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Alert Archive: January, 2014


Ask your Representatives to 'Take the Pledge'

The House of Representatives Leadership just released their "Standards for Immigration Reform"

Unfortunately, they mirror many of the Horrendous Provisions of the Senate's Illegal Alien Amnesty Flood Bill (S. 744) including Legalizing ALL Illegals, providing them with Work Permits and enabling a tripling of Legal Immigration.

Wherever we live in the USA, our Problems will worsen if any House Bill goes to conference with the Illegal Alien Amnesty Flood Bill (S.744), because the resulting Conference Bill would likely include the worst provisions of the Senate Bill Bills that come out of the joint Senate-House Conference Committee are almost inevitably passed and become law. Bills coming out of Conference Committee can be rammed through before the American people even know and have a chance to stop them.

While the House Leadership said they would Not allow any of their Bills to go to Conference with the Senate Bill (a position which we have been advocating) the Result of their Decision to proceed with a Multiple Bill, Bill by Bill approach following their Principles will be much the same--legalize and admit and provide Work Permits for over 30 Million Immigrants to the USA in the next Decade ....unless we, Grassroots Citizens, stop them. Given the Threats embedded in the Senate Bill and the House Leadership's principles, now is NOT the time even to push a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM Bill. Ask your Representative to Vote NO on ANY IMMIGRATION Bill. We must act NOW to stop any immigration Bill in the House!. The fact is that the Tens of Millions added to the US Population through an Amnesty would both entitle current illegal aliens to stay and encourage more to come. Massive Immigration Increases, particularly when immigrants do not share mainstream American culture, would only increase our nation's problems including hurting our own unemployed and taxpayers.

And such Massive Population Increases would only worsen our Environmental Problems

California, and much of the Southwest is facing an all-time-record Drought, while much of the rest of the nation suffers increasing difficulties with obtaining and maintaining potable water supplies.

Potable Groundwater Depletion rates are increasing in California and in much of the USA, far in excess of recharge Rates! Some people think that a technological fix will take care of water shortages. But have you thought about that fix? Have you thought about drinking ... or even watering your vegetable garden --- with "grey water"?

If Major Provisions in the Houses Principles and Senate's Amnesty Flood Bill become law, California is likely to receive over 4 Million of the 30 Million additional Legal and Illegal Immigrants who would be admitted or become entitled to stay and work.

So where will be get Water? Or, for that matter the Money to provide the de facto free (i.e. Taxpayer Funded) Medical Care, Education, and Infrastructure for a larger population?.

Do the Freeways in our Urban areas need more congestion?!

Or are we just going to pave over more irreplaceable Farmland or Natural Habitat?

For every Person added to the U.S. population we lose one Acre of wilderness, farmland, or wetland.

And what about our Budgetary/fiscal Carrying Capacity? The Amnesty Flood Bill would cost American Taxpayers a NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants may pay), $6.3 TRILLION! (Heritage, www,cis.org)

Our national generosity is mightily abused. Consider the alleged Boston bombers whose families received over $100,000. according to the State of Massachusetts, for Food Stamps, Housing Assistance and other taxpayer-funded benefits.

Or what about the Illegal Alien Floridian Mother of SEVEN, who swam the Rio Grande twenty years ago and now receives $240/month in Food Stamps, monthly medication payments, $700/month from Social Security and a Housing Allowance! And she has been receiving government Assistance for over twenty years! All too typical!

36% of all Legal and Illegal Immigrants already receive Welfare or other Government (i.e. Taxpayer funded) Assistance.

And what about Job Opportunities for the Millions of Americans who are Unemployed or Underemployed?!!

The cheap labor lobby naturally wants more immigration. Although 14% of American born STEM (Science, Technology,, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates are Unemployed!, certain employers lobby for more immigrants in these High-Tech specialties. Why? Each H-!B admission results in $150,000.00 savings in Salary and Benefits to Employers. Another way of saying this is that each high skills immigrant worker admitted is responsible for a $150,000.00 loss in Wages for American Workers.) Indeed, More than 1 in 3 US Tech Jobs go to Foreigners! (See "The Indian Tech Worker H-1B Visa Scam" J. Tapper, Globalpost)

So Ask your Representatives to make the following PLEDGE:

1) Vote NO on ANY immigration Bill which could go to conference with, or includes any provisions of , the Senate Bill

2) Vote NO on ANY Amnesty or Work Permits for Illegal Aliens

3) Vote NO on any Bill increasing Legal Immigration, whether H1(b) increases, or otherwise.

4) Sponsor BALANCE' and Allies' Nine Point Resolution to increase Border Security & Stop Immigration Fraud

5) Agree to sponsor a zero-net Moratorium Bill in the next Congressional Session [if they expect then to be in Congress].

Any Immigration 'Amnesty' Tidal Wave Bill which enacts an Illegal Alien Amnesty or increases Legal Immigration would create a Demographic, Budgetary, Public Health, and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration is already creating.

Phone calls or office visits followed by snail mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

So help BALANCE intensify our opposition to ANY such bill NOW! The House leadership is now determined to enact their Open Borders 'Principles" into law.

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop them! Please forward this Alert to your Friends today!

And consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to ANY Bill TODAY, NOW! Waiting even a few weeks could be too late! BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-deductible Donation TODAY at this website or via U.S. Mail.

Together, we can stop this Bill, but we need your help!

To donate via mail, please send to:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance

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