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Alert Archive: January, 2015


The Flood of Illegal and Legal Aliens entering the USA was facilitated by and will be dramatically increased by President Obama's November, 2014 Executive Illegal Alien Amnesty Order already deemed Unconstitutional by one Federal Judge and many Legal Scholars. That Order sends the Message Worldwide that if you can get into the USA you can stay . . . and receive taxpayer funded benefits!

But we have an Opportunity to Stop that Flood if we Act NOW!

Consider that 75% of the USA's Population increase of 130 Million plus to a total of 320+ Million in the last Fifty years has resulted from Immigration and Births to High-Fertility Immigrants, according to data from a recently released U.S. Census Bureau Report and Forecast. And that flow which resulted in the increase of Immigrants share of the U.S. population from 5.4 % to 12.9% is forecast to continue . . . and to increase unless we stop it.

The Negative Consequences of this Flood for the Natural, Public Health, Budgetary, Employment, and Personal and National Security Environments are already dramatic. “Our” Boston Bombers were Legal Immigrants receiving taxpayer-funded Public Assistance, and the recent Violence in Paris and other European cities was caused by Legal and Illegal Immigrants. Indeed, the “No-Go” Ethnic Enclaves which are growing in those cities, are now springing up in the U.S.

Along with Mass Immigration comes Disease. We reiterate: Dr. Marc Siegel describes the Expanding Public Health Threat.

“. . . Since illegal immigrants who enter the US are not prescreened in any way, many carry disease . . . ten to twenty-five percent of the immigrants (in Texas and Arizona) have Scabies, a highly contagious intensely itchy rash . . . Already drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading in Texas. . . Dengue Fever. . . is now spreading from the Illegal Immigrants into Texas and Arizona. . . Measles and Chickenpox are now emerging among the unvaccinated immigrants. . . now Swine Flu has appeared. . .” (Marc Siegel, MD, Fox News)

Couple this with threats of Insolvency hanging over Local, Federal and State Budgets, threats which the Mass Immigration of over a Million Legals per year plus this Illegal Alien Surge impose on School Districts, Hospitals, Law Enforcement and Infrastructure — and we have an “Existential Threat” to the USA as we have known it, as General Kelly put it.

In effect, Obama's Executive Order Amnesty is similar in Magnitude to the Migrant Population Increase which the Horrendous Senate Bill (S. 744 which died in the last Congress), would have generated. That Bill would have cost American Taxpayers a NET $6.3 Trillion (after subtracting taxes Immigrants pay) according to Heritage Foundation and cis.org studies.

And Consider the Employment Environment for Millions of Unemployed and Underemployed Americans — just since last July foreign-born employment increased by 1,028,000, while native-born employment decreased by 780,000 (Rubenstein, VDare.com).

Harvard Professor, George Borjas, estimates that our CURRENT high immigration — legal and illegal — results in a $402 Billion Wage Loss for competing American Workers, annually! Mass Immigration depresses Wages and Displaces Americans.

And consider that Legal and Illegal Immigrant families account for 42% of the growth in Medicaid Costs since 2011 (cis.org).

Kenneth Palinkas, President of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, which represents U.S Homeland Security employees who work in the Immigration area, just condemned President Obama's executive amnesty, and the lack of action in the Congress to reverse the executive actions, and the weak provisions of the Border Security Bill which just cleared the House committee.

The thousands of personnel he represents at USCIS are in “Grave Peril” resulting from the President’s Amnesty of Millions, and Congress “inaction thus far,” said Palinkas.

“Instead of meeting our lawful function to protect the Homeland and keep out those who pose a threat to US security, health, or finances, our officers will be assigned to process amnesty for individuals residing illegally inside our nation’s borders. This compromises national security and public safety, while undermining officer morale.

“The Administration’s skewed priorities mean that the Crystal City amnesty processing center will likely have superior worksite conditions for personnel relative to our normal processing centers. Additionally, the security protocols in place in this facility will be insufficient to engage in any basic screening precautions, ensuring and rewarding massive amounts of fraud. For the Administration to continue down this course after the Paris attacks is beyond belief.”

Palinkas went on to criticize members of the Senate for their lack of initiative to pass a Bill like H.R. 240 that would “reverse the amnesty.”

“Yet where is the outrage from Congress? After the House passed its legislation to reverse the amnesty, all I hear is silence in the Senate. It seems Congressional leaders will not rise to defend the laws of the United States, but are giving in to the “imperial presidency.”

And Palinkas justifiably criticized the ostensible Border Security Bill H.R. 399, as originally drafted, for not including much “needed USCIS reforms.”

For instance, H.R. 399 – the original Version of Chairman McCaul’s legislation (see below) – does nothing to preclude anyone in the world from turning themselves in at the US border and obtaining automatic entry and federal benefits . . . and even applying for US jobs. The bill also delays by years the implementation of biometric exit-entry to police the rising overstay catastrophe.

“We process millions upon millions of applications every year for lifetime immigrant green cards, refugee admissions, asylum-seekers, temporary workers, visitors, tourists, and more – but we do so without any of the resources or mission support we need to screen these individuals properly, let alone to conduct in-person interviews. We admit individuals who have no business being admitted to the United States, whether public charges, health risks, or radicalized Islamists, and in large numbers. It is unfair to employees, unfair to taxpayers, and unfair to anyone concerned about immigration security.

“We are saying to Congress: help us. Provide us the tools, mission support and resources we need to protect the Homeland, in accord with the laws and Constitution of the United States.”

Palinkas’s critique is entirely correct and, if anything, understates the Threat. The Obama Administration has solicited bids for printing 34,000,000 (34 Million!) Permanent Resident Visas (Green Cards) and Work Permits, far above the 5 Million (of Amnestied Illegals) Number which has been publicized. . .

To Stop the Alien Flood, ask your Representatives to:

1) SUPPORT H.R. 240 which would DEFUND implementation of President Obama's Illegal Alien Amnesty.

2) OPPOSE H.R, 399 (McCaul R. TX) UNLESS Revised — the pathetically weak “Secure Our Borders” Bill as it came out of Committee. That Version would only add 48 miles of fence along the Mexican Border, instead of the 700 miles originally authorized by Congress. That wretched Version would Preserve the Insidious “Catch and Release” Policy of the Obama Administration, allow Millions of Work Permits for Illegals, and delay for years the Biometric ID and Screening program necessary to preserve our Security.

Good News! Thanks to your Activism, that Bill got taken off calendar this week.

So it is important to push now for Revisions to rectify those Weaknesses. If Strengthened Language is included to rectify those Weaknesses, we could support the Bill.

3) Pass the Birthright Citizenship Act H.R. 140 (King R-Iowa) retaining the provision which requires one parent to be an American Citizen, but deleting the provision that allows citizenship if one parent is merely a legal resident.

4) Finally, absolutely ESSENTIAL to stopping the Alien Flood is pushing for a zero-net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration.

From a Political-Strategic Perspective, pushing a Moratorium is Essential to delegitimize the whole Notion of Mass Immigration. Also, pushing a Moratorium is Essential to maximize Political Pressure to get some Reductions at least.

Refusing to push a Moratorium (as certain Inside-the-Beltway Mass Immigration Management [de facto] Groups do), is a Recipe for Failure as the past two decades have shown, since that is merely Defensive.

Such a Refusal is, indeed, Counterproductive — merely pushing for “lower immigration numbers” or for “immigration reform,” legitimizes the continuation of Mass Immigration because it sends the message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just tweak it a little bit. As well, being merely Defensive increases the chances of passage of Bad Bills, e.g., Illegal Alien Amnesties, and the Issuance of Unconstitutional Executive Orders.

BALANCE is a co-Sponsor of the ASAP! (Alliance to Stabilize America’s Population) Coalition which, with the agreement of Activist leaders of over 45 other organizations, decided to push for a Moratorium AS A FIRST PRIORITY, nearly two decades ago.

Having a zero-net Moratorium goal is key as a long-term objective because it is reasonable and Essential for long-term Environmental Protection (and it would still allow admission of appx 150,000 immigrants/year, including spouses and minor children of U.S. Citizens).

Important to reiterate is that, for every person added to the U.S. population, one acre of precious farmland or wildlife habitat is converted to developed uses.

A zero-net Moratorium is The Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency in State and Local government (especially for our Health Care and Education Institutions) Tax Reduction, Unemployment Reduction and Social Cohesion.


So PLEASE Help BALANCE Intensify our push for the foregoing 4-Point Program. Our Environment and Our Nation are at stake!!

Certain Cheap Labor Advocates on the Right and Ethnic Power and Government Benefits Recipients on the Left are pushing hard for implementation of this Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty, AND FOR MASSIVE INCREASES IN LEGAL IMMIGRATION! Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop them! Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE Intensify our push for the aforementioned four-point program, TODAY, NOW!

BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Please DONATE at our website: balance.org www.balance.org, or to donate via U.S mail, please send to:

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