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Alert Archive: March 2010

March 2010


The Obama/Pelosi victory in passing the Senate healthcare Bill has given momentum to other Administration agenda items. President Obama and Open Borders advocates have been hard at work getting ready to push new Illegal Alien Amnesty legislation through Congress. Indeed, Obama recently reconfirmed his intention.

As Population Environment Balance predicted, the Open Borders lobby has stepped up the pressure on Congress to pass another Illegal Alien Amnesty, and soon. Amid reports that Hispanic groups are threatening to withhold votes for Democratic candidates, President Obama appears to be moving full speed ahead to ram through a "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e. Amnesty) bill before the midterm elections.

Just over a week ago, President Obama hosted members of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, members of the Pro-Amnesty, Open Borders lobby, and Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) at the White House to discuss a proposed Amnesty bill. According to news reports, under the proposed legislation all illegal immigrants would have to do is admit they broke the law, pay a fine and back taxes, and perform community service and they could become permanent legal residents - - all 25 to 30 million of them!

In a move evidently choreographed to coincide with the meeting and increase the pressure, Amnesty supporters from across the country converged on Washington, D.C. this past Sunday for a rally to demand that the U.S. Congress pass legislation granting Amnesty to all illegal aliens currently residing in the United States.

As BALANCE supporters know, Illegal Alien Amnesties only encourage more illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants and their offspring already add over 2 million a year to the U.S. population. Just think of the increased job loss, wage depression, strain on the environment and burden on budgets, hospitals and schools such an Amnesty would cause - - and at a time when millions of Americans are out of work! Indeed, Real U.S. unemployment is over 20% according to www.shadowstats.com.

When Amnesty was last considered by Congress, Dr. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimated that the net fiscal cost would be $100 billion annually. That threatened burden on the taxpayer cannot be smaller today, given the additional entitlements contained in new healthcare legislation.

With the credible threat of a new Amnesty bill on the horizon and certain members of Congress looking to provide more incentive to law breakers by rewarding illegal behavior, we must do all we can to stop this attack on our country and its laws. This push for Amnesty only encourages more to cross our borders illegally to become an even greater burden on our schools, hospitals and our environment!

Unfortunately, given the composition of Congress, stopping this Illegal Alien Amnesty will be a greater uphill battle than usual. The 2007 Kennedy-McCain push for Amnesty was stopped only by a telephone barrage that effectively shut down telephone service on Capitol Hill on the morning of the vote!

Contacts with Congress should begin early, and continue, because some legislators appear to prefer full mailboxes to messages from constituents! So contact your Congressional Representatives and say NO to Amnesty for illegal aliens and demand a zero-net-immigration Moratorium.

Pushing a Moratorium is essential because it calls the whole enterprise of Mass Immigration into question, and maximizes downward pressure on numbers.

Merely calling for an immigration "suspension" or "time out" is not only insufficient, but it is counterproductive, because it suggests that ongoing Mass Legal (2 million per year including offspring) immigration a good thing, from which we need only a temporary respite. This is counterproductive Nonsense. Our millions of unemployed Americans need and deserve a Moratorium which would, among other things, stop the issuance of the 125,000 Worker Visas which our USA issues to Foreign Workers every Month!

Washington heard from the Pro-Amnesty crowd this past Sunday. We need to make sure that those of us opposed to an Illegal Alien Amnesty are heard as well!

WE MUST ACT NOW: Contact Your Senators and Representative!!

  • Tell them you do not want an Illegal Alien Amnesty in any form!
  • Remind them that American voters reject Amnesty proposals. With 15 million (at least) Americans out of work, the last thing we need is for Congress to be "legalizing" illegal workers and inviting more to come across the border.
  • Demand a zero-net-immigration Moratorium. A Moratorium will help stabilize America's population and thus, preserve as well as protect our environment for future generations.

We very much need you to help BALANCE in stopping all attempts to grant Amnesty to those who have come here illegally to exploit what our country has to offer.

Only BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition allies push for a zero-net-immigration Moratorium. We earnestly ask you to make a tax-deductible donation today to support the #1 population and environment organization in the United States of America - - Population-Environment Balance!

Help us carry on our USA-saving fight by donating online at www.Balance.org. Or, you may mail a check to: