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Alert Archive: January 2008

January 2008

ASAP! Coalition E-Alert:


U.S. Population Stabilization is essential to long-term environmental protection and sustainability.

Only BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies push an Initiative which if implemented would eventually result in U.S. Population Stabilization

The Centerpiece of this Initiative adopted by BALANCE and the sixty-plus organizations which are members of the ASAP! Coaliton is a zero-net -immigration Moratorium on Legal Immigration.

Pushing a Moratorium is essential to call the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration into question, to generate pressure to get incremental reductions, and to defeat the Open Border's lobby's argument that "The Solution to the Illegal Alien Problem is to Legalize them all."

If we do not actually push this Initiative which can achieve U.S. Population Stabilization, for sure we will never achieve it, and we will continue on our current trend to One Billion U.S. residents in 2075!

The Litmus Test for determining whether a group genuinely supports U.S. Population Stabilization, or whether they are just another Mass Immigration and Population Growth MANAGEMENT group, is whether they support a zero-net-immigration MORATORIUM on legal Immigration.

Achieving U.S. population stabilization is not reasonably possible without enacting a Moratorium.

So if you are a supporter of Environmental Protection you should surely support BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allied Organizations.

Why support Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT, when you can donate to BALANCE and it ASAP! Coaliton Allies and thereby actually support Mass Immigration Reduction?!

P.S.: All donations to BALANCE are tax-deductible.

Five SUCCESSFUL Illegal Alien Amnesty-opposition battles in 2007 have imposed SUBSTANTIAL financial hardship on BALANCE.

In 2008 we expect the Open Border's Lobby to push harder than ever for an Alien Amnesty!

So we earnestly ask you to dig down deep and make as large a Special Donation as you can this year to support the #1 population and environment organization in the U.S--Population-Environment BALANCE!

Our needs and challenges have never been greater, so help us out in pushing our

Big Momentum Initiative Counterstrategy!

This is a mirror image of the opposition's strategy: Help us push the Big Zero Net Immigration MORATORIUM, and expect to get incremental reductions along the way. Join us and help support us. We have the winning Initiative.