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Alert Archive: February 2013

February 2013



The 'Gang of Eight' Open Borders Senators, and an ideologically compatible Group of House members are working, now behind closed doors, to flesh out the Details of their so-called Comprehensive Immigration 'Reform' Bill.

'Comprehensive' and 'Reform' are Washington words that should send Chills up every American's spine. Paraphrasing Will Rogers, it means that "the Congress is back from vacation and we definitely are not safe!!!"

It now appears that once these Bills are introduced, the Open Borders lobby will try to Ram them through Blitzkrieg-Style, to shut off rational consideration.

The Bill is styled as 'Reform' but it would really unleash a Flood of Immigration, Legal and Illegal. The Illegal Alien Amnesty provisions alone are bad enough.

  • The 24 Million plus Illegal Aliens in the USA would be Amnestied with all the Negative Budgetary, Environmental, and Unemployment consequences that entails, (our Apologies for using the Official but grossly inaccurate 11 million number in our earlier Alert).
  • Indeed, the 'leaked' Obama Administration Plan would reward these 24 Million lawbreakers by offering them a 'Lawful Prospective Immigrant Visa,' AND would allow them to bring spouses and children living overseas into the USA – a Veritable Flood of Millions more Immigrants.

But the Gang of Eight's January presentation and other sources make it clear that their Bill is much more than an Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill, as if that were not bad enough.

  • In addition, it would dramatically increase the number of Low-Skilled Admittees to the USA. Not only does this group get Free (i.e., Taxpayer supported) Medical Care and Education, but 36% of them use at least one Welfare Program! (cis)

  • And in an added insult to the 25 Million Unemployed and Underemployed American Workers, it would dramatically increase the number of Work Visas for Immigrant Workers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). But Unemployment Rates for our own
    STEM graduates are already 6% to 12% depending on the Specific Field.

  • This would worsen the Trend which has developed during the Obama presidency during which Foreign-born employment increased by 1.72 Million while Native-born Employment decreased by 620,000.

  • And according to a BALANCE study reflected in the Chart on our website, 90% of U.S. Population growth from now to 2050 would be caused by Mass Immigration. (And even the Open-Borders-leaning Pew Research Foundation says the number is 82%!) Horrifically, the Comprehensive Reform (i.e., Flood) bill would dramatically increase the Numbers and Rate of U.S. Population Growth.

  • Of course, this Growth not only greatly adversely affects Hospitals and Schools, and the Taxpayers who support them, but also adversely affects the environment. For every person added to the U.S. population one acre of Wild or Farm land is converted to Developed uses. California alone has lost hundreds of thousands of acres of Prime Farmland due to Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth.

  • And since the Per Capita Resource Consumption by Immigrants to the United States rises quickly to American levels, the Carbon Footprint and other Negative Environmental caused by those additional Consumers dramatically increases.

We do not need more immigrant workers, and the law already authorizes the admission of temporary Agricultural workers.

Help BALANCE send the message Loud and Clear that Mass Immigration must Stop and that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Flood!) Bill must be stopped.

Tell your Representatives in Congress that what we need is a zero-net Immigration Moratorium. (Indeed, failing to push a Moratorium simultaneously with supporting good bills and opposing Bad Bills like the C.I.R., is counterproductive, because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just tweak the Numbers a bit. That is why Genuine Reduction groups push hard for a Moratorium at every Opportunity.)

"Had a Moratorium been in effect since 1996, the 20.5 Million native-born Americans unemployed or underemployed as of December, 2012 would be as much as 9.85 Million lower today – a reduction of nearly 50%." Ed. Rubenstein, vdare, ESR Research

And also ask your Representatives to co-sponsor
H.R. 140, Rep. King (R-IA) which would eliminate Birthright Citizenship for children born to a parent (who is in the USA illegally), and
H.R. 477, Rep. Gingery (R-GA) which would Eliminate Chain Migration of Adults other than immediate family members.

In sum, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (C.I.R.) is Washington D.C. "Code" for Opening the Floodgates even wider to even higher levels of Mass Immigration.

If we are ever to reduce the intensifying Population Growth trend in the USA we must stop C.I.R. in order to Protect our Natural, Employment, and Fiscal Environment!

Please Mobilize your Friends on behalf of our Cause, by forwarding this email to them.

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Thank you,