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Alert Archive: February 2012

February 2012

Obama Administration Uses Environment as Pretext to Block Border & Environmental Protection


ACT NOW to support ' Protection from Transnational Gangs' Initiative.

Using the Guise of Environmental Protection, the Obama Administration is blocking Border Control Agents' access to public lands along the border.

This has allowed cross-border Human and Drug traffickers to run wild in these environmentally sensitive areas, and in the process to seriously damage them.

"The criminals have destroyed the federal public land..." and "keeping the Border Control off simply allows illegal alien traffic to cause more damage." said Vice-Chairman Zack Taylor of the National Association of Former Border Control Officers, "It is the ploy of the Open Borders advocates to keep Border Control out and let the illegal aliens and drugs in."

As if that were not bad enough, the Obama Administration has begun to shut down the Program (287(g)) which deputized local police officers to act as immigration officers. Local police placing immigration holds on Illegal Aliens and transfering them to ICE -- the program being blocked -- is a way of defeating certain cities' Illegal Alien Sanctuary City policies.

Incredibly, the Obama Adm. is implementing these policies at a time when our public lands and Borders are increasingly less secure. For example, San Diego county prosecutors recently revealed evidence that Drug Cartels have dissolved their San Diego, California kidnapping victims in acid!

And all this comes at a time when Mass Immigration, legal and Illegal, is at an all-time high, increasingly stressing our environment, budgets, schools, and hospitals.

  • However, two Initiatives which would help stop Mass Illegal and Illegal Immigration are in process. If you are a California resident we urge you to circulate petitions to support the 'Protection from Transnational Gangs' Act. If a non-California Resident we urge you to start a similar Petition Drive in your State. Other organizations such as the American Legion are also mobilizing to circulate these petitions. Go to http://simplycast.us/bTfh?recipient_id=14URGspY1wV7KxS0BKU78xTaa_ze1ifzZe to download the petitions. The law would require law enforcers to turn over illegal aliens they have arrested to ICE, and would also require Drivers Licenses and ID issued to temporary residents to expire when the authorizing visa expires. And tell your Representatives to stop the Obama Administration from disabling the 287(g) program!

  • Since the Open Borders lobby claims that Illegal immigration would be OK if the flow were just legalized, and since Legal Mass Immigration is harmful to the Environment and Budgets, tell your Representatives that they should support a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM as well.

Thank you!