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No kidding! Clean water gets increasingly scarce while demand grows with population growth. About 90% of the USA’s population growth comes from Mass Immigration and children born to recent immigrants. Over 1.5 Million immigrants settle in the USA LEGALLY, far more than come illegally!

The potable water shortages are becoming ever more severe and widespread, especially in the Midwest, Southwest and certain Coastal Areas of the USA. Longtime citizens endure the downsides of population growth and consequent crowding, and environmental degradation, while the benefits are few.

Two cities in West Texas on the periphery of the rapidly-depleting Ogallala Aquifer are ALREADY using treated toilet effluent for their drinking water! And as the Ogallala continues to deplete and, IF the Population continues to grow, more cities will have to convert to Toilet to Tap! Ugh!!

The ongoing multi-state Ogallala Aquifer Depletion is an Object Lesson for the fact that Land Area alone does not provide sufficient resource carrying capacity for a growing population.

And the water shortage (i.e., population longage) is so dire that several California cities, including Los Angeles) are already seriously considering implementing Toilet to Tap, and some already have! Ugh!! (See Note). Governor Jerry Brown, and other state officials, are promoting Toilet to Tap and would apparently rather continue to invite Illegal Immigrants to the Sanctuary State and Sanctuary Cities, AND continue to welcome 400,000 LEGAL Immigrants per year, than giving priority to the needs of American Citizens and longtime Legal Immigrants.

Further, sectors of California’s once thriving economy are increasingly at risk. California farmers and cities have already drawn down the Central Valley Aquifer far in excess of annual recharge rates. And there is NO TECH FIX!! Desalination is expensive, capital intensive, and the amounts produced are tiny relative to the amounts demanded by farmers and a growing population in the cities. We reiterate, about 90% of California’s population growth comes from the annual 400,000 per year LEGAL immigrant inflow!

And there are other good reasons to stop U.S population growth. “For every person added to the U.S. population, one acre of prime farm land or Natural Habitat is converted to developed uses.” (Cornell , Pimentel, et. al.)

And consider:... U.S. Taxpayers Pay $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) to pay for the federal costs of LEGAL Immigration alone.

Thus, the NET cost to citizens and longtime legal residents is:

  1. $3.3 TRILLION prospectively for Decade

  2. But that does NOT include additional COSTS to States and Localities or the cost of illegal immigrants, locally or federally

  3. In sum, that is $758 MILLION NET per Year for Each Congressional District. That is, it costs on average $1000 per American taxpayer per year NET!

  4. 62% of that cost is for “free” (i.e., U.S. Taxpayer-funded) Health Care, Health Insurance, & Welfare (see Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study).


The ONLY solution is thus an all-categories-included zero-net MORATORIUM on LEGAL Immigration (which would still allow admission of appx. 150,000 Immigrants per year.)

But BALANCE (balance.org) and its ASAP! Coalition Partners are the ONLY Activist Organizations pushing a zero-net Moratorium. If an organization does not push a Moratorium, it is not an ASAP! Coalition member and NOT a Genuine Mass Immigration Reduction Group. Instead it is a Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Group—a Crucial Distinction.

This is because Bills now being pushed by the Mass Immigration Management groups would NOT solve the problem.  Indeed, their pushing these Bills and refusing to push a Moratorium is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE because it legitimizes a Continuation of Mass Immigration, but just at a lower level, and thus of More Toilet to Tap...Should you Tell them “Ugh”!! when they ask for your Support??!!

And even if one claims those Bills would be an improvement over the current situation, the best (and ONLY) way to get them passed is NOT to overtly support them, but to push for more than one expects to get, that is, to push for a zero-net all-categories-included MORATORIUM. [Rule #1 of Negotiation: always ask for more than you expect to get.]

In sum, TOILET TO TAP, and other increasing Environmental and other Costs are in our near future unless BALANCE’s SOLUTION succeeds!! So contact your Representatives and please do one other thing...

BALANCE cannot succeed in Mobilizing Activists for success unless we can greatly intensify our effort NOW and the ONLY WAY we can do that is if you make a Tax-Deductible DONATION TODAY!

Donations are urgently needed NOW. Congress is actively considering Immigration Legislation NOW!

Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a zero-net Moratorium, create much more Political Clout for reduction in immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, whose positions are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE because they legitimize a continuation of Mass Immigration.

So Please DONATE NOW by credit card at our website: BALANCE.ORG or, to donate by check via U.S mail, please send to:

Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Clean, fresh potable water is in all our best interests. The only way to safeguard our sanitary water supply AND our environment and limit Taxes is a serious reduction in population growth. One simple way to accomplish that is by reducing LEGAL and Illegal Immigration.

With appreciation for our faithful Activists and Donors,

Population-Environment Balance

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Mailing address:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Washington, DC address:
Population-Environment Balance | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300 | Washington DC, 20006

BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.

BALANCE is the leading National Organization publicizing information regarding the
Threat of Mass Immigration-generated population growth to our Environment, Nation, Budgets, and Personal Safety and Mobilizing Activists to reduce it.

NOTE: There is considerable evidence that certain Southern California cities are ALREADY SURREPTITIOUSLY drinking TOILET TO TAP “WATER” and all of Orange County And almost needless to say, these recycled Toilet Effluent Drinkers would not publicize this fact...you could just hear the AD: “Come to __________ City so you can drink Toilet to Tap ‘Water’ along with us!!!” NOT!



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