U.S. workforce and more likely to need assistance than the initial migrant. Many immigrant groups have much higher fertility rates after arriving in the U.S. than do the native born.
And Since 2000, Eighteen Million immigrants have entered our U.S.A., but only 9.3 Million Jobs have been created during that period (cis.org).
Moreover, virtually none of these immigrants are being screened to determine if they are Terrorists (like those in Paris), Drug Cartel members, or Gang members, or if any have communicable Diseases. All can now easily cross our Borders.
But now there is Increasing Evidence the Amnestied Illegals are indeed bringing Disease (B. Carson and M. Siegel, MDs) and specifically Measles, a Dangerous Flu Strain, and drug-resistant TB (M. Savage, Epidemiologist). Thus, the Tidal Wave of Aliens is not only a Threat to our Natural and Budgetary Environments, but also to our Public Health Environment.
ACT NOW! To Stop the Alien Flood, ask your Federal Representatives to:
1) Push for Passage of the State and Local Law Enforcement Act (H.R. 1148 Gowdy R-S.C.), which would  

  • authorize State and Local Law Enforcement (some 200,000 Strong) to enforce Immigration Laws as long as consistent with Federal Law and,
  • withhold Grants from Sanctuary Cities which defy Law Enforcement, and
  • expedite the Removal of Criminal Aliens, and
  • Defund Obama's Executive Amnesty
  Some claim that it is not worth pushing this Bill, that it might not pass the Senate, that it will get vetoed, that the Supreme Court will eventually act on Executive Amnesty.  These arguments are NOT Valid.  Courts are after all influenced by Public Opinion, so it is very important to ensure they know what Public Opinion on this issue is.  And regarding the possibilities for passage, or being vetoed, various future Crises Scenarios are possible, and more or less probable, many of which would make enactment into law probable.
2) Pass the Birthright Citizenship Act H.R. 140 (King R-Iowa) and S.45 retaining the provision which requires one parent to be an American Citizen, but deleting the provision that allows citizenship if one parent is merely a legal resident. Tens of thousands of Foreign “Birth Tourists” enter the U.S.A. each year to have their Children. For example, in 2012, 10,000 Chinese Nationals gave birth in the U.S.A. (CNN Money).
3)  And for Californians who read this, encourage Governor Brown to veto any and all Bills coming before him which would facilitate continuing Mass Immigration into California, and which encourage even more to come.  Inform him about the Drought/Water/Food/Ecological Footprint connections.   Note that State Senator Lara’s Bill S.B. 4 would allocate $1.3 Billion of California Taxpayers’ money to pay for Illegal Alien Health Care alone. (S. Frank, California Political News)
4)  Finally, absolutely ESSENTIAL to stopping the Alien Tidal Wave is pushing for a zero-net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration.
From a Political-Strategic Perspective, pushing a zero-net Moratorium is Essential to delegitimize the whole Notion of Mass Immigration. Also, pushing a Moratorium is Essential to maximize Political Pressure to get some Reductions at least. BALANCE’s Moratorium Push MAXIMIZES Political Pressure and thus is the most efficient use of our Activists’ time and money.
Refusing to push a Moratorium (as certain Inside-the-Beltway Mass Immigration Management [de facto] Groups do), is a Recipe for Failure as the past two decades have shown, since that is merely Defensive.
Such a Refusal is, indeed, Counterproductive — merely pushing for “immigration reform,” legitimizes the continuation of Mass Immigration because it sends the message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just tweak it a little bit.  And it is even worse to push for "Controlled Immigration for the National Interest" because that sends the message that Mass Immigration IS in the National Interest. As well, being merely Defensive increases the chances of passage of Bad Bills, e.g., Illegal Alien Amnesties, and the Issuance of Unconstitutional Executive Orders.
BALANCE is a co-Sponsor of the ASAP! (Alliance to Stabilize America’s Population) Coalition which,  with the agreement of Activist leaders of over 45 other organizations, decided to push for a Moratorium AS A FIRST PRIORITY, nearly two decades ago.
Having a zero-net Moratorium goal is key as a long-term objective because it is reasonable and Essential for long-term Environmental Protection (and it would still allow admission of appx 150,000 immigrants per year, including spouses and minor children of U.S. Citizens).
A zero-net Moratorium is The Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency in State and Local Government (especially for our Health Care and Educational Institutions), Tax Reduction, Unemployment Reduction and Social Cohesion … and for protection of our Food and Water Supplies.
So PLEASE Help BALANCE Intensify our push for the foregoing 4-Point Program. Our Environment and Our Nation are at stake!!
Certain Well-Funded Cheap Labor Advocates on the Right, and Ethnic Power and Government Benefits Recipients on the Left, are pushing hard for implementation of this Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty, AND FOR MASSIVE INCREASES IN LEGAL IMMIGRATION!
Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop them! Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).
And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.
So Please Help BALANCE Intensify our push for the aforementioned four-point program, TODAY, NOW! 

BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Please DONATE at our website: balance.org www.balance.org, or to donate via U.S mail, please send to:

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